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ROBLOX FLOOD ESCAPE Pt.2! Try Not To Drown Challenge w/ FGTEEV Duddy & Chase #21

ROBLOX FLOOD ESCAPE Pt.2!  Try Not To Drown Challenge w/ FGTEEV Duddy & Chase #21

[FGTeeV Duddy] I don’t think so [Chase] NOOOOOOO!!! Oh My god! [Duddy] Hello! It’s…… FGTEEV! Beba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh! [Duddy] So What’s Up Everybody It’s Duddy & Chase And Today… We are playing Roblox “Flood Escape” We Basically Have To Escape Rooms Before They Flood So We Don’t Drown, You May Have Seen This In Our Last Video Where we did a little skit gameplay What that is really fun game now? Now we’re just going to play just for real just for chill Just for nill just[Chase] hey daddy [FGTeeV Duddy] Thats just the deal. Basically if you don’t know this is easy, medium, hard [Duddy] You have a bunch of different rooms that you have to escape [Chase] were gone! [Duddy] Let the flood touch you, and some of these rooms are hard like this one “Locked In”? I don’t get this one ugh You see oh ahhhhh That was so tricky, that one was mad tricky. Quick! There’s only one player that’s alive left and… Woah we made it, I’m hiding up here and waiting for the flood. The flood will never catch me up here. Go get your own stadium! No Go get your own palladium Whoa, whoa, whoa well now is not the time for gymnastics Were going down Bruh Once you make my head one two three oh Oh my goodness. This is a hard one,”Thin Glass”? What does that mean? Downs, [oh], oh, I don’t think you guys want to step on that Oh see now you guys all die you should have listened to me you should’ve listened to me You should have listened to your tummy. It was growling [aah] ran jump and jump and jump Where are you at casey? You’re still alive. Well, you’re down there. Go follow that guy go come on Chase Okay, follow him yet you you’re doing it. You’re doing it boy. Why do you have one arm? [oh] there it is [uh] ah? You’re still behind me oh You won’t step on my face. Yeah Doesn’t scary jump right? Are you go for it? Nice jump good job [though]. We’re here together jump up a parade. Oh shame shame shame shame Okay, thank oh my goodness spaghetti spaghetti what we shall wait. Oh no um yes, yes. I’m here up damn, okay? We’re going in clay. I don’t like when people walk on my hand in robot Great amy yes, yeah, bringing me. [yes], I don’t know which way to go go I don’t know which way to go go did what did what did? What did? What did one probably not probably not paul briggs? That’s mean no one [wrong] Father can you die on those long [well] feed you one? Oh my goodness I? Can’t allege with you. You should [be] sure out know now the water you also going to get me. I’m allergic to the water Oh, that was a close one. I’m not gonna. Go in there. I’m gonna go should I go in there sir answer me Reject. Oh, oh goodness the Jegos not answering me. I feel like I shouldn’t be going up there. I’m going in the incinerator Oh, no, oh chuck wait up there. No guys. Where do we go? Oh my goodness the water’s getting so close. Where do we go guys right there no? It’s nothing yes, it’s a all. I’m sorry Dad [oh] [yeah], all right you bring ahead try medium Going on jump on this block isn’t jump on this block can sin Come on this lobster bungees blood job on this block don’t kiss that block keep it Well, you’re so good at that Jesus took it bothered us. Ha [I] mean here with you [weren’t] you wait? Where are you? Oh? I’m not like a [see] behind [oh], no I can never figure out this one and because look if you go here buying you bang your head Oh see that’s not even [an] opening and it’s this opening there ya, go That’s a tricky one thumbs up if you’ve ever beaten that one yeah clarity, okay. Let’s try it Let’s try hard know what to do harder this game is ready. [I’m] doing it. Oh you’re doing with me Oh, so is your your twin? We got chase twins in the house? Oh my goodness. What do we do here? Escape the faculity “Tight Rope Training”? Oh my gosh Yeah, we’re doing the “Tightrope Training”. Okay, something tells me that we got to go down here. And then we got a tight rope And then we have to jump right her then we have to jump over turn and is our one more round We’re gonna play which one easy medium or [hat] easy easy. Where are your [is] macness? I’m right here Oh there you are. I couldn’t see that. There was a guest in front. Hey, dude What’s up? We got fans up in the chat room. No. I think yet because we have fun. [we’re] fans dude [Duddy] This is it. This is the last round. Let’s make it count one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve. [we’re] going down for real did we do this one already power failure. Nope [it] does not sound familiar. It’s actually quite hot Oh, yeah, I did this one watch out guys It’s actually very hard to do this when there’s lots of other people also trying to Do this because then it’s like you’re all trying to do this, but you can’t all do it come on Chase Where are you come [peers]? My son hello guys out of the way yeah. Yeah, oh that guy’s not going to make it Oh, you are going to make it come on rick. Yeah, we all better [time] round [-] May the Best [nan] [grounder] through win win win win Swindon Jumpy oh plumpie zombie Rush Hello, son. Oh. Oh, no. There’s some death jump you guys got a good job frick good. No frick. Don’t go out there you’re gonna die ah ah great He said [you] do. I’m sorry. You’re not a do for it unless you’re okay with me calling you and [you] stay Easy son this is a hard one down here. No this isn’t it [oh], no, the water is rising with to get over there Something tells me that likes like a doors gonna open a door open Oh yes already and jump and show me where did you go what open the door? This is trick chase it is this may be a child again [hoping] oh you need to Suppress the blast you [died]. I’m so sorry there’s only two of us well. Oh Wait one find the code to escape. I’m not good at finding codes beep beep really pop bloop nope That’s not the code [be] [pop] be bop boo boo boo boo boo boop. Nope. Oh goodness The water’s coming the water’s coming wait. What wait. What wait what? Oh, this is it? Hello Whoa? [oh], we did it. I’ve escaped the faculity it’s a fat little kitty Tell my first time actually escaping Noooo! Hey Chase want to do ice bucket challenge designs Bucket Challenge. [oh] Stop! I Have Overalls, oh Well that changes everything Lens, [we’ll] just stop it. You should tell me they had overall I did oh You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen you’re not allowed to do ice bucket challenge if you have overall It would overall be a bad idea What would be a good idea that you subscribe press bed button next to the subscribe button So that we have notified every [time] we post one of these awesome videos Don’t want all my son decides to beat me up and Robby’s little wet. Head all over my dry Ah, that’s all for today on Duddy’s Corner See you next time Bedaleebop Beleeda Bop I Dried You Off, Ew It’s Dankey, Ew You Dinky I gotta hurry, where’s the Best Buy? Oh & another one this isn’t good. Sir! Sir! Where’s Best Buy? It’s that way. Thank you sir or maybe it’s this way Or that way? I don’t know this by Joey Mama. You fool [le] bottle where are you? oh hello, Dolly Mama

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  7. You are GREAT!!! My son was being silly in a wrong way. I’m so sorry. I think y’all are the nicest, the funniest and just plain super 😊 the mom

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