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Settlements and Survival – Oberland Station Initial Survey and Building

Settlements and Survival – Oberland Station Initial Survey and Building

hello everyone and welcome back to
settlements and survival haven’t been here in a while so we’re gonna go ahead and
try to do a new settlement here today we were at oh of course we’re at Oberland
Station now you can see here that I have caught some stuff from you know just
dropping it when I was playing through the game I didn’t really do much and I
did do a video on building that little barnacle thing on the bottom with the
workshops what we’re gonna do today and for the next couple of things as I run
into a tree got to do that is when I was doing the stream okay so first off this
is a survey okay this is me looking around what we’re gonna be working with
this part runs about three and a half minutes so if you want to go straight to
the bill just skip ahead to about 3:30 and it’ll the building will start but
what I wanted to do at the very start here is kind of look at what we’ve got
to work with what have I got here already this is probably all gonna come
down because I got to get out of the way I don’t I don’t need the stuff here and
we’re gonna try and work it over in station because one of the streams I was
you know sort of thrown it out to the to the viewers you know what what kind of
what would you like to see next in terms of build and this series and I mentioned
Overland station and people were like I don’t know what the hell to do at that
place I hate that place blah blah blah and I was like a lot of people said that
I’m like I don’t understand because I’ve never really had a problem with Oberlin
so what I’m gonna do here is come here and treat Oberlin like I’ve never seen
it before right so right now I’m looking at the at the layout and this thing is
really really crappy it’s it’s really high in this corner and it’s really low
it in the further diagonal corner and it kind of flattens out and slopes there’s
a little plateau and it’s just but there’s this long grade here which in
vanilla weren’t mostly vanilla which is what this is you don’t have any angled
pieces so it’s really difficult to build down the grade without making it look
like stair stepping or make it look stupid so but what I’m trying to do here
is look at the terrain you know what am i working with the woods are trimmed you
can see how it tails off over there on right here you know goes from the
growing area straight down in this did it you know and again in order to build
this up in the corner you’d have to build a bunch of stilts or have it be
actually below the level of the field which is problematic I had not really
realized how difficult this thing might be to work with you know cuz it doesn’t
have that many elevation changes it’s not a no coastal cottage but it does
have a significant amount of subtle problems with it you know doubly so
because that workshop isn’t up against the isn’t up against the switching tower
it’s kind of sticking out to the side and the crop area has those you know
raised dirt mounds and you really can’t do much with them I mean that’s pretty
much where the field has to go right I mean if you want to look like reasonable
but again you can see how it tails off down to the right there and goes up to
left with this little speedom rectangular spot in the middle so it’s
like do you build in the middle and just make a fortress but then if you do
everything on the left there is above it and if you make it down on the bottom
everything’s above it but it’s like what do you do with it
you know how do you how do you build something with it so we’re gonna try and
build something out of this it’s probably going to be a Waystation kind
of thing you know a couple of vendors really really really buckled up buttoned
up because there’s a lot of spawns here and this is a fairly hazardous area for
being where it is you know sort of near downtown and near the the western plant
across the way and if you go south down these tracks you start running a super
mutant it’s pretty quick so that’s what we got to start with that’s that’s the
that’s the build turrets on the roof I just stuck crap everywhere I needed a
hundred I’m like I don’t care so now we’re going to switching the build mode
and you know between you know in the transition there I went ahead and tore
everything down but let the original stuff so you could see what we were
working with right like to call the plants down took all the stuff I had
built down and doing that now the problem with this particular settlement
I didn’t notice this until I start to record in this video is that these are
the default settings and since they are the default settlers they have that
grubbing in the dirt animation no matter what you put them on no matter what you
do if they’re here they’re gonna be sitting in the they’re gonna be sitting
grubbing in the dirt so I’m probably gonna have to kill them or move over
it’s not to make up the rivers or whatever so because I do because of the
way I build and the way I enjoy I the way I need to build pretty much is my
first job is to make this is to enclose this workshop I need to incorporate this
into something now since I’m running at-sts the ground does
a little funky and a lot of spots but it’s not terrible and there’s that trick
I just talked about before where if it doesn’t fit one way rotate it maybe one
of the edges will be closer softer and in this case you could see rotating it
definitely put it much closer I mean I’m not sinking into the workbench at this
