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Seth Meyers And Kelly Try Catching Food In Their Mouths

Seth Meyers And Kelly Try Catching Food In Their Mouths

– [Seth] Yeah. – You got me drunk on
your late night show, so it’s only fair we
day-drink on my daytime show. – Great. – So, get ready, Meyers! (crowd cheering) Get ready! – I’m very excited. – Okay, drinks are coming in. Each drink is themed to a
different area of your life. – Oh. That’s so exciting. – So first up, I know,
you had specialty drinks. We only prefer the best here as well. – First up we’ve got the Lucky
Seven in honor of the seventh season of Late Night with Seth Meyers. – [Seth] Oh my God, how ’bout that? (crowd cheering) Thank you. – It’s got coffee liquor
for those late nights. – Okay. – ‘Cause we all need caffeine. A shot of vodka to help you
get through political jokes. – [Seth] Okay. – ‘Cause there’s just
so much potential there. There’s so much material to pull from. – Absolutely. Might need two shots. – Yeah. Gold flakes for the glitzy
Hollywood actors on your show. – [Seth] All right. – And it’s on the rocks since
you tape a 30 Rock, get it? – [Seth] Okay, great. – Okay.
– [Seth] Cheers, here we go. – Here we go. (clapping) Paper straws, save the turtles. (crowd cheering) – You don’t have to drink the whole thing! – I don’t? – Wait! I was like, “Don’t challenge me, Meyers!” – Oh okay, got it. – ‘Cause I’m so competitive, and I don’t want to go home hammered. – This is a real milky drink. – I know, I think might get an upset tummy from that one, yeah. – [Kelly] Mm-hmm, it’s great. – Aside from me, who was your
most memorable… Get it. Oh, if you would have got…
okay, now I have to try it. – All right, come on. – I told you I’m competitive. Okay, wait. Or wait, you throw it and
I’ll try and catch it. – You think that’s a better idea? – Oh shoot! Yes, okay, are you ready? It’s way back there! (crowd yelling) It’s way back there! – Oh! – You’re like, here, the zone, the zone. Oh! (crowd yelling) No wait, I got it. I can’t get it. (crowd laughing) – How do you think in general…? – I can’t get it. I love it when we get together, we just do like fraternity games. – Yeah, I was gonna say, do the interviews go off
the rails this quickly? – No. Well yes. – Okay, good.
– [Kelly] Sometimes, yes. – All right, good. – It’s going how it usually does.

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  1. Seth is cute in a nerdy/goofy way. He looks like he has a long skinny penis… random, yea I KNOW. No judgement here tho. Lmfao 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

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