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Serene & Surreal: Healing Waters of Congaree Wilderness

Serene & Surreal: Healing Waters of Congaree Wilderness

[bird sounds] [wind] [splash into water, gurgling water] ERIC: I know what it is like to be in those dark places. It’s scary, it’s unnerving, it’s bitter, it’s angry. You want it to go away. It can become violent. It can become suicidal. [splash out of water] But, wilderness, nature,
they’ve given me a — a reprieve. [gently rushing water, birds chirping] They’ve written me a new lease on life. [water dripping, birds chirping] [owl hooting, water trickling] ERIC: When I was in the marine corps,
I was a machine gunner by trade. Then when I was in the army, I was a combat engineer. Going from military life into civilian life
was for me pretty hard, because that’s all I knew. We are all part of a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder therapy group. Paddling allows me to exorcise any demons
I might have going on in my head from recounting bad memories, bad situations. It’s really helped heal me, from the inside out. [dripping water] EDYE: Being, you know, out in nature,
it’s just good for the soul. It’s cleansing, you know,
it gets you outside of yourself. It’s my – [sigh] – way to decompress. [owl hooting, birds chirping, water splashing] ERIC: The Congaree swamp,
and just the way it affects you, it makes you feel small, but part of it. [water splashing, birds crying] It pulls you in. [flapping wings, birds chattering] EDYE: When you’re in a little tiny boat, you know, and you’re surrounded, immersed, enveloped
by such — I mean, just beauty. It – it gives you time to reflect on yourself,
what you’re doing, what you want to do. And it’s very humbling. [splashing, birds calling] ERIC: You feel like a child again because
you’re on a journey of discovery. Everything’s new, so everything’s fun.
You want to experience everything. Everything smells so much better.
Everything sounds clearer. It’s just, literally like being born again
being out there. It’s just amazing. [splashing] EDYE: My name is Edye Joyner,
I’m a former marine and a Desert Storm veteran I think all veterans carry with them a sense of pride,
for their country, and for the places that we have. ERIC: My name is Eric Guzman,
I’m from Columbia, South Carolina. I did 20 years of military service. Without having the wilderness,
there would be a lot of vets, I know for a fact, that wouldn’t be here that still are. [splashing] Just getting on the water, just being out in mother nature, it gives you hope. [dripping water]

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  1. Just watching this video is relaxing. Thank you for sharing! I am hoping to start a group targeted at helping survivors of sexual assault with PTSD that uses kayaking for therapy 🙂

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