point now what I don’t like here is the workbench is at an angle the workbench
is not perpendicular it’s not parallel or perpendicular with the house it’s
kind of about like three or four degrees off which you don’t really notice just
looking at it but when you start putting you know ninety degree angled floors
next to it if it goes really obvious really quickly that it’s a problem so my
first tactic here is to attempt to get it to work with these floors like I did
at ten pines as it was ten Pines I think with the the immersive gameplay build
and yeah see you can see that it’s not it’s lined up with the house but it’s
not lined up with the work that so I’m like okay how am I gonna deal with that
so my first instinct of course is to get some floors out try snapping it and it
doesn’t work because I remembered that this piece right here the metal floors
for whatever reason the floors on them are like transparent they’re incorporeal
on the top so like right here there’s no special tricks guys it’s just group
select and I stuck it in underneath the workbench and it was fine you can’t
really do this with floors regular wood floors and you can’t do it with most
walls but for some reason I don’t know why I don’t care I’m using it that
particular metal that particular metal wall will sink under workbenches so if
you’re trying to barnacle off a workbench at some other place feel free
to use that thing so now I’m going okay I want to I got it underneath the thing
I’ve got a Snapple surface we’re gonna try and build up around it and I’ve got
that little gap on the left I’m gonna try and fix with with this thing here
but it’s it’s totally not gonna work spoiler it’s not gonna work because it’s
too close to the it’s too close to the switching station which is unfortunate
but we’re still gonna try and I think we can do it out and you know sink it
whatever and you can see how where the ground is around here so hey whatever
so what I’m gonna do here the the goal for the initial thing here of course is
since I’m in since I’m in workshop themed mode right I’m like okay I’m
gonna I’m gonna barnacle off and build around this workbench so this is going
to turn into a workshop a workshop right a place where you know they I could put
the work benches and maybe put some I don’t know a kitchen or something maybe
put some beds down I’ll figure something out
we’ll deal with that there and this is gonna go through some iterations but and
this is gonna be a fairly long one also also I’m trying something new today this
build mode is in two hundred and fifty percent speed instead of two hundred I’m
gonna try and start speeding the building portions up slightly because it
seems to me that it’s still fairly clear it’s still pretty easy to see what’s
going on there’s not a lot of whipping around you can’t really there’s no real
I can’t figure out what’s going on here if this is okay let me know if you can
if you think I can go faster let me know that too but I’d like to get as much
building in as I can while still not making these you know horrendously long
now of course on the streams I’ll do real time building there because you
know that way you can see get a better feel for how long these things do take
me but this particular this particular build took about I don’t know 45 50
minutes top all told you know because I’m gonna sleep I’m gonna there’s sounds
gonna go down at some point but right now I’m like okay I need to put
something down here I’ve got the main workbench down here and I can probably
put another workbench of some kind in here I’m thinking the weapons workbench
because these floors are wood but we’ll see how that goes
we will see how that goes and while this is doing its thing we will comment on
the channel the channel the channel so I’ve been doing pretty good with the
streaming things it’s not it hasn’t really been affecting it
hasn’t been disrupting build videos to build video schedule like I feared that
it might I will say I am understanding more and more why so many people either
start streaming or switched to streaming because
there’s no production you know you just stream and then YouTube posts it and
then you’re done there’s no you know you had two screenshots of keywords and a
description it’s like okay well that’s it video posted so the time investment
in quote preparing you know in doing the video is minimal very very very low but
it’s a weird it’s a different dynamic you know because you can’t really speed
things up and there’s no way to really no way to really uh
doing kind of a special you know I mean if I something screws up you can’t
really fix it in post you it’s like okay so this is an experiment like okay I’m
gonna stick this thing out here because I’m still in the back of my head I’m
still sort of in Manilla extensions mode and I’m I’m forgetting that I don’t have
half walls I’m forgetting that I can’t easily snap things to anything so we’re
gonna change our minds and put that of the wall back well we’ve got a little
bit this is a little Hut looking pretty good and I’m thinking what do I want to
do in here well just put a door in the front
that’s fine walking it out make sure I can walk in and out and then she’s still
grub it in a dirt in a hard floor so anyway so the streams are apparently
y’all like them I do like doing them they are fun it’s nice to interact with
y’all in real time you know and I’m still missing too many I’m still missing
too many questions and comments I don’t like that but that’s just the nature of
the beast and again if you if you do watch the streams and I do not respond
