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Scrap Survival: Cotton & O2 absorber fire roll

Scrap Survival: Cotton & O2 absorber fire roll

Cleaning branch to pry apart pallets Prying apart wood pallets Using board for leverage Looking for board to use in rolling Tapping out nail Breaking down board into a section palm-length & 2” wide Cleaning edges Prying apart another pallet for fire wood Digging fire pit (1.5′ long, 1′ wide, palm-length deep) Processing pallet wood into fire wood Boards broken into sections 1′ – 2′ long Board hewn in half to be a few in. wide Pine needles collected as tinder for fire Twigs from pry branch used as kindling Honeysuckle vine: identified by its easy to peel skin Honeysuckle leaves are easily removed Vine is ~yd. long (i.e. arm-span) & can hold ~ 1hr. worth of fire wood Vine doesn’t need to hold the wood’s weight, only keep it from getting out of hand Cotton ball unrolled Broke into sections ~4” wide (palm-width) O2 absorber (packet in beef jerky) opened w/ nail from pallet Inside, is a mixture of iron powder & salt. The iron powder is what’s needed Pinched apart into fine powder 2 pinches of powder placed on one end of the cotton (but, only 1 pinch is needed) Cotton is rolled Then, hand rolled more tightly Then rolled w/ the boards until it doesn’t compress when pinched / bend under gentle pressure Cotton is then rolled as quickly as possible & w/ as much pressure as possible, until it persistently smokes Once there’s an ember, it’s blown into & shaken to give more air Ember’s then surrounded in tinder & blown into until it ignites Once there’s fire, more tinder is added to keep flames going Kindling is added to the flames Progressively larger sticks are added until fire is desired size Place fuel in the flame but not directly on the fuel: this helps prevent smothering the fire More honeysuckle is collected to make basket for holding ash Vines are cleaned by pinching off outer skin Sections of vine make the “spines” of the basket Another “spine” is added: an odd number is needed for weaving Long vine is woven over & under the “spines” When vine’s used up, it’s end is tucked away New vine is added, & weaving continues Enough of the “spines” are left to fold over. This prevents basket from coming undone Inside is caked in mud from brook, so ash doesn’t fall through Basket left in sun to dry Once dry, ash is collected from fire pit Ash used in fire roll: far more sustainable than iron powder. Though, a bit more is needed Simple, reliable fire

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