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Secrets to success Pt. 1

Secrets to success Pt. 1

– So if you want to make
six figures you can’t just be talking about you
want to make six figures. You hear what I’m saying to you tonight? If you do the three things
I tell you to do tonight, I guarantee whatever it
is you want to do in life, you’ll be able to do. You will be able to accomplish
whatever you want to academically, financially,
relationally, whatever. So three things. All right, now I’m gonna
tell you this story. I got to get outta here. And the story is about, you guys have probably
heard about this before, it was a young man who, he
wanted to make a lot of money and so he went to this guru, right? And he told the guru, “I want to be “on the same level you are on.” The guru said, “If you want to
be on the same level I’m on, “I’ll meet you tomorrow
at the beach at 4am.” He like, “The beach? I
said I want to make money. “I don’t want to swim.” Guru said, “If you want to make money, I’ll meet you tomorrow. 4am.” So the young man got there, 4am. He all ready to rock and roll. Got on the suit, he
should have wore shorts. The old man grabs his hand, said “How bad do you want to be successful?” He said, “Real bad.” He said, “Walk on out in the water.” So he walks out into
the water, watch this. When he walks out into the
water it goes waist deep. So he like, “This guy crazy. “I want to make money, he
got me out here swimming. “I didn’t ask to be a
lifeguard. I want to make money. “He got me in…” So he said, “Come out a little further.” Walked out a little further, then he had it right around
this area, the shoulder area. So this old man crazy. He making money but he crazy. Said, “Come on out a little further.” Came out a little further,
it was right at his mouth. My man like, “I’m about
to go back in here. “This guy outta his mind.” So the old man said, “I thought “you said you wanted to be successful.” He said, “I do.” He said, “Walk a little further.” He came, dropped his head in,
held him down, hold him down. My man getting scratchy, hold him down. I got you, I know you’ve
brushed it out, but I got you. He had him held down, I
need you for illustration. He had him held down, just before my man was about
to pass out, he raised him up. He said, “I got a question for you.” Somebody answer the question for me. He said, “When you were underwater, “what did you want to do?” [audience mumbling] Leave? I’m looking for a
different word, though, than that. – [Woman] Breathe. – He said, “I wanted to breathe.” He told the guy, he said,
“When you want to succeed “as bad as you want to breathe, “then you’ll be successful.” I don’t know how many of y’all
got asthma in here today, but if you ever had a
asthma attack before, you short of breath,
SOB, shortness of breath. You wheezing. (wheezing sounds) The only thing you trying
to do is get some air. You don’t care about no basketball game, you don’t care what’s on TV, you don’t care about nobody calling you, you don’t care about a party. The only thing you care about
when you trying to breathe is to get some fresh air. That’s it. When you get to the point where all you want to do is be successful as bad as you want to breathe,
then you’ll be successful. I’m here to tell you, number one, that most of you say you
want to be successful, but you don’t want it bad. You just kind of want it. You don’t want it badder
than you want to party. You don’t want it as much
as you want to be cool. Most of you don’t want success
as much as you want to sleep. Some of you love sleep
more than you love success. I’m here to tell you today if
you’re going to be successful, you’ve got to be willing to give up sleep. You got to be willing to work off of three hours of sleep, two hours. If you really want to be successful, some days you gonna have to
stay up three days in a row. Because if you go to sleep you might miss the opportunity to be successful. That’s how bad you gotta want it. You gotta go days without, listen to me. You gotta want to be successful so bad that you forget to eat. Beyonce said once she was
on the set doing her thing. Three days had gone by,
she forget she didn’t eat. ‘Cause she was engaged. I’ll never forget, when 50
cent was doing his movie I did a little research on 50, and 50 said that when he wasn’t doing the movie he was doing the soundtrack. And they said, “When do you sleep, 50?” He said, “Sleep? Sleep is for
those people who are broke. “I don’t sleep. “I got a opportunity to make
a dream become a reality.” Football players, how
many football players, got anybody that like football
