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Shawnee State Forest in 4K | Backpacking with 3 Survival Bushcraft Firestarting Methods

Shawnee State Forest in 4K | Backpacking with 3 Survival Bushcraft Firestarting Methods

[Andrew narrating] While living at his cabin in the woods surrounding Walden Pond, Thoreau noted that if all people lived as simply as he did thieving and robbery would be unknown. When we first started Adventure Archives, we wanted to discover what the outdoors could teach us about ourselves and our society Why did nature seem to bring out the best in people? We set out to answer the question: What is lacking in our civilized lives that wilderness has to offer? Today, we adventure into the forests of our own home state to take in the lessons that our wild earth freely gives away [Adventure Archives theme song plays] [Andrew narrating] Our adventure today started on a very windy day [Robby narrating] But despite the high winds we cruised along the highway towards the southern end of Ohio where the foothills of the Appalachians began rising above the horizon [Andrew narrating] We passed by flooded valleys and industrial structures as we drove through small towns and rural areas [Robby narrating] We arrived at our trailhead parking lot, a wide open space that reminded us of some of our past trips in, Ohio [Andrew narrating] After gearing up, we walked over to an information board so we could review our plan while looking at the large trail map There’s no map. [both laugh] [Robby narrating] We filled out our backpacker registration form then reviewed our plan as we made our way to the trailhead [Andrew narrating] Our hike would take us on the 19.6 mile northern loop which has three campsites. We would camp first at Camp 1, then hike more the next day, camping at Camp 3 before taking a connecting day hike trail back to the trailhead [Andrew narrating] It was a decent hike to our first campsite, but we were happy to be moving Okay, so we’ve got six miles to our campsite tonight. On this trail, you have to stay on certain campsites You can’t just camp wherever you want. So that is a decent amount of hiking for us to do windy and cold but very exciting to actually be on the trail again after being cooped up inside for God knows how long [Robby narrating] As we hiked, Andrew of course noticed some trees he wanted to talk about. As we’re walking, I’m noticing these massive oak trees and I feel like trees like that are really easy to overlook especially when you’re used to this kind of landscape, but when you take a closer look and you see how they’re all covered in moss it’s like you really get a sense that these are relatively ancient trees it’s kinda cool [Andrew narrating] In a place like Ohio, you start to notice the subtleties of hiking including how it makes you feel [Robby narrating] Though some may dismiss this landscape as bland or boring We think forests like these can be the best place to really learn from nature and reflect [Andrew narrating] And while there may not always be grandiose mountains and valleys to take in, there are plenty of natural wonders to appreciate from a closer distance So these big old kind of hollow fibrous stalks, you usually see this plant growing in the meadows instead of a forest but this belongs to giant hogweed which is in the same family as wild carrot and poisonous hemlock, but these plants when they’re green if you touch them, they can actually irritate your skin, but they basically look like giant Queen Anne’s Lace flowers We talked about this tree many times before but this really straight, tall tree is a tulip poplar The bark has like a certain cantaloupe-y texture but if that’s too hard for you to tell You can also look up in the branches and you’ll see these like leftovers of these flowers or seed pods They kind of look like a tulip even though that’s not where the name comes from it actually comes from the flower but underneath is this really big tulip poplar stick And the way you can tell it is tulip poplars the bark typically has this like kind of fibrous texture to it It’s kind of a subtler thing to pick up on, but because we are trying to make a fire at some point I’m gonna take some of this bark. You could kind of see how it like peels off in these satisfying chunks There is this legendary time where we went to a bachelor party and was in a cabin in the woods Andrew walks in and he’s just got all this bark hanging out of his pockets of his hoodie It was tulip poplar and he had just been collecting it in the backyard So we started a fire with it. It’s a good bonfire though So from the minimal googling that I did this place is known as the Smokies of Ohio and so far this uphill is definitely living up to the name [Andrew] Pretty smokey! Oh, what’s that? This looks to me like the droppings of either like a coyote or some other carnivore It’s got all this fur in it and to like the tips of the droppings are kind of pointy and I’ve heard that that’s typically a sign of some sort of a canine or something [Robby narrating] We hiked further up the Smokies-esque uphills and came across more curiosities This looks like some sort of dropping but well, there’s like beans and stuff in here, too [Robby] That looks like a little rodent and I remember doing my owl pellet dissection. It wasn’t that big though No, this looks like, this is poop. This is definitely poop [Andrew]And there’s like fragments of bone inside.
