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RUST – I AM SOLO (Rust Solo Survival #16)

RUST – I AM SOLO (Rust Solo Survival #16)

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enough leave a comment on my video like this alright what’s up guys my name is
new I say this is Russ solo survival this is my first video of 2019 so let’s
make sure we’re gonna bless it and kill a lot of people and make some fun pussy
always running away what a hit was that Jesus Christ this guy if you all man
that’s what you get when you run away you know Jesus water hit was that
alright let’s continue we need to go farm a little bit now get a base up and
see what we can do the spot has a lot of stone and not that much trees though not
that much trees which is really mad hmm let’s see maybe the guy lives over here
wait what he telling me I got a free base I’m definitely taking this I am
definitely taking this over I’ll see you guys at daytime because it’s kind of
dark right now alright let’s go outside it’s daytime now make sure I upgraded
that alright we need to go hit some trees so we’re gonna do a lot of fun
montage over here and then we’re gonna see if it we could get all some people
around here also let me bring my big x4 stone because there’s a lot of stone
around this place and if you go out farming you need to bring out your
pickaxe as well because it’s really annoying if you leave the stone and
other nakeds we’ll take it we’re not doing that
like other people will take it so yeah let’s go hit some farm boys I’ll
see you in a bit I hold a second I see a bear over here
what the hell I actually need it believe it or not I actually need this bear already got hit a couple of times I
guess alright now we got that out of right we did a letter of farm ready to
go get some components as well there we go
let’s bring this back to Bates real quick and go form some components get a
level work branch one and two and yeah make someplace around here and there so
I’ll see you guys in a bit all right here we go we’re making a fir nice
because we need that obviously let’s get that real quick out of the way and
little awkward some stuff here here and there this this there we go stone base now that’s what
I’m talking about somersault sights oh nice if I’m some
stuff on me I like that what a nice headshot was
that that guy had no idea what’s happening like that hatchet was so quick
literally had no idea what was happening no people around my base broke I don’t
want people around my base for me all right let’s go collect some components I
guess we really need components the hell was this guy doing
oh wow this rock I actually need this rock you got a lot of people then got a
lot of them all right now we got that out of the way
let’s go get some get some barrels over here there’s a guy over here oh one more hit and it was that
literally one more hit oh you are crazy runner man I have never oh yes yeah fuck
bitch get fuck holy that’s why he’s running oh my god
no fucking one of this kid is running now I can say that I actually didn’t
lose anything when I lost that fight against that SMG guy but oh wow I could
have had an SMG right now you know no worries no worries look what we got man
I’m happy with this I’m really happy with this look at that man that’s loot
guys that’s a lot of loot alright let’s go out again boys get out of here bitches twenty-five holy shoe that’s losing dude – why’s jumping over them he doesn’t see
me oh you hear me little months also forward oh man this is the guy that I
needed geez oh my god dude oh my god

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