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Save the World Dev Update #4 – Survive The Storm and Month One!

Save the World Dev Update #4 – Survive The Storm and Month One!

Zak and Darren back. Hey guys. Just wanted to get another update out there… make sure you know what’s coming up. Very specifically, right off the bat, Storm Llamas…. They’re gonna be amazing. They are coming… because the Storm Llamas are coming, we need to take the Launch Event Llamas that are currently out there for all of you, you guys have been acquiring founders coins… For those of you that hoard, just want to make sure you know that we are going to take every 100 founders coins that you currently have those are going to get converted to the Launch Event Llamas. Those will get redeemed when you log in after we release the update. Be aware…. just wanted to let you guys know that. DARREN: Yeah, in order to launch our new event, the Survive the Storm event, we have to put new stuff into the loot tab. So we need slots for the new Llamas, so the Launch Event Llamas will go away… and the Storm Event Llamas will come in. ZAK: but the cool thing is that the Storm Event Llamas…. DARREN: They have some good stuff, right?
ZAK: Oh my gosh… So, the Hydraulic Weapon set, specificaly. Also some heroes. But, let’s just talk about the Hydraulic Weapon set. Man, they’re amazing. I’ve been playing in public tests… with a few of the players… you get ’em pretty quickly from some of the llamas. You have everything from an amazing sniper rifle… an amazing hammer… that verges on anime-level crazy. DARREN: Yeah, it’s kinda big…
ZAK: Yeah, the hammer’s huge. ZAK: Boy, when you hit something if flies across the map. It’s awesome. So along with that, we have some great new quests that are coming in the game. Those quests will have a variety of activities, we’ve got everything… from V-Bucks that we are going to be releasing on those to Storm Tickets. …for you guys to be able to get these weapon sets from the llamas… to the hardest quest in the event. We are going to have some very specific rewards… Specifically, Hydra will be acquirable… the legendary Hydra…
DARREN: Yeah, the transformer key, right?
ZAK: which requires you to be able to invest some things in it… to be able to transform it, but the transform key will be accessible through the Stonewood level quest for Survival Mode. We are going to have a mythic lead.
DARREN: Yup. And Plankerton… Plankerton is the Mythic Lead. The missions run from 3-14, but if you play 14 days… you get Mythic Survivor Lead.
ZAK: You guys are gonna need to find your groove. ZAK: You guys are gonna have to find a group, it’s gonna be hard…
DARREN: That’s the quest. ZAK: I’ve done it 3 times so far, it’s a lot of fun. DARREN: Top teir. The impossible mission. we don’t know if anybody will be able to accomplish it. We believe that through some ingenuity, you guys will figure it out. We have no doubt. You will be able to get a Legendary Hero choice, and we have 4 heroes… We have the Constructor, an Outlander, the Soldier, and our Ninja. DARREN: These are all new hero cards for this version. DARREN: Nobody has seen these before.
ZAK: We are super excited for them. ZAK: Personally, for me, I’m out there for the Ninja. ZAK: I think that’d be my choice if I could get through that content. DARREN: She’s pretty awesome. I’m pulling for the Outlander… with his backwards ball-cap. ZAK: Some of these heroes, in their epic forms, are going to be acquirable in the card pack. DARREN: You can still get them through the llamas, but hey, if you are with a tough group of dudes and dudettes, and you guys want to play through, you can get a choice of whatever one you want by completing a quest. ZAK: Along with that, the event brings some balance changes. A part of the way we have designed the events is that the events allow the storms to come, the storms give you the ingredients necessary… drops of rain… DARREN: For evolution. We’ve always talked about the storms being these elements that come from the storm, and so your drops of rains… we know people have had a tough time acquiring them. These storms enable people to farm them more easily. That’s a big thing. We have also reduced the amount of requirements for the survivors… to evolve them as well. They were a bit expensive for that. I wanted to talk about your experience with the Survivor XP
ZAK: Suvivor XP is great, because one of the things we noticed when we looked at the balance changes we need to make was that we wanted more Survivor XP… DARREN: Which translates into power.
ZAK: As you complete quests, so that way you can get your power level up. I got into Canny recently, and when I logged into Public Test and got my Survivor XP, I got several points of power. It ended up being several hundreds of thousands of xp that I was able to spend against my suvivors. It ended up working out really well. It definitely made me want to go immediately in and play some of the storm zones for drops of rain.
DARREN: Yeah, and we’ll be making more adjustments over time based on what we have seen. These are basically added to the quest progression along the way. That will keep you in a reasonable area of XP. You’ll get a bunch. Even if you pass those quests, the quests will come to you… If not, you’ll see more quests with more rewards like that in the game. ZAK: Either way, fourteen pages of patch notes. We’ll put it out a day before we release the patch next week. Heads up, get ready for it. It’s coming. One more thing, we just want to put it out there… For all of you that have voted… you’ve come to Fortnite, you are excited about it, you believe in what we’re doing… and we are super appreciative of that. In the first week we brought out the Believer Llamas, for all of you that were there.
DARREN: Yep, for seven days. For the first month, for all of you… that have purchased the game or came in based on a friend invite, you guys will be getting our Month One pack. That first month pack will have ten extra inventory slots for your backpack. It will have 25 schematic slots. It’s going to come with two llamas. A People Llama and a Weapon Llama. Those you will get when you go to the loot tab. We really appreciate everyone’s belief in what we are doing. We know that early access is something where there are bumps along the road… So thank you so much. Thank you for everybody that participates in what we are doing. DARREN: Thanks for showing up for the first month! We have a million people that have elected to come and hang out with us, and we wanted to make sure we said “Thank You,” and this is just another way for us to try to express our excitement and enthusiasm about the journey, that we are on.
ZAK: We continue to read every piece of feedback that we see. DARREN: I do! Google translating along the way, too. So continue to click that feedback button! The upper right menu feedback button. We want to hear your thoughts on the patch, and the things that we have both addressed and missed… We read it all. Some of it we comment on, some of it we don’t. Either way, we are constantly talking about it and thinking about all of you out there that are playing the game. And we are doing our best to make sure that we are making the experience that, together, that we all want to play. Thank you so much, we appreciate it. Take care, and we will see you next week. Darren: Thanks everybody!

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