in here, raise your hand. Anybody like football? Emmitt Smith. I used to be a Cowboy fan before they did my boy Tom Landry wrong, I used to be a Cowboy fan. There was a commercial, Emmitt Smith had won his first Super Bowl, and he had this commercial
when he was lifting weights. I don’t know if you saw the commercial, when he was lifting, and
he said, Emmitt said, “You know what, I won the Super Bowl, “so I can rest now.” He was doing his bench press. So he said, “So I won the
Super Bowl so I can rest now.” So he throws up about 325, boom. And he rests for about two seconds. Then he’s … boom, boom, boom. Did you see that? He’d already won a Super Bowl, he said, “I think I’m gonna take a rest.” And he rests for how long? One second. Most of you won’t be successful because when you’re studying,
and you get tired, you quit. I’m here to tell you today, if you got a- Somebody came to my office
the other day crying. I said, “Look, don’t cry to
give up, cry to keep going. “Don’t cry to quit. “You already in pain, you already hurt. “Get a reward from it. “Don’t go to sleep, until you succeed.” Listen to me, I’m here to tell you today that you can come here, you
can jump up, you can do flips, you can be excited when
we give away money. Listen to me, you will never be successful until I don’t have to give
you a dime to do what you do. (audience clapping and cheering) You won’t be successful until you say, “I don’t need that money,
’cause I got it in here.” Listen to me, Emmitt Smith said this at the end of the commercial. Emmitt Smith said, “All
men are created equal. “Some work harder in preseason.” I’m gonna say it again because
you might have missed it. “All men are created equal. “Some work harder in preseason.” So that means that there are some people who are going to see the
professor, going to see the TA, and even when the professor says, “I don’t meet with you,
my TA meet with you.” you say, “I don’t want
to talk to your TA.” – [Man] That’s what it is. – I don’t pay the TA. I pay you to teach me. So you gonna have to find
some time to meet me. If I gotta meet you at the mall, if I gotta meet you at your house, you are going to see me. Listen to me, all men are created equal, some work harder in preseason. When I went to college guys
were way smarter than me. 4.0s, 3.0s, they went to
the Ivy League high schools, came to Oakwood from
these great high schools. Most of them are not doing what I’m doing. Why? ‘Cause it’s not about where you come from. It’s about heart. You come to place where
being smart ain’t enough. You gotta have heart. That’s number one. What’s number two? Number two, catch number two, I wrote it down, I wanted
to make sure you got it. It says, watch this, we’re talking about sacrifice now. The important thing is this – you’re writing while I’m saying it, ’cause I only have about
three more minutes – listen to me. The most imporant thing is this, to be able at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you will become. That’s the number two thing,
you gotta catch that one. To be able to, listen
to me, at any moment. Some of you, you can make sacrifices when Monday night football is not on, you can make a sacrifice. But when a game come on, for some reason you just attached to it. For some of you, when your
favorite show come on, you can make sacrifices on Sunday when there ain’t nothing going on. But when your favorite
show comes on Monday. Some of you, you focused
until the phone ring, and then you like, “I gotta answer it. “If I don’t answer the
phone I’m gonna die.” I’m saying to you today,
that there are some of you if you give up your cell
phone you would be successful. But your cell phone is more important to you than your success. I’m gonna say it again,
I’m gonna hurt somebody. Some of you need to
give up your cell phone, because the time you
spend on your cell phone could be used for your success. The time you could be
using to be successful you are using on the cell. And the cell phone is not
bringing you nothing but a bill. And somebody has told you
you couldn’t live without it. I’m talking about going
deep now, giving up stuff. Watch what it says. To be able, at any moment to sacrifice what we are
for what we could be. “I don’t do well in math.” You’re right! You ain’t never studied. “I’m not good at writing.” ‘Cause you have never written before. But I dare you to fail in
writing for a whole year to see if you can get to the end. I dare you to fail. I dare you to take that same
class over and over again. I dare you to stop dropping
classes, like you soft. Always want to give up. “I’m dropping.” Why you dropping? I’m so grateful that the
slaves didn’t drop and quit, say “I’m just gonna stop. “I’m a slave, I’m just gonna
be a slave, I’m gonna quit.” Listen to me, the slaves said, “We will live because
one day we will become.”

