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Scum – Scum Advanced Tips (awareness, ladders, looting)

Scum – Scum Advanced Tips (awareness, ladders, looting)

hi guys welcome back to the channel today we are going to look at some advanced tips rather than all the startups that were covered already these are just things that I’ve picked up being told by subs taught by people with my stream things that I’ve tried and found that are really useful now some of these you may already know some of you may not but if you can pick up at least one tip from this then it’s been worthwhile be sure to drop a like and comment below if use any other tips that you think that people should know about as well and I’ll make sure that is shared and the discord again my desk odd link is below I also have asked um server and the IP for that as below in the description as well so guys let’s jump straight into the tips so let’s type comes I’ve been really handy if you’re a stamina as quite low though melee weapons can take a lot of stamina especially if you have a fat knock up so if you get that stage where you are slowing down simply just hit the floor call across the floor you see you swipe it you can actually help me just lay me up that’s happens when there’s multiple there zombies as well just lay there let your stamina get back up with them to swipe their pop-up get back into the fate now that’s a really good one if you’ve got a whole new you and you can block doors or because it just kind of Old Crow jungjie but it’s extremely helpful if you’re in like a group because if one is really struggling with the hard or a little you can drop down at the floor and let your teammates take out their zombies meaning you’re not going to take as much damage now roll be in a situation where we have two weapons and something on our hands I mean what I check something that’s on a tower or we want to claim up a church or something else we are we just want use a ladder we also have to sacrifice by putting down the thing in the hands of little enough space now this was actually told to me by someone on my stream chat put what was in your hands and the ground going to the ladder at time again then take the baseball bat hold it over I still holding left-click when you get to top of the ladder you in a second and the facility this appeals have a right to talk drop it and and it’s back there so it’s like a little glitch you can use got a few got ladders where you’re not going to go back down that way or you don’t want to go back down that way you can do it like that meaning you can take everything with you you don’t have to sacrifice whatever’s on your hands now this one’s actually really handy if you’re an account or a barracks we are you have make sure and about you you can see at the minute I can’t actually reach these boxes I can reach that one slightly but that one in the back corner I can’t actually reach it if you went to foster person mode you can reach it if you’re a fast person you have got a longer distance of basically building connect to an asset so now that can actually set our box you see now we see here again I will go to this one they’ll come off I move back so I can’t actually touch that no I can’t no so you see them smashing F can’t touch at all basically again I can see I’m sure so that’s an extremely handy one especially FS see you in a possession we are the mix are right next here and you’re gonna have to reach out further so think about like this if I’m top behind here it makes moving a boat if I just literally press on there I can see us that then come away from that can see airship so that’s a really useful tip to use if you are in the sea like the present or what a military base is where there’s a lot of mix around you don’t have to risk peeking around that corner and hemlock and on you and just basically wrapping a diverse now this next step is more of a please stay or tip a lot of people as soon as you start playing for some reason that they are like flies around shit and go to the airport the airport is basically a sexual people camp they’re poor they can’t the perimeter of the airport when you get the airport it’s practically always loot EADS yes there’s a lot of areas to look but as it what headed all the way over there for the potential just to be camped probably not so below and in the description I have got a link to a very very good map which has a full legend which you can break down into points of interest you want to look to go towards the little military camps the tented camps you can always get a pistol and a pump shotgun now you can get the occasional ikki as well no local towns aren’t the best they’re good to pick up water but apart from that the Vale limited ideally you want to try and get to the bunkers as a bunker and d4 which is extremely easy to look if you can get in through the top hatch you’re gonna probably get more than you’re gonna get in the airport anyway so as a plea sale personally I would say don’t with any Airport unless you look for PvP you already have a lot of stuff probably just second camp because always some Sully get that’s just gonna run back and just get shocked because it concentrating too much on the mix now that’s the next step as quite a straightforward tip but when you probably think of now always cut rags by using scissors you get way more rags by using scissors than you do using a stone you can see there I have absolutely tons of rags by using scissors for just appeared shadows and again use it for right straps it just makes life a lot easier if you can get sense or