to a question that you’ve asked and then it rolls out of the chat window go ahead
and feel free to repeat it I don’t I don’t mind it all repeat yourself as
much as you like with that said please don’t spam that’s uh that’s not cool but
but yeah it’s they’re going pretty good I’m having really a lot of fun with the
conquest build it’s it’s definitely different I don’t know if I’m gonna I’m
gonna be doing much more of it I think this one girl will be it I may revisit
it from time to time and do like micro build in the wilderness because that
seems really you know fitting but in terms of doing a themed build or a large
build like I’m doing now with that outpost thing I doubt we’ll be seeing
too many more of those because it’s like I don’t know I just have I have a hard
time about anchors and I just maybe I’m just used to these I’m used to you know
the standard Commonwealth settlement look at that
perfect spacing lines up at the edge of the wall happy accident little Bob Rob
stop oh happy stairway so yeah up here I’m gonna put a lounger you know I don’t
know what the hell this is gonna be but it’s the top of the stairs so it’ll be
something probably a little patio cuz I’ve got a little railing a little deck
over there so yes this that’s the story with the streams and we’re going to keep
keep up with those like I said I mentioned this before but I’m gonna go
ahead and mention it again Tuesdays are gonna be my wildcard day so that may not
be a guaranteed fall out those may not be fall out Street so I’m not gonna be
offended if y’all don’t want to watch it I totally understand you’re here for the
fallout content because I mean really I’ve got 180 videos and fallout so I
mean it’s it’s a reasonable expectation that you and that this would be in the
draw for the channel so but with that’s I’ll segue into state of decay because
I’ve been playing the shit out of that lately
and it is fun it is not as not as obnoxious as I was fearing that it might
be and thanks to Benjamin ship I hope I said that right
special thanks to Benjamin chimp for providing me the ability to actually
play online which I have not done in a very long time folks a very long time
because I don’t like playing online games for the most part I just I prefer
single-player games but Draco and Phoenix and all the other builders and
jpig man they’re just getting on me dude you gotta join us dude it’s fun you got
a plague oh my god dude you got it so I was like alright so last night I decided
I was gonna try and do this so with the able and incredibly patient assistance
of Draco Invictus if I actually figured out a way to be able to
talk and listen with discord but still hear the game I mean I got it all
configured he is congratulations Vicky as you have you have made made great
strides into welcoming me the 21st century man now of course this this the
next question is gonna be all right do you have a server your own the answer’s
no I do not but that is something I will now that I know how to do it that is
something I will be actively looking into I guess is the best way to describe
that I’ll be you know looking at tutorials and stuff so in future there
may well be a way for my streams to have a discord component I think I’m gonna
need more cabling though like more splitters and and maybe a mixing box or
something it’s it’s all very confusing cuz I’m really done this but anyway
point is because I mean oddly enough there is sort of the point to this I
actually got to play with I just got to play state of decay with Nick and Denise
Phoenix embrace and it was very strange because I mean that’s literally the
first time I played a game online in I don’t know close to a decade you know
and it was fun it was very enjoyable it was good be it was his game just so I
could just you know learn the ropes and not have to worry about like controlling
things you know I didn’t have to I didn’t to pay attention all that stuff I
could just you know play and it was it was fun I’ll definitely be looking for
other people now that I know how to do it of course since I don’t have a mixer
or a splitter or something right and I used discord in the PC and I don’t have
it wasn’t tied to the Xbox chat what did I end up doing is I plugged the headset
into the computer right so I could hear discord and talk to discord and then I
plugged a set of earbuds into my xbox controller so I could hear the game
right and then I muted Vic’s stream put the earbuds in put the headphones over
the Hat and it worked it would actually work I was astonished I mean my ears
started to hurt after a couple hours but it does work so okay here’s the first
phase and we’re going to ahead and go to daytime here and now we’re going to just
trim this thing up because now the the basic bulk of the structure is complete
and that took about how much time does that take for it what
fifteen minutes and at 2:50 so that’s what 30 minutes 40 minutes something
like that it’s about 40 minutes 45 minutes to build the structure itself
now we’re gonna you know patch the gaps fill the holes you know go through and
do this stuff but again I wanted to point out here that the key one of the
keys the scrappy building is to not is to resist the temptation to redo things
if you if you do something bad just you know cover it over like this thing here
it’s floating right it’s sticking up over the side of the thing so I got to
patch that so we’re gonna do the normal rugged jump fence in the corner you know
get it in there make sure it’s good look at it it’s like okay look inside we