[Robby] Yeah, this looks like somebody ate an entire squirrel. Like that’s not a skull. No, no, that’s a joint I’m pretty sure [Andrew narrating] As fascinating as the poop was – and I say that unironically we had some distance to cover and there were plenty more uphills to hike [Robby narrating] But as exhausting as it was trudging up the steep slope we were still glad to be out in the brisk, late winter air Doing nothing can be more tiring than doing something really hard Like sitting inside this whole winter feels so lethargic.
[Andrew] Yeah, although you can convince me better once we’re going downhill [both laugh] Yeah, you’re right, I agree! [Andrew narrates] Along the steep hillsides to our left, tall trees and fallen logs surrounded us, their palette of earthy tones and tall rigid trunks mesmerised us as they swayed in the powerful wind [Robby narrating] The wind really was no joke. The forest dampened its effects but this weekend they had reached up to 60 miles per hour As we made our way up another steep uphill, we came across more poop. If only we had our resident scatologist with us We found more poop It’s definitely some sort of coyote, cause like look how long the tail on this one is And you actually see some tiny rat bones, or like little rodent bones in there There’s just like a coyote walking and pooping along the whole way He’s like “I ate too much!” It’s not just the landscape that seems familiar to me it’s also like the weather that we’re having. Clouds rolling in, the Sun on the distant hills. It’s like super nostalgic It’s kind of dreamlike I guess Every time I’m out on the trail And the only thing you hear are like the sounds of the wind and the trees and there’s no sounds of civilization It’s literally like top five feeling in the world Yeah, it might seem really bland but I love being out on trail in this type of weather during this season.
[Robby] Oh, yeah [Robby narrating] A love for gray drab weather like this develops first from realizing you don’t have to deal with humid heat, bugs, and overgrown vegetation And as you learn to appreciate the open, defoliated winter forest, you realize there’s even more to it than that [Andrew narrating] With weather like this, backpacking is distilled into something more fundamental It’s just you and the woods out there There’s none of the stuff that people typically think of as beautiful to distract you from your relationship to your physical surroundings You begin to realize that the forest has more to offer than scenery and wildflowers. That in the woods, there’s an invigorating freedom and a comforting serenity [Robby narrating] Winding down from the hills, the path now ran parallel to a calm flowing stream [Andrew narrating] Near the stream there were a couple of curiosities, like a large tree with a bit of history carved into it With beech trees like this, you always get people carving into the bark but this one’s been around so long 1984. That’s how many years ago? [Robby] 34. That’s when I was born.
[Andrew] Oh, yeah Oh, whoa! [Robby] Kind of strange spot for a fire Yeah, it’s a really big fire pit too. Part of me wonders if there used to be more of a bank here and it got eroded away or something because it looks like some of the stones have collapsed into the water, too [Andrew narrating] We continued hiking through the valley. All around us were signs of decay and rebirth Rotting logs disintegrating into the soil or turning into a substrate for moss [Robby narrating] And the change in incline made us reflect even more on the fleeting nature of time It’s funny how quickly things change: you’re hiking through some beautiful flat ground along the stream feeling great The next moment, you’re going uphill and just in that moment you forget all the goodness in the world
[both laugh] [Robby] What do you think’s over this hill?
[Andrew] A beautiful meadow with a campsite and singing choirs and a buffet [Robby narrating] After all of the exhausting uphill hiking we were now at the top of a ridge [Robby] Maybe not quite the choirs you were hoping for but, nice view [music plays] [Robby narrating] While catching our breath we had checked our progress So we’re a little less than halfway to the campsite and I feel like we’ve been hiking for hours, so we’re gonna try to buckle down and actually make some good progress [Andrew narrating] Thankfully, the flat ridgetop trail made it easier for us to make some progress [music plays] [Andrew narrating] Before long we had come to an opening in the woods where the evening light shined through [music plays] [Robby narrating] It’s moments like these that elevate wilderness backpacking to more than just a hobby for us [Andrew narrating] The act of exerting yourself physically, breathing in fresh air, with none of civilization’s constraints trapping you physically or mentally transform these small periods of rest into a transcendental experience [Robby narrating] These experiences help us realize that there’s more to life than just what’s around us [Andrew narrating] Beyond the confines of our cubicles, the mundanity of our jobs, and the constraints of society there are parts of the world that point to a mode of existence that rises above that which we’ve been told there is no alternative to [Robby narrating] Out here, we have everything that we could ever want. So there’s no need to take from others Here all of our needs are met so there’s no reason to fear each other. It’s a stark contrast to the competitive society we’re used to So when we were in Japan we were on a road kind of like this and we were kind of lost When we’ve got like all of our stuff, it’s no big deal like if you have to just camp on the side, but we literally had nothing I don’t think I’ve ever felt like any fear when I’ve actually had a pack and I know I can weather any storm Yeah [music plays] [Andrew narrates] The trail brought us back down into another valley where we took in the landscape This would feel so completely different if we were like in the summer like right now the grass is really beautiful and it just feels like nice and open but I bet during the summer it would just feel really overgrown and crowded