straight away keep them don’t use a stone knife you can see the difference is just unbelievable now over here and I will just come up this I’ll put these down in the vicinity person to my hand and I’ll cut the Sun to rags though obviously this would be different slightly because it’s not the same piece of flovent but it’s what they demonstrate the volumes in differences that you get from this is quite remarkable to be honest same when you’re butchering animals make sure you use a knife see to it it’s just unreal will cut less into strips you’ll see that this should be roughly the same ratio but it’s not it’s way way different so a key thing to always make sure the years says us toward walls apart though a lot of people actually ask how you keep your energy up I hope you regain energy but simple literally kill puppets and eat the meat from the puppets it’s the easiest way to do it now as you see after yourself sure you can chop them up and you get a hell of a lot of meat from these so there’s the option chop it up to make sure that that one doesn’t run across to me it doesn’t do anything to you disease wise at the Manor they’ve been critical anyway but it gets you energy back up just put onto a skewer and just cook it up now for me sometimes the energy doesn’t go where it’s stain based but is the quickest and easiest way to do it then be so just go into this section again sit them back so don’t forget go to an arm and chop chop that off and you’ll see slashes and meat then and there you go no that’s fat as well you can’t really do much for the fat in the minute but I’m fading out become more of a cooking object later so I don’t I can’t fight a minute but I think that to ask you I previously campfire and eat it and that will get your energy up now something that you should do but a lot of people don’t actually do it know where you can see these quick access lots start putting things into the quick access no this means you can just quickly get it into your hands and use it just be aware actually something in your hands which won’t fit in your bag it will drop in the floor but that’s become super handy when you’re using things like the pestle as you’ve run a shot of are more you’ve got your two guns year back but you always switch the pestle haven’t as a quick access or a grenade on quick access or maybe even on a small melee weapon as extremely handy to have I think it’s got me a t-shirt so many times as I’m sure we’re going to speak to some people and ask what they’ve got the quick access they tend to see nothing which is surprising because it’s something that can seriously help you now another useful tip and one I didn’t really know about it was actually completely obvious and it should have been a feint Osama and my Shem told me a few our crafting and you come across someone coming towards you or a Papa start running towards you literally pack the middle it cancels it stray we know that is so obvious but unless you go over it you don’t see it so it’s very good if you are crafting and you think chef I can hear someone coming put the presser start moving again back to place if it stores in a Florrick central corner it’s not Crafton so it’s just a quick just full tap I used to do to skip to stop but that means move my hand away sometimes from the keyboard and that split-second could be the spot second the spear crashes from a skull so it’s a very handy attempt to use no that’s that step as more of a glitch than anything else now if you don’t use the awareness which is hold down your right click that’s basically allows you to hear things a lot better and cancels out the ambient noise right about you know one of my subs actually message when does call about this if you all right click go to your inventory let go of right click come out the top you see and Ceyda until you’re 8 o’clock again this will help you hear other players and animals a lot better than it normally would all you have to do is right-click to come back out over yes you get a tunnel version but if you can hear my friends are before they see you it’s gonna make the Fate a lot easier for you so I think this is some big wall defects finish soon so make sure your awareness as high as well what’s always good to have higher awareness especially if you’re a solo player because then you’ve got an advantage by using this as simple as that it’s gonna help you so much now this next step should be self-explanatory but lot would don’t actually do this always craft and then provides water container if you can animals are a lot easier to find no so make sure you kill one skin and start crafting and improvise water bowl no I’ll show you a tasty craft one is very very shrewd all it takes as I hide some rope but remember you can switch across I knew them Friday’s rope which is rags and that needle or normal needle that is probably the hardest thing to find but you find there are a lot of kitchens hack so you don’t need to use that you can use a knife axe Hatcher store knife anything but having that unphased bottle just it’s honestly if you’re felling out every single time you pass a tournament from water hole it’s just gonna help you so much hydration is such a big part of this game so it’s worth having one again if you find any bottles you can fill up as well make sure you use that and fella up

100 thoughts on “Scum – Scum Advanced Tips (awareness, ladders, looting)”

  1. I think the scissor thing is going to be similar for opening cans of food. You'll get more yield from using a can opener rather than using a knife to open the can. That's my understanding anyway.

