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Scum – Scum Update Patch Notes – Sept 5th (New Survival Game)

Scum – Scum Update Patch Notes – Sept 5th (New Survival Game)

hey guys there’s been another patch and some very good news coming your way as well no before we start good news there has been seven hundred thousand players the bought scum so weak that is fantastic so props the guys well done I think it as a great achievement myself seminar frozen players and such a short space of time no before we start let’s tweak mode after the actual update landed your save fail is gone so basically it’s a for several wait and your character will restart this is because of some of the bugs they hired and one of them was causing Finn points to move backwards and forwards between dead bodies etc so I’m pretty sure that’s the reason why but through what it it’s not hard to get back into it just hit this as early access it happens on just carry on no let’s jump straight and I will do this in sections rather than each individual one now first and most important one I did first wave of several optimization to decrease several lag and now I’ve played in my server and I have noticed it has a little better I still got a little flutter on again but as improving so hopefully in time is going to get to a very very stable state next effects president starts not being saved in the single-player mode that’s know corrected fix shelter and storage box saving in single-player now I’ve traded the single-player logged out and come back in it was still there haven’t tried it multiplayer yet but I will try it and update you in via the community tab and it capped a negative theme point penalty on kill count was more than 20 now excellent localization update are the German and Russian projectile actor always relevant less effects the bug where you then hear gunshots from behind you which is a fantastic move because I get caught without another night enabled character learning well and melee combat mode and jogging slash sprinting effects bugs where president over to cover from ragdoll or in a vastly different location and then he went to and ragdoll basically when you drop to the floor sometimes would slide across the floor and get back up and you were no one near where you where first class on hang out number one the witness should walk no you should be see the player through the glass not just a gun flying around also centuries can see your fluid node so be careful when you’re and the hangars looking out at the century there it won’t see you and I’ll pray empty stand right in front here and stop me from getting back out fix dilation exploit for movement speed as and speed hacking so that’s another hat put to bed hopefully if you do see it please report it in the discord for scum because we need to crack down and any hacks that I found factual rendering testings and on the airport buildings render father so you won’t see people flying around so basically if I think there’s more people and low say things that happen to me that much you would see the person actually before the Belden and then the Belgium of reading the run and they disappear into the Belton adjusted temperature calculation and whale in the water so you’ll know get called a faster effects weapon models where they look to be distorted low settings also fix that on a lot of items so the guys have been working on assets themself and they’re gonna look a hell of a lot better and in your sentry voice I’ve yet to hear myself but are actually quite like the old one so I’ll be curious to see this one sounds like fixed crosswalk collisions where sentry was getting stuck good the piece that that means the routes that the I were on of no been tied up a little so it won’t get stuck and get caught in any other assets century no only gives out one warning even if a player compels and leaves the area and will engage on say next time so when you strain sneak in and it does spot you and you think you can run away again and then come back don’t do it because it’s just going to tell you species first one second bug for no scale make shelter added x 25 20 15 10 seconds a fall no scale basic medium and advanced so base that they’ve just changed their overall crafting times a little for that entering and leaving multiplier submenu no not freeze for a second anymore doesn’t happen to me a lot of a dead to you then that’s no fixed now a really good one for anyone who just likes playing in a solo several lies in your own one you can no use the admin commands no this is great for people especially content creators you can spawn any items as well no just to pre-warn you if you spawn in a Mac it doesn’t die I’ve already tried a moment server it just blast you to pieces so bear that in mind so guys this is a very quick one as I said I wasn’t expecting that still and hopefully I’ll have a bit more time and try and make it a bit more broken up and looking go through each section and a bit more depth than with their desk time the guy’s a lot of good things have come around the guys are pumping these out quite quick and I will try and make sure that I get that a lot quicker than last time because that’s all the four hours behind the actual update so just remember your save files will not work so you have to start afresh and several optimization has happened already but please report any issues you find and to the scum discord

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  2. For me I think the latest patch increased memory leak. I have very good FPS normaly and i can just be in the same place and all of a sudden my frames drop to unplayable numbers. wierd. my friends dont have this and it was not like this before the patch.

  3. Great Scum videos man hopefully you blow up! Also someone's gonna be a dick on how you said complies so I'm betting them to it… nerds.

  4. Hackers are a major problem. If it's not fixed they gonna kill ymthis awesome game. Km_long was in full effect last night

  5. patched broke game. my friend had god mode. He had 30 zombies on him and robots shooting at him   .My character was taking damage .

  6. Is there any good samaritans out there that would leave me a list of the admin commands? following the example in the video it is showing 'could not find asset' for me no matter uppercase nor lower nor switching the [< >]'s around in any order

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