don’t have too much sticking through that’s not too bad pull it out do the
trick this Bluff like so much pick it up drop it take the rug out and it doesn’t
sink now there is one spot where one of the walls does sink coming up so it
isn’t it isn’t a hundred percent but hey I’ll take ninety that’s fine so yeah so
that’s what’s going on with the channel that’s what’s going on with state of
decay we’re gonna be seeing more of that and hopefully I can figure out a way to
do weather stuff I mean I would host a game but my my current set up I’m like I
want to sit like 20 days in something like that and I’m on the plateau map and
I just got the biggest the biggest outpost or whatever it’s called I
Clinton unlocked a mini-mall the boarded-up mini-mall at the top in the
northeast corner I haven’t really been killing a lot of playing hearts and now
I know the trick I got a 50 Cal from one of those I got a 50 Cal from one of my
NPCs special mission so that was kind of nice not too much ammo but you only need
three shots to kill play guard so whatever I’ll probably just cheese it
and do that because killing with explosives and trying to beat him to
death with a pipe fitter is not as efficient or effective as you might
think and you know they get sick and stuff they’ve all Isles I’ve almost had
a character die like twice or three times now thankfully I have not yet had
a character die I’ve gotten really close really close and in one in one case I
had one of them got the plague and I was at like six minutes left to cure this is
like yeah that was that was cutting in a little bit
but they’re all heroes they’re all maxed out from the most partisan now I’m
trying to gather up more settlers to you know settlers survivors they’re called
survivors I’m trying to gather some up some good ones up so I can get some more
abilities that I am lacking because I want to update my base with some stuff
that I don’t have the requisite skills so I’m trying to find books and doing
that other stuff so yeah anyway so you’re gonna be seeing state of decay
now of course there’s no real building involved you just basically fill slots
with you just pick you know you pick modules to go in the various slots and
that’s fine so so that’s one of a strategy and tactics thing than a than a
pure building thing speaking of pure building things let’s talk about fall at
76 and what do you think because I know that that’s people are still gonna be
curious about that in case you not heard the streams or listen to their videos or
whatever there has been more information coming out about 76 there have been you
know interviews there’s that noclip documentary there have been other you
know they’ve been asking Bethesda spokes more and more about hey what what are
the details where they details were the details and what the the high points
from my perspective the things that I was most interested in are the things
that got my attention okay before we do that here’s that scaffolding trick okay
everybody knows when you use this this junk fence here this junk fence is hard
the edges are hard it hates sinking into anything for any reason even a
millimeter it will not go in if you place it with the scaffolding ladder
okay the edges get really well not really soft but at least soft enough to
put inside other objects you don’t have to build around this thing anymore like
you used to and you’re gonna see that right here I put in the ground look how
far it sinks into that wall I mean it just slides right in boom you know and
then I go to check and see if there’s a gaps I can’t believe it but yeah so if
you’re looking to get those that particular junk bends especially in
place against an existing structure use the scaffolding ladder because the
properties of the scaffolding ladder are it is really soft on the edges you know
the particularly the the little the tips of it you know you can sink those tips
right into stuff without even having anything fancy you just put it up there
and stick it in there but when you group select with the thing
it transfers those properties a little bit to what you’re picking up so you can
do well you just saw what we can do with it and it’s good for you know ragged
terrain it’s good for second-story stuff it’s good for other purposes but it’s
it’s real claim to fame is making things softer and making him sink better into
stuff so didn’t 76 the things that I noticed that they have started to lock
down are the details of the multiplayer portion of it right one of the things
that was concerning me is like well you know one of the things that they’re
doing that is really surprising to me in terms of all the games I’ve ever played
now I don’t know if this is unique to them because of course I don’t play
online game so if this is another game I just don’t know about it but on the map
you’re gonna be able to see every player’s position at all times okay that
is interesting as hell that is a very interesting design choice that you are
going to be able in a PvP game did you’re gonna be able to know where
everybody is all the time now I don’t know if you can be able if you’ll be
able to like hover over them and see who it is but you’ll at least be able to see
that there are there is a person there and that that’s a game changer man that
that’s huge that is very very interesting I don’t know what their
rationale was I mean I guess I guess the rationale is pretty simple from the lore
perspective it’s like well do your all your all ostensibly bought 76 residents
right so you all ostensibly have a pip-boy and it just makes sense