    Edit: Good tips. Thanks. Enjoying your vids.

  2. Just to add on your energy part. You need to have a higher calorie intake then usage. on metabolism page look to the right and about a 3rd down you will see both parts obviously eating anything puts your calories up. I found eating raw fat bumps it up a lot. In a nutshell eat more run less. Hope it helps.

  3. number 2… if you climbing down… at bottom. also at top of those deer stands you dont have to pop off the lader to get the gear just hit tap when you near top.

  4. The things I couldn't figure out so far: how to cancel throw, how to see how many are on the server in-game.
    My tip: Don't build wooden boxes around your shelter. My girlfriend looted and destroyed a whole bunch of them last night 🙂

  5. I don't agree with the improvised bottle thing because at the moment you can drink from rivers, lakes and any water source direct and is no need to craft this. Also so easy to go into town or military area and find water bottles or soda cans. When you spawn just run to nearest point of interest and your good to go. But crafting anything in general is good for fame points

  6. About Map there i will suggest this one:
    There you can make a personal map with markers, text and lines… You can share it with your friends/group and everybody can add to it. You can also (for SP games or as admin on MP) use it for easy teleporting by rightclicking the map and just paste in the chat window to teleport somewhere.
    For SP/admin use i have made this list for easy spawn of items and NPC's:
    Nice video – keep up the good work

  7. First time I tried to play with a friend we got to some military base and some guy killed us both through a wall with 1 bullet each and I haven't played since

  8. That first one is so omg. The devs need to fix that.
    the second tip was cool
    that 3rd one is just the camera moving forward.
    Ok, don't go to the airport. got it.
    I won't go, cannibal.
    The quick one is wise.
    Yup cancel craft is good.
    Staying on awareness would be cool if it was a drug effect and not a glitch.
    The water​ bottle is wise.

  9. putting an acog in your quick access ,lets you put the acog on/off really quickly! works in 1st/3rd person mode 🙂
    Obviously you need a suitable weapon and bracket already in place.

  10. Game is super irrelevant now that COD and battlefield are dropping. They had their chance but it’s just another “we’ll be adding it to the game soon” type of game

  11. about energy. its calculated on your Calorie balance. once it reaches a negative number, the ENERGY bar starts decreasing from 100% to 0% at -350 Calorie balance..

  12. Why do i always get kick out of a server? I just dowloaded the game and when i start walking for some loot i would automatically get kicked out for nothing.. i didnt even cheat because i just started i don’t know any cheats.. please help

  13. You are wrong… You increase the energy bar by controling the calories balance. The easy way to up your calorie intake is by eating FAT from puppets (sorry for my bad english)

  14. Since puppets can't open doors, you can run and jump through an opened window, turn around and the puppet would just stay there. So you can easily take them down with a headshot with an improvised spear, or any other weapon of choice. The puppet AI is quite easy at this stage of the game, since puppets can jump very easy quite far, but for some reason they can't climb a window, can't climb a ladder, or even open a door!

  15. Mushrooms are op (at the time I am writing this)
    You can walk through any woods and just maul a bunch of mushrooms without any effect (yet… this is gonna change in the future Im sure)
    They provide a bunch of vitamins and water, I have never needed water storage because of the water value in mushrooms.

  16. They changed the crouch/prone puppet escape. It was also an exploit and I wouldn't consider teaching people exploits and calling it a tip to be good practice… Other than that good video!

  17. ! ATTENTION ! the first tip is already outdated and got patched! Patchnotes say : – Puppets can now damage you while you are in prone and crouch.

  18. The Sept 14th Patch put auto-walk into the game, Shift+W. Also, the lay down option to stop zombie attacks will not work anymore.

  19. I'm guessing you know by now that laying down doesn't work against puppets anymore. Also, fat is used for cooking. When you go to craft the meat skewer, you need to manually click a piece of fat (also spices, salt, or oil if you have them too) for it to be used. I don't know if there's any benefit to that right now, but logically they should produce better skewers if you add those things to them.
    Also, needles aren't hard to find at all. The same animal you killed for the skin yields bones that can be crafted into needles.