[Robby] Yeah, I wonder about that It’s weird how something that can seem mundane has such a charm to it. This landscape is not amazing it’s pretty simple, but somehow it’s all the little touches are what you really remember In a sense, it’s the mundanity that kind of makes it special in a way, just the familiarity of it
[Robby] Yeah, yeah [music plays] [Andrew narrating] When you really take to heart what the wilderness teaches you realize how little it takes to feel happy. When you learn from nature the small things become absolutely sublime [music plays] [Andrew narrating] The day faded away and on the horizon the sun’s last rays lit up the sky in an auburn glow [Robby narrating] The trail led us uphill and suddenly spilled out of the forest and onto a road Wow, I did not at all see this from the trail. We just hit another road [Robby] And I’m almost positive that we’re the only people in this entire forest
[Andrew] Yeah [Robby] because there was only one car besides ours at the parking lot
[Andrew] Yeah [Robby] and then over there in the distance, you can see lights and stuff. Somebody’s having hot cocoa next to a fire [Andrew narrating] And as the fire in the sky faded away we turned on our headlamps and hiked in the dark [Robby narrating] The first stars began to shine through the night and in the distance a radio tower gave off an evocative glow In the silence of the night we stopped on the trail to rest and have a snack. [Andrew] It’s funny how peaceful this is right now [Robby] This is like, the best thing on Planet Earth [Andrew] Like normally you’d think being out here at night would be a little scary but this is just . . .
[Robby] Yeah, it is [Robby] How many times have we done like this, you know?
[Andrew] Mm-hm and it never gets old
[Andrew] Ha! Yeah [Andrew] This is like what existence is supposed to be about [Robby] Oh yeah, get that [mumbles] [both laugh] I don’t deny – in fact, I’ve seen in my own life that you can make some amazing things happen when you really like hustle every single day –
[Andrew] Mm-hmm but when I have moments like this, I’m like “Man that is not the way that I want to live the majority of my life”
[Andrew] Yeah [Andrew] No, I get it in some sense, and what we do require some of that but I just think in general humans are not meant to be constantly obsessed with it. Really, it’s not how humans are supposed to be For a while, we were kind of slow in our pace but we’ve caught up quite a bit and we’re really close to the camp like maybe a half mile [Robby] Yeah
[Andrew] but we know that once we intersect with another road we’re gonna get really close Yeah, this is our trail because it’s got the orange blaze and it says no horseback But there’s another one over there and I believe it’s for the horses true [Robby] This is a brutal uphill climb, man [Andrew] Oh yeah. I was thinking about how treacherous it felt in Japan, hiking down from a summit but most of that was at least downhill
[Robby] I’m glad we ate those sandwiches [Robby narrating] We came across some signs that we thought might be a campsite [Andrew] There’s the sign for the water [Robby] There’s bench up here
[Andrew] Guess we should take a sit [Robby narrating] It’s actually just an open picnic area [Robby] Soda Adams Company, Ohio [Robby] This is like, uh, an Olympic podium
[Andrew] Yeah [as Rocky] ADRIAN! [Robby narrating] We saw an old water spigot that was no longer in use [Andrew narrating] Still, we stopped to sit beneath the stars and had a brief period of sublimity [Robby] So how do we even explain moments like that?
[Andrew] I don’t know [Andrew] We had such a period of struggle hiking up what seemed like endless uphill and we got to the top and just…there’s the bench and we just sat and looked up at the stars just like the most peaceful moment you could ever imagine [Robby] Moments like that, where you’re looking at the stars and then you write some poetry or something. When you read John Muir for instance people are like, “Oh, yeah. That’s just corny, go read Thoreau in the woods you hipster” [both laugh] But it’s really, you have that feeling when you’re out here [Andrew] Yeah, it’s…I think the reason people have trouble grasping it is that like, even if you have experienced it, but let alone if you haven’t, it’s just such like an indescribable and intangible feeling [Robby narrating] But now our serenity was replaced with scrambling over several falling logs [Andrew] It’s like mounting a horse or something And…dismount!
[both laugh] [Andrew] I see a sign up there [both] Oh!
[Robby] That’s it! [Robby] Good times, good times Nothing brings more relief than the little tent symbol
[Robby] Oh my god dude [Robby] Big, downed tree right in front of the entrance [Robby] I’m guessing it’s farther up ahead?
