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Secret Assassin in Roblox | Role Playing Game | Survival Game | Metal Bee

Secret Assassin in Roblox | Role Playing Game | Survival Game | Metal Bee

Buzzing also welcome to silent Assassins in Roblox… Now this looks like is a … A version of Assassin’s creed in the rob-lox And… This is my first game obviously as you
can see I’m at level 1 I’m practically Or I am actually a noob at this game so
I don’t know how this game is going to work.. Nothing of that sort… It seems like one of us or the party that you can see on the right side… The number of players are there are going to be the Assassins… And the… The one person is gonna be the target ok… Seduced by 1/8 is the target And I am a guard so I’m supposed to hold… Or okay we’re supposed to kind of guard him… I think a lot of people will be guards and
there will be one person who’s gonna be the Assassiner… Ok… And … There seems to be somebody who’s gonna be having a… Big helmet right there ok umm Where did the protection guy go? Okay where did he go? where did he go? Okay he’s sitting in the corner over there … Now we need to keep an eye out for the guy who is a… Come on there he is where is he ? where is he ? Okay that’s not him okay where did my mouse go? Where did my mouse go? ok ok there with us … Wow okay this is confusing… Okay ummmm… Hmmmm… Okay umm Mr. Doose was over here in the
corner but he disappeared all right… Hmmmm… I don’t know why I did that? but okay… You see over here it looks like he’s over here okay… Yes he’s over here at the edge of the map… Okay people are just going because
they’re bored I think … Mr. Assassin doesn’t seem to want to kind of you know come out of play with us… So I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing but yeah okay… Okay… All right so… That was the round the successfully
completed where We managed to survive Or target did not get killed so that’s I think a good thing for the guards… Who can work to protect him So let’s just wait for the next round to start And yeah … Take it as we go Okay Mr. Pokemon Bop five five four is the target I am a guard again Hmmm… So much interesting! Okay and now we got Mr.Cool over there who is going to be The Assassin okay so let’s just run around… And see if we can spot him Okay… So I’m going to go this way I’m gonna be a lone wolf over here and try and you know Take him on myself I don’t know whether it’s gonna work or not … But okay Okay … I don’t see any movement so far okay I see that guy over there but he is not Okay … Mr. Doose okay that’s not the guy Hmm and the last air bender okay That’s not him over there I saw movement but that’s not him That is for sure Okay that’s our target is it? yep that’s our… Our thing or the guy who is supposed to
guard is it ? Nope it’s just random people hanging around okay That’s just weird… Hmm I see no movement I see no action okay Huhhss putting a shout guards life is
isn’t it? so you kindly just hang around hoping for something to happen… Okay you can be super jumpy when a single shot is heard somewhere … And just gonna go woah woah woah what’s happening? What is happening? Okay this is ummmm… Hmmmm scary boys and girls…

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