  20. Some of these have been patched so make sure you are up to date with the patch notes – u cant lay in prone and take no damage now

  21. I don't understand people looking for the map with loot type. It's like watching a movie but having someone before it to do the spoiler thing. Just ruins the survival and exploring aspect.

  22. Love the video man. Very well made, easy to follow, good pace. Great video. I’m definitely gonna hop on the discord and your server and try to find you sometime lol.

  23. One tip i can give is if you hold ctrl and scroll mouse wheel, you can choose different levels of crouching to help see over different heights of walls

  24. When you started cutting up a human…. the game lost me…. that is absolutely an abomination, and so sick! This game is evil STAY AWAY!!!!

  25. If the software struggles to decipher your english to create proper subtitles ,your accent may also be kind of hard to understand for foreigners.

  26. You can eat meat and fat raw, FAT is the best to eat, doesnt take to much stomach space and boost your calorie balance the most, which in turn gets your energy back up

  27. Hi Mate, fellow Scot here downloading Scum just now, is your server open to anyone? Looking for somewhere to get used to the game etc.

  28. Similar to the last tip, if you hold the LMB to enter the "throw mode" and you get on the ground (x), when you stand up you will be in throw mode without having to hold the LMB down. One click and the object will be throwed.

  29. i tried this game i just cant get into it i ts kinda boring and theres no quest i found so it kinda make sit pointless in some ways

  30. I totally agree about the bunkers – there are 16 of them across the map (and one of the biggest and easiest to get into is one of the ones in C2). They have as good loot and the loot is more concentrated/closer together as well.
    The advantage of the bunkers is that you only have to worry about the mechs on the way in and out; once you are inside you get to loot around, trouble free. Also it is much easier to know when another player is approaching as you will hear the bunker outer door opening (not to mention the internal doors). Most of the bunkers have a secondary emergency exit as well so you won't necessarily get trapped inside.
    Compare that to having to constantly avoid the mechs (and on occasion the puppets as well) when moving from building to building and when looting the outside crates, in a 'surface facility'. I just don't bother with the 'surface facilities' for looting up, most of the time – they aren't worth the trouble.

  31. Great tips, I'm a total noob to scum. Less than 60 mins playtime. I know some have been patched but the scissors tip is invaluable. New subscriber. 👍

  32. if you eat the fat you get from chopping a puppet than you will almost never run out of energy. its much more efficient than the meat from the puppet. plus you do not have to cook the fat so that is another plus

  33. At top of B3 to the left is a bootcamp where I found 2 SVDs, M16, AK and lots of other stuff, it was quite easy to loot coz robots have long line of patrolling so you have time to run behind them.

  34. who the fuck did the subtitles, he said you can get AK and the subs say ikki. WTF they make it much harder to understand. stupid!

  35. Awareness is broken… has been since I started playing in September. Whatever your awareness is at character creation is where it will stay. Nothing you can do in game will raise it

  36. Improvised water bottle is useless other than the fp you gain. Actual water bottles and containers are so common it's almost entirely useless

  37. cant eat puppets anymore, i guess they were a too easy source of food!.
    cant lay down to avoid gettign hit by zombies, they will hit you!.
    quick access slots suck, you put in a bandage and are wounded, select the bandage and….northing!!,
    only thing that can be put in a quick access slot that is handy is a pistol…that is it!.
    you dont need to press that thing in the middle to cancel crafting, u simply press ESC.
    a animal supplies all the goods needed to make a water flask!, even the needle can be made from a animal bone (bone needle).

  38. Use awareness to see animal tracks… especially after injuring them when you're hunting.  It raises awareness and tracking skills when you interact with a clue that's on the ground (like a red glowing patch indicating blood splatter).  not sure if it works on wounded players or not.

  39. When climbing you don't need to drop anything you can have 2 rifles in your inventory an one in the hand and stil climb any ladder

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