[Andrew] Yeah I guess so [Robby narrating] But we weren’t in the clear quite yet: before our campsite was a flooded patch on the trail [Andrew] Yeah… [Robby] Well, just get your feet wet if anything
[Andrew] Yeah, I guess so [Robby] Try not to fall in, that’s the main thing [Andrew] Yeah it’s really not that bad, I got a little wet, but [Robby] Hup! [Andrew narrating] Up ahead we saw a sign warning about trees falling over in the wind which was a bit concerning, considering today’s unusually strong winds [Robby] Wow! [Andrew] This is great! [Robby] What a campsite! Oh my GOD, it’s huge! [Robby narrating] Luckily, our campsite was fairly open and very spacious [Andrew narrating] On this trip, we were planning on using three distinct methods to start a fire. So we got to collecting wood [Robby narrating] We each wandered through the surrounding woods, picking up sticks until we had a sizable collection [Andrew narrating] For tinder I had collected some dried grass, fluffy goldenrod seeds, and most importantly: tulip poplar bark Right now, I’m taking all of this thick tulip poplar bark and sort of pulling each of the fibers apart so I’m pulling apart both like left and right but also like front to back because there’s kind of different layers of fiber in the thickness of the bark this creates more surface area and tinier fibers that are easier to catch a spark and we’re gonna need a really good tinder pile for this method It’s really important to not rush your preparation when you’re making a fire It probably is like half of the battle if not more than that If you rush even if you do get your tinder lit, you might not get your wood lit and suddenly you’re burning through precious resources [Andrew narrating] With the tinder and kindling set up it was time to begin For tonight’s fire starting method. We were gonna be using a fire piston [Andrew] So here we have the fire piston, and the idea is you put some tinder namely char cloth in this little divot in this rod. You put the rod inside of this hole here and you press it together. And the idea is that the compression will heat it up and create an ember. Now one problem I’m having is that the tip of this fire piston is just slipping right off, but I do have my char cloth here and we’re just gonna go for it and see if it’ll work out on it [Robby narrating] Unfortunately, there was no way to keep the fire rod’s tip attached. So we had to switch to a new method [Andrew] Yeah, the tip came off So here I’ve got this steel and it’s curved so that I can place it around my hands Here I’ve got a flint that’s been knapped to have a nice edge And again, we’ve got char cloth here. Even though it looks really different from the fire piston, this is basically just another way to ignite the char cloth, which will form an ember for a tinder bundle [Andrew] Oh, there we go Dang! Oh wait… [Robby] You got it [Andrew narrating] Once charcloth has taken a spark, it’ll smolder slowly for a decent while It’s important to stay patient and calm as you transfer it to your tinder bundle Then it’s a matter of feeding the ember oxygen [Andrew] Oh yeah!
[Robby] Nice work! [Andrew] Oh, I can’t see anything My eyeballs, oh Yes, yes [both laughing] [Andrew] There we go!
[Robby] Oh my God, that was great dude So I’m kind of lifting and finagling with all the sticks and the tinder just to make sure there’s some oxygen getting fed I see some of the sticks igniting but I really want to make sure they all start lighting up before I move away, adding more wood [Robby narrating] Once the fire was secure enough, we sat down to enjoy the warmth, then gathered and sawed up some bigger pieces of wood [Robby narrating] Since it was already late, we decided to have a fairly simple dinner tonight: canned cream of mushroom soup [Andrew narrating] With the soup heated up, it was time to sit down and warm ourselves up on the inside and out [Robby] Oh baby, this is…this is what I live for [Robby] Oh you got a big mushroom in that one [Andrew] Oh, yeah, that is hot Oh, that’s so good [Robby] Oh, thank god No lukewarm soup for us Man…in the woods, with a fire, with a pot of something [both chuckle] [Andrew] But you know what we need
[Robby] What do we need? [Andrew] Some bread
[Robby] Oh! You are right about that! [Robby] It’s a bread spoon [both chuckling] [Andrew] I’ll turn it into the bread bowl [Robby] That is great [Robby narrating] After the main course, we enjoyed a rather animated snack [Robby] Got a little treat today microwave popcorn specifically for the bear specifically for the bear
[both laughing] Back in the day, they used to have ones that you actually put on the pan I feel like we’ve seen that recently, we just couldn’t find it [Robby] Yeah, they didn’t have it, so… I know this works. I don’t know exactly if it works on a campfire but we’re gonna find out [Andrew] It’s heat, you know [Andrew] Look at this buttery chunk. Looks like white chocolate.