logically that there would be you know a way to see where all the other pit boys
were that just you know it’d be dumb to not have a GPS or a locator ability like
that so that part at least makes sense so that will definitely mean if you’re
paying attention that will definitely cut down on the on the gang kinks you
know well at least the unexpected ones you know you won’t be surprised that
somebody just all of a sudden shows up if you’d just keep checking the map and
you know if there’s a way to like if there’s an ability to know where they
are even when you’re not looking at the map that would be interesting as hell as
well so that that was an interesting thing and the other interesting thing is
the from the new clip documentary if I remember to I’m gonna link it in the
description so you can watch it it’s really well
done the production value is really good they did a really good job with it I
mean it’s it’s a pre-professional very slick saying I had never even heard of
this channel but that’s because I’m usually oblivious to stuff anyway what
they did mention is the Todd said that the the server limit would be 24 to be
24 people on the server and the other guy one of the other designers said he
was like well 24 to 36 we’re not sure you know 24 to 30 and then the guys from
the company that they bought that did the multiplayer he didn’t say anything
one way or the other about it so I don’t know but it’s a pretty much it’s a given
at least at this current time that it’s gonna be a server load between 24 and 36
people now if it’s times the size of Fallout its unless you’re gonna it’s
gonna be rare to run into somebody by accident it’s gonna be very interesting
to see how that dynamic plays out so that was that was interesting as well
and then you know there’s all these questions about how the settlements are
gonna work and blah blah blah and does not you know so it does not a persistent
world you’re gonna be you know hopping from server to server and whatever but I
mean the could the current thinking I think is that you know your stuff stays
with you that’s that’s the motif your stuff stays with you so if I were to go
into game and build something when I logged off it’s gonna go away so the
stuff that we build is only gonna be there when we’re actually in the game
and what it’s gonna do one of the things I picked up is if somebody builds
something where you built and you log in and they’re already logged in your
stuffs gonna go into your backpack into your blueprint menu it’s not gonna build
your stuff theirs is gonna override it at least while they’re logged in so
that’s what the blueprint thing is for I’m I’m sort of disappointed by that
because I was hoping that was gonna be much more robust than it is but you know
it is what it is and yeah so that’s how that’s gonna work and I
will say this I am noticing that all this new information coming out people
are changing their minds in a big way I mean when I was watching it and
streamers like oh hell no never never I and then as more and more details come
out more and more people I’ve seen or pre-ordering the thing and I’m like okay
well that’s good I’m still gonna be very interested in watching the videos
because for me for me I will say this I’m gonna be
honest it has got a lot more attractive based on the details we found out so far
but until it has an offline component I’m not interested so that’s what we
build here in 45 50 minutes of building so now we’ve got a little complex where
we could put a bunch of workshops we’ve got a tentative living area a little
courtyard here not sure if this is gonna stay this may very well change I’m
definitely gonna change the bottom of the back part because I’m gonna put some
stores in there try and figure this out but you know a good little storage
working area a little workshop area I’ll stick the weapon’s workbench or
chemistry station down there maybe you stick something up here you know put a
bench or a table up here barbecue grill you know you can see out over the
plantation there so such as it is and then we’ve got another area down here
where of course this lends itself well to storage or something I’m not sure
what and then a little observation posting watch the provisions are coming
in concrete middle floors so the obviously we can put the the armored
workbench down here with some windows and you know various other places to put
little niches and stuff like that but this is pretty good this is a decent
starting oh my god I think I just saw the workbench sticking out from behind
the damned did I just see the workbench sticking out through that metal thing
that I put it too close damn it we’re gonna walk out past it no or not Audrey
why didn’t look at it but if it did I’m enough did you long to cover that up
anyway so here’s one guy folks we barnacled up all around the all around
the switching station we’ve pretty much covered it completely from the bottom
big ol gap there had to do something with that later and now it didn’t stick
it through okay cool and here’s it looks like from the bottom
all shored up and support it in another tree because hey command performance one
on four and slammed into a tree because it wouldn’t be my many of us landing
into a tree but I think that’s suitably scrappy that’s nice and random it’s
mostly wood some steel and now we’re gonna go to the top we’re gonna do our
little sign-off here up to the top and right here I want to thank you all very
much for watching if you like what you see click that like button if you want
to see more hit subscribe and I will see you in the next one
take care you

