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Saw. Game of survival

Saw. Game of survival

What is this place? “the name of the actor on a postcard” You will see how you will die! Who is here? Heck, who are you? I, I, Rostik How did you get here? How do I get here? I do not know, I think someone brought us up hither Who? And why is that? Perhaps someone needs it! Do not even try to get out, I tried to From here should be a way out! No way out, we are prisoners What is it? cassette tape What is it? Drop me a player! throw me a cassette type From the moment when you turn on a player Countdown has begun! And you have 15 minutes left to choose!
Either you die or become rat food Drop me a saw! Craps! This saw is not for metal it for us! What do you mean? Someone wants us to cut off yourself in the foot Drop me a bandage, but I said throw me a bandage immediately! for what?! throw me a bandage immediately! What are you doing? Do not do that! I know what I should do! Sorry! It was just a nightmare!

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  1. Good music composition.Orest ur acting skill is increasing day by day,hats off 2 u man carry on.

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