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on boy where you’re dropping where we dropping we already know every time you play a rust the world you playing is different from the last you discovered new people and venture into new landscapes you’ve never seen before the monuments you’re living in before might be in the snow instead of the desert every wipe is a story and ours began in a lighthouse I killed myself yo I can go with the boat dude this is the perfect start is looking at this and once my is that deadly then let’s go let’s go nice and then let’s go like all the way around and then sounds like maybe like old dude d5 maybe yeah yeah and then we can just land here right yeah yeah I have three case don’t register I have four case done – good luck I’m almost done I have a 178 scrub I have a 580 you guys got two minutes as waffle it’s – all right I’m gonna come through exactly on top of the mean there’s another one that’s not there’s an army of them let’s say this has almost said he’s almost I thought let’s go for the cargo-ship yeah it’s coming in like two hours I think people are gonna walk to that shit when the horn goes up this is not read that air drops right above us animal yeah the first ones don’t go like I might not be able to make any fun dude they’re like yo this is like a 10 man group I’m not joking this is a 10 that group not even joking Stan I see what you’re talking about they’re all crouching staring at me define their crouching behind their team yeah is the Horn of Gondor see purple what all right so students you guys are in my ass I’m just gonna release what hey guys get in the boat wait oh wait I’m coming home go ready let’s go really really sweet dress nice you know did you already buy oh did you already buy a large furnace no don’t don’t buy it yeah yeah nice perfect got a key already I’m making the window floor right now this is first honey right it cannot be towards the elbows it’s not right now oh we got it we got it that’s perfect perfect [Applause] [Music] research to make more and III cut them he’s done no we got a lot to recycle holy shit I’m building right now by the way me too I am the shit oh shit the shit no taste out there he’s like gypsy you know if you guys have a remarried but if you run over there Bobo flip one person has to stay with the boat did you go oh my god Matt to ak’s to four times what’s gonna RAM us dude and I’m gonna shit oh we’re so close [Music] twice it’s coming it’s coming now good job good job yeah down that I don’t know down the perfect one here take this how 96mm he said go figure out there’s another there’s a lot of they’re rotating it’s the group that’s there this tree right now other guys hit I don’t have it one time pretty much all dead there’s one more guy please hit that 4 times I am a hate it’s good shit dad so any mail by the way and employs it was like 10 Rockets actually all hey guys before we move on to day two just wanted to let you guys know that all my Oasis servers are now up and running if you don’t have any servers to play on or want to simply try out what I think is the perfect version of rust you can join my discord and go to the ACE tunes Oh ass estab for all the information about my server and how to connect if you guys didn’t hear there’s now a European server as well a Thursday and Monday server for both na and EU that’s it hopefully I can see some of you guys on there and back to the video are you close to them okay guys chief can’t hear me let’s go read on I’m pretending I’m a few I thought I know come on there’s a turret there’s a turret guys there’s a turret mr. it don’t let them get their turn is off if it falls off its not off but it’s like I don’t know maybe I maybe the church the church on don’t fill to fill them turn it is on but there’s nothing in here we don’t have that well there’s there’s two turrets in this box holy shit nice they’re loaded tipsy we need you here perhaps to recap uh break the backs break the bags right now though those are so good dude I can should I stay there’s so much metal up here – you should stay there’s some you should stay I got full kills I got full killed by interest who’s ready I’m bringing to see for right now we have full queue all there’s a bunch of gunpowder there’s already people in here I’m betting all on one yes it’s one easy let’s leave let’s leave look you’re saying let’s sleep but your ass is still attached to the couch doing one thing your bodies I might smoke grenades dude okay all right let’s start what’s the most valuable there’s three people three people should equal in the ridge oh yeah yeah yes they’re close well should I leave yeah you should hold on all that once coming to me there was like eight people it was like did they all leave because it seems awfully quiet SC for so let’s go take Radley oh I’m gonna l96 from there I’m getting off soon anyway so you guys will have an authentic clean rustic swans at this point every group on the server knew that I was streaming no one would fight us when we were ready to and we were only met with dirt campers every encounter was unnatural and not fun even the 19-man zerg that lived next to us call out my location constantly knows time everything you’ll see from this point on is not streamed that means everyone is about to get spanked this game is completely different when you’re streaming and when you’re not the insane online rates I was able to do for v14 counter raids that you’ll see later on in the series would not be possible follow streaming this next fight is right after I ended the stream for the night Oh top ones in a red seat I think he has a gun almost killed another one two of them behind the one they just went in this fucking beef yoku when I’m on stream it over Gary and you guys are always running oh yeah I was uh huh now they’re just going back naked yeah it doesn’t matter like I’m not shaving why are we fighting you you’re in the shack why are you running around probably shot gonna I mean from the water from the water I might kill them all hold on more guys three times on the right but there’s another on your left – right below did you get them on right there right in the front no no you right there on top of us shot me from the side do you get him look you see meds Haidee evan l96 hold it all that is unique it’s my idea with revolvers you just let me beat I killed a guy DBM nice let you come back there saw their choice for home what are you guys coming back oh should we just leave I want to leave

100 thoughts on “RUSTㆍDOING EVERYTHING TO GET AHEAD | Fresh Vanilla Survival #1”

  1. If you don't have anywhere to play, come try out my OASIS servers! There's now servers for EU as well.
    EU Thursdays: connect | NA Thursdays: connect

    There is so much more exciting footage that is rarely seen in my channel. Can't wait to show you guys!

  2. Your videos are amazing dude, keep up the good work! You’re super creative and it seems like you put a lot of effort and passion into your videos.

  3. Stream sniper are so aids. But you should always have minimum of a 5 minute stream delay, maybe even up to 10 or 15 minutes man.

  4. 17:45 lmao, you run around in a group of 8 killing everyone and then you get fucked by a group of 9 and say it's because they're stream sniping

  5. wait so a group of 9 is a zerg and a group of 8 isnt? honestly, stop accusing groups of being zergs when you're in one yourself

  6. Funny thing.. Just one little space on this clipname and it will have a whole new meaning! XD "doing everything for a head"

  7. Server isnt good for what cant play rust every day if u have 1.5 or 2 x and u dont have larger stock in tc is allmost impossible to survive 3 day without playing or even more

  8. hJune, Im binge watching all your videos, pls upload more. I think Ive seem this one like three times already so here goes the fourth.

  9. hJunes teammate: Yo there’s an army of them
    Also hJunes teammate: there’s 4 of them
    hJunes teammate: in a team of 8 WITH hJune

  10. I love the editing and the style. Just sad to see him in a zerg. He has so much skill that there isnt any challenge anymore.

  11. y dont u put on a 10/5 min stream delay so they never really know where ur at so they dont know if ur raiding till it happens orwhere ur at

  12. Rust really does show just how sad and pathetic humans can be…
    Deeply saddening that our species still produces such pathetic examples of humanity…

  13. 2018 and I just came across you guys today. I loved every minute of it. I feel like I had just as much fun as you all did. I don't even play Rust. I hope your still playing.

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