21 thoughts on “Settlements and Survival – Oberland Station Initial Survey and Building”

  1. That metal floor/wall/roof trick was pretty clever. I didnt kniw there was no bounding box on the floor part. Anywho, speed is just fine! Easily followable. U could get away with 3x in some cases but i think u found the right pace. Nicely done. I cant believe how well u built that lil fucker in there. Perfect. And fugly. I think u have the right idea with channel direction. And of course ur welcome. C ya in the next one. Edit: 9.5/10 on pronouncement. Its not an ez name. Thank u Sar.

  2. (1:10) I use Oberland as a waypoint. I usually don't do much to it, because it's "in the middle of nowhere". It's nice to have in a trade network, but there's nothing special to have. I typically make sure it has its necesssary resources, connect it to Graygarden and Hangman's Alley, and then just set it up to handle the raids its likely to face. For roleplay, it's a good place to use the railcar pieces.
    (3:10) In my experience, attacks are usually from the south and west, so I look forward to how you address those issues.

  3. (9:00) I feel you. I've been doing short live-streams lately because it's less work than recording and editing.

  4. I'm not fan of Oberland because it's on such a slope. I dislike all my structures needing to be on stilts from an RP standpoint. If thats the case, why not settle down the road where you don't need to waste resources or have to defend on a slope?? I do like the tower. It's one of my favorite in-vanilla-settlement structures. No clue why; it's tiny and doesn't have a bottom floor. I like barnacling it though. Looking forward to seeing where you take this.

    I was happy to see on 76's wiki page that they plan to add private servers later. IF they do, I would consider it.

  5. Great stuff, Sar. Oberland let me down a bit. Not the terrain, but the build area (not limit. I wished the train tracks were clear as well, so we could run freight, or at least pretend to restore it to a real train station. And that one tower you can't remove bugged. me. Confronting Oberland was really the first time I was playing F4 and thought, 'Man! It'd be nice to manipulate the terrain in the build menu!' Dig caves, temper inclines, etc. In the end, I felt a rather simple outpost was the best thing to do with Oberland, and for artillery support, it's strategic. Hey thumbs up and thanks.

  6. Earlier today a saw your vid on murkwater and im trying to build it cus it looks amazing. You are really good a settlement building and it helps me build some of mine cus im terrible at building settlements the only good one i have is hangmans ally.

  7. This video helps me so much! I've been trying to enclose the workshop here and now I know how. Thank you SarDeliac!

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  9. It's one on my favorite settlement 🙂 The house station in the middle of your build is so awesome !! Thank you for the sharing.

  10. Hey SarDeliac what if you used conquest or build anywhere to fix places where Bethesda did not put in the most effort. A place that comes to mind is drumlin. Like where do they sleep, and where does wolfgang live he can't just sit next to that diner forever. If I had built that place I would have probably place a small shack or something behind the diner for trudy and her son to sleep at. I might try it myself if I get around to using build anywhere, but ps4 can't do npc real good aside from what uso gives us.

    I think the reason they made it so you can see everyone online is 76 is to try to cut down on people maybe getting spawn camped. Can you imagine spawning if there are set spawn point and just getting headshot from some unknown enemy over and over. I have had that happen in other shooters and it is annoying.

  11. That is one big barnacle. The only problem is that part of it goes through the crops area. If it is anything like the Slog, there is nothing that can stop those people form doing the farming animations there. Nicely done my friend. See ya in the next one.

  12. I ended up making a thriving community at oberland. Pretty much turned it into a train station as it was suppose to be but post-apocalyptic. medic den, clothing/armor store, wepons shop, sleeping quarters, drug dens, scaving stations trading area/ bar & food, i turned it into a mini city it was great. Never built there before but it made me realize what you can do in compact places

  13. I have built here recently. Not a fan. But I am using a mod which extends the borders of the settlements. I mainly got it for Jamaica Plains, cuz that place is stupidly small for a settlement. Especially as it's a fecking town in the first place .
    Anyway, I like the extended area for Oberland. The mod keeps most of the original borders but extends it down the hill towards the river and that beached orange boat.

    Also, I agree with you about '76. Seems kind of neat. But I am only going to buy it if it becomes single player only. As the rest of the Fallout games.
    That's what I love to play.

    I love your builds. 😎👍

  14. God forbid this game let me snap anything. I wanted to use the metal piece you used for the workshop, and i have it in the exact same spot you do, but literally nothing will snap to it, starting to get annoyed very quickly

  15. You should put a floor where she grubs in the dirt and put some gitty up buttercup parts so it looks like she is playing with them

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