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Shadow of the Tomb Raider – The Price of Survival [NR]

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – The Price of Survival [NR]

What is it? That’s my new trophy. It was Amaru’s most treasured possession. He wore it on a string around his neck, close to his heart. They had a secret hideaway. A hideaway? The road to the sky I’d like to follow that road. Better start climbing

32 thoughts on “Shadow of the Tomb Raider – The Price of Survival [NR]”

  1. release the fcking game in a whole piece next time, I aint gonna sit there and reinstall the game after the official release. It takes 3 days full plat then you release bullshit updates which could be in the full game as well, no one comes back when there is nearly no content to do or no multi player you bunch of fags.. game was wonderfull but retarded on dlc should be banned DLC

  2. This trailer lies ! WE CAN'T WEAR THIS OUTFIT IN PAITITI !!
    Why don't you disable this sh*tty option everyone hates, it is possible since you do it for your trailers !!

  3. Oh, please never stop developing these amazing DLC's! I will buy some Year Two Season Pass if you need me to do so, just please support this game as long as you can…

  4. Guys read your comments people such as myself have been begging for endurance mode in order to bring replay value to the game. Myself and I would assume many, would be willing to pay upwards on 15 bucks on the mode if you make it very good with multiple environments (the jungle, yamati, and Siberia) You have so much of the mode already made like outfits and weapons. Just make the environments and make some improvements from rise and your all good. finally If someone does see this from Eidos or crystal if you ever make another tomb raider in the close future bring back Camila Luddington for a 4th game because she is the best of the lara's.

  5. PLEASE NEVER STOP MAKING TOMB RAIDER GAMES LIKE THIS!!! I love you guys für this awesome work! Best game in the entire world!!!

  6. #SquareEnix I'm just waiting for you to re-release the 'definitive edition' besides Croft Edition for Shadow to recoup losses before buying it

  7. I will not buy any DLCs from Shadow of the tomb raider I think that's really not worth the money! And I think it's stupid. reminds me of the sims4 that you have the original game and every time DLCs has to go there that makes the game very boring for me & I think it's a waste of money. but that is my opinion ..: P

  8. I sure certainly do insist for Shadow of the Tomb Raider to have a great source of inspiration of Tomb Raider 6 the angel of darkness!!


    Fallen from light – Reborn in Shadow!! 😈😎👍

  9. Although I have my own criticisms about the story and Lara's character development, this Tomb Raider game is really excellent and criminally underrated and underappreciated. The entire rebooted Trilogy has been a treat to play through. I remember getting the first game for like 9 dollars or something with very low expectations and was blown away! Keep it up guys!

  10. In game i cant use the hunter outfit because the mission is in Paititi, why i cant use all the outfits in Paititi? Eidos please change this.

  11. I can’t wait to play mine. Unfortunately, even after updating and trying every option possible it still won’t give me access to the new DLC. I’m not sure if I’m the only one experiencing this but it’s irritating. I bought the complete DLC when I first purchased the game. Lara slays in that new outfit! 🥰

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