100 thoughts on “Secrets to success Pt. 1”

  1. E T . YOUR words breathe LIFE INTO ME .. i thought about giving up but tht isnt me.. And hearing you just.remotivated. me and please dnt stop spreading the truth the love and most of all the knowledge…. MUCH LOV3…. I CAN I WILL AND I MUST.

  2. Seriously guys, I watched this video 6 months ago and I started working like crazy to make money, now I'm earning double. I swear try this .. it works. =)

  3. i watched with video 2 years back. The idea of "To be successful as bad as you want to breath" inspired me a lot !!!.Motivated me to come out of my comfort zone and push myself to new heights…

  4. guys I work for a company for 8 hours everyday then come home to work on my own side project. Now my portfolio is on the way to get me a even better job with higher pay. Listen to this guy.

  5. Came across this video by accident back in 2008 and have come back to it a few times over the years. This literally changed my life. I've achieved major success in that time and I'm just getting started. Thank you Eric. I'm so grateful.

  6. This video changed my life completely, this year, 2017, I'm going to do my 1st year at university of my dreams since childhood because of it. It was uplifting me last year, 2016. Thank you very much!

  7. I know that if you want to be successful you have to really want it but if you're going days at a time where you're not sleeping or eating you're living an unhealthy life. I'm 13 and even I know that. And he's pretty much telling them stop eating, it'll be good for your success, don't sleep, you're wasting your life if you do. Sorry that we're humans that NEED to EAT and SLEEP. There are so many people who have been diagnosed with anorexia and insomnia. He's just promoting these disorders!! I know he's trying to get the point across that your life should revolve around your success but I think he's laying it on a bit thick. I don't want any controversy on this, I was just sharing my opinions.

  8. I like that he said degree don't come with time stamps on it that's one of the reason why people think after so long it's not the same as someone who finished on time I like that and you have to want it so bad you are ready to sacrifice. Because I know success is not real without sacrifice

  9. Watched this video for the first time 3 days ago it hate me light a bolt โšก๏ธ get up off your ass and do something. I started making changes in my life and attitude. Really wanna become beast mode. Thanks ET

  10. remember watching this as a kid back in 2010. its been 7 years Im in a UC school and I learned to not conform like others. I have research almost set up and my mind is intellectually on another level than others. I have been working on 4 to 5 hours of sleep almost everyday at University, working on my own side projects now.

  11. It's been 3 years since I heard this and it helped me to success so listen to his words and do what u need to do

  12. A true story. About 6 years I was homeless and $20,000 in credit cards and student loan debt. I was party and drinking beyond my limits and I ended up losing everything. When I was at the shelter I was searching for motivational videos and I found this. Till this day this a has my Foundation of everything I believe in and it ultimately change my life. Today I am part of union making great money, have a beautiful family and a home owner. I wish had the chance thank him for changing my life. I love guy and I will forever follow he's widsom.

  13. i wish someone have told me this when i was in high school, it's just so inspiring and motivational, hope those kids are successful by now xD

  14. It's physically impossible and mentally to stay
    up 3 nights in a row
    ,your health will deteriorate .other than that I like this guy: I say this because I know it ,
    I've done it,
    not always on purpose
    But I have. by the third night you're dead K.0 lights out Moody charitable spirit ated loss of appetite not able to retain information can't remember the rest.
    I can't go to sleep.
    B productive stop watching YouTube videos if you can"t fall asleep =clean up your houseDo your bills… .

  15. 1) want success as bad as you want to breathe ; give up sleep; forget to eat ; cry to keep going (not to quite) ; all men are created equal, some work hard to make it easy
    2) to be able to sacrifice what you are to be what you could be ; sacrifice phone;

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    2) Learn about the power of your mind.
    3) Follow the path of successful people.
    I found these tips from the Magic Progress Shortcut (check it out on google) definately the no.1 info on becoming wealthy & successful that I've heard of.

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  19. Thank you Eric Thomas! You helped me through my Bachelor & Master… You are the reason I was able to stay awake and study until 5 am.
    Greetings from Germany

  20. Uncle Obby is that you? I had no idea you were born in Ohio – what part of Ohio is Korean? Great video of the Siberian train though. Gotcha babe.

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  22. ู‡ู„ ู…ู† ุนุฑุจูŠ ู‡ู†ุง ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  23. WOW @etthehiphoppreacher Just now watching this! 2008! WOW I figured that I needed to start from the beginning to fully understand.

  24. Here's some tips for becoming successful.
    1) Take control of your own health.
    2) Learn about the power of your mind.
    3) Follow in the tracks of successful people.
    I got these tips from the Magic Progress Shortcut (check it out on google) definately the most incredible info on success that I have ever heard of.

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