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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Hope vs. Starvation

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Hope vs. Starvation

Gavin: I have a question about starving to death. Gus: Go on Gavin: Say I went without food, I was through the desert, crawling along, Eventually I starve to death. Burnie: Right. Gavin: Say, 30 seconds before I starve to death a dude held a sandwich I wouldn’t just die, would I? I’d be like, there’s a sandwich. I’m going for it. And I’d live longer, to get to the sandwich. Chris: When people go a really long time without eating their stomach shrinks up and then whenever they eat, their stomach can’t handle food. Gavin: I’d have a nibble. Gus, while laughing: I’m gonna stave off death with a nibble (Gavin laughing) Gavin: I think you could have hope and survive. Bunie: You could survive on hope, forever? Gus: Okay lemme give you a hypothetical situation. Thirty seconds before death, the guy shows you the sandwich. and you’re like, yes and he’s like aha just kidding and throws it away. How much longer do you live? Do you have another thirty seconds? Or what if he pulls out another sandwich and was like oh just kidding, here you go! And then throws that away! (Gavin: wait ,wait!) Could you live forever like that? Gus: Or would your life go on indefinitely as long as he has sandwiches to show you? Gavin: Well no, it’d be like a thing like, you’d learn that he was just screwing with you and then you’d give up! Gus: Well what if he brought out ice cream then, you’re like oh shit that’s something new! (laughing) Gavin: Well he threw the sandwich but maybe he won’t throw the ice cream. Gus: Right. Burnie: People are suggesting to Gavin that if you’re starving to death, just don’t do it. Gavin: Just tell yourself not to, right? Burnie: Just dont starve.

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  1. Answer is yes, it would keep you alive a bit longer. You go into a comatose state for hours before dying of starvation (Assuming one of many diseases didn't get your weakened immune system first) the adrenaline rush from finding food would keep you conscious long enough to reach that food, but burn through your last reserves in the process.

  2. ….I would keep hope even if he was screwing with me, since the sandwich he threw away is still RIGHT THERE. A bit…sandy…. but food man. Plus, even if that sandwich disintegrated, he might have other food (he is presumably more prepared than me if he can just disintegrate sandwiches at a whim).

    ….plus, this jerk seems like he could be made into jerky. 

  3. During WWII when soldiers came to shut down the concentration camps, they found a lot of people who were so starved that they were just hours or even minutes from death. The soldier's first instinct was to feed them, but that turned out to be the wrong thing to do, because their bodies were so malnourished and weak that the very act of digestion took more energy than the prisoners had, so it only killed them faster. They would have needed a specially made liquid diet, and all the food the soldiers had with them at the time were military rations, so there really was nothing they could do. I like to think that having one last meal made them a little happy in their final moments, though, and maybe the ones around them were given the hope to hold on because their nightmare was almost over.

    And before you ask, yes, I am fun at parties.

  4. If you go too long without eating, won't your stomach begin to digest itself? By the time you were 30 seconds from dying, your organs would be too far gone to process anything. 

  5. Here's a fucked up thought why not kill the dude holding the sandwich and eat him, then you would have more food, possibly enough food to make it through the desert.

  6. 0:34 this summarizes the communities view of the Heroes of the Storm Beta. They can only offer to invite people in and unveil new beta stages for so long before the anxious masses eventually give up. 

  7. If it's 30 seconds before you die, no you would not live. If you're that close to death your organs are already shutting down and you've passed the point of no return. Maybe you'd be able to hold on a few extra seconds with hope, but you're still doomed.

  8. well, it would stop you from giving up, but that would be different from dying. you would probably pass out before you were 30 seconds from death.

    if you were crawling through the desert with no food you would eventually think to your self "fuck it, there's no point" then you would crawl up in to a ball, have one last wank, pass out, then die. the sandwich would be too late at that point.

  9. I once heard of a particularly cruel science experement where mice were put in a bowl of water to see how long they would swim. They drowned at around 2 hours- then they put in more and took them out just before 2 hours. Then put those same ones back in and they swam for like 30 hours or somthing. Hope is real 🙂

  10. By the time your 30 seconds from death your body will already be shutting down, your digestive system is permanently fucked, and you may even be blind, deaf, or similar consequences so eating the food is a problem

  11. This is interesting and all, but it's useless info to me, seeing as how I'm gonna live forever. Immortality, and all that jazz.

  12. I'm pretty sure that for something like starving to death there's a point of no return . If you only have 30 seconds too much of your body would be shutting down anyway.

  13. Gavin's actually right. Mind state's affect physical condition, that's why when people are depressed, they're more prone to sickness, and when people are happy, they're less prone to become sick. So, in that hypothetical situation, upon seeing the sandwich, I'm guessing your body would send a last ditch shot of adrenaline through your bloodstream to survive a little longer to be able to eat the sandwich and live.

  14. What's with all these people saying Gavin isn't wrong? Do a quick google search on how the body works. No amount of food in the situation proposed would save you. Organ failure would have occurred by this point. Since you have no food your body would have used all the fat then moved to your muscles and since your muscles are protein the metabolites from them being used would result in severe kidney damage or even failure. A lot of your organs would shut down to preserve energy and the ones still working would sustain damage. The people saying epinephrine would give you energy have no idea what they are talking about. Epinephrine is not energy, it is a hormone that doesn't even enter cells but rather creates a response in the liver that results ins glucose being produced and release so that it can be used for energy. At this near death point the substrates used to create those glucose molecules would have already being used up. In short quit being stupid do a google and don't listen to Gavin.

  15. You might crawl faster to get to the sandwich. But you wouldn't live any longer if you didn't get to it in time

  16. But it takes at least 5-10 minutes (because your body is drastically searching for hydrants and nutrients faster when your on the brink of starvation usually it about 20 minutes) so he still would die…

  17. Yet another time where Gus and Burnie interrupt one of Gavin's question that I really want to know the answer to.

  18. there was a guy some years ago walking this route through some desert that was organized for tourists by this sort of guide. It was to challenge yourself and see if you could complete it without water etc. the goal being this water pump/well, and the guy dies crawling 3 meters or so from the well with the guide right nearby not doing anything because they both wanted him to manage it unassisted. There was a court case against the guide about this.

  19. I just used the Doctor Free method earlier. I could feel that I was about to puke and I was like "No, that's not happening". Just like that I felt fine.

  20. People are forgetting an important detail. 0 seconds before death by starvation, you'd be unconscious. You would have passed out a while back.

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