[Robby] It does, yeah. Let me taste it [both laughing] [Robby] It’s buttery! [Robby] It’s buttery!
[both laugh] Make sure I got everything out, all the buttery chunks [Robby narrating] We put all the kernels into the pan, and waited as they cooked over the fire [kernels popping] [Robby] Oh! [Andrew narrating] And as the last kernels popped, we dug in [Andrew] Oh, yeah [Andrew] That’s something you’re not used to on a camping trip
[Robby] Yeah, that’s the first time I think ever [Robby] We got our movie right here
[Andrew laughs] [Andrew] So usually I’m not a fan of popcorn, but it tastes delicious right now [Robby] But having it out here is like a treat
[Andrew] Yeah, it’s funny, when that was popping it was like I was a kid rediscovering popcorn all over
[Robby] Yeah! [both laugh] [Andrew narrating] With our childlike sense of wonder rediscovered, we enjoyed the starry night by the warmth of the fire [Robby narrating] We awoke on a cold but sunny morning As we packed, we noticed the scenery around us that we hadn’t been able to see at night [Andrew narrating] There was a soothing stream nearby Just across it was an old lean-to shelter that somebody had constructed And needle ice had formed in the ground below us [Robby narrating] With our gear packed up, we set out from camp and hiked back to the trail [Andrew narrating] We trudged back through the deep water and over fallen logs [Robby narrating] We hiked back to the trail, which was blocked by more debris Well, this is definitely covering the trail but it looks like people have made a path around it. The leaves look kind of compressed here [Robby narrating] And after bypassing the obstacle, we talked about how our night had gone So what was with the yelling? Oh, yeah! I forgot that we switched sides on the tent and I heard you rustling around and I felt you rubbing against me on the right and I thought it was like an animal You like made a noise and I was like, “Oh man, that really is an animal.” So I started just screaming I was like “What?” and you screamed again! I did?
Yeah! [both laughing] [Andrew] Maybe when you said “what” that’s what I heard.
[Robby] Yeah, you must have thought that was an animal [Robby] Oh man, that was funny
[Andrew] Yeah How’d you sleep? Wonderfully [both laughing] [Andrew narrating] We were then met – of course – with a steep incline As we hiked, we saw a down feather stuck on some thorny briars But between the steep uphill grade and the sun, we weren’t really wanting for any more insulation [Robby narrating] At the top of the hill, we came to a trail junction You can have horses here. Should have gotten horses I love the tops of hills like this. So hopeful. And also flat [Robby narrating] As we continued, I noticed thickets of thorny vines and asked Andrew if they were invasive I don’t think these are necessarily an invasive species. But typically when you do see like a plant like this taking over that is not a great sign Because like grapevine is also not invasive and yet people say it’s bad if there’s too much of that taking over the forest [Andrew narrating] Thankfully during this time of the year, the forest still felt vast and open and the clear sky was all around us [music plays] [Robby narrating] We hiked on switchbacks that wound down the hill and eventually saw an opening in the distance There’s a big, grassy area here [Robby] Weird, it’s like a picnic table area over there or something [Andrew] Yeah [Robby] Let’s go have a sit We might as well eat some stale nuts for breakfast [Robby narrating] We sat down at what looked like the foundation of an old cabin or hut. We also found an old car ornament Pick a number one through six, and the closer we are to your number the better our weather is gonna be this year Oh…don’t put that responsibility on me! Well it’s on both of us, because I’m rolling the dice Uh…five! [both exclaiming] That’s a five! That’s a five Yeah, that was five High five to that!
[mimic high-five noises] [both laugh] The Picard is a much nicer god to believe in You know, eating this is what cats and dogs must feel like when they eat their kibble It’s like, “Well, I’m hungry, and this is the only thing I’ve go, so…” So this is for our meal tonight I thought there’s no way we’re gonna use it all so I’m gonna make ourselves a little cheese sandwich It’s not gonna be melted cheese because it is far too cold for that [Andrew laughs] [Andrew] How is it? About what you’d expect [Andrew] That’s some late night, desperate college student dorm food [upbeat music plays] [Andrew narrating] Now we headed back into the forest where we were soon met with more downed trees and logs [upbeat music continues] But we also saw a tree that surprisingly was very alive If you didn’t know any better, this ridgy bark might just look like any other tree In fact, I used to have trouble distinguishing this from tulip poplar But this is actually an ash tree and you don’t see these that much anymore because of the emerald ash borer Which is an invasive pest which basically killed off a bunch of these. The bark is like very ridgy That’s a very typical feature of this and also the branches are one of the few opposite branching trees in Ohio It’s really easy to see how they’re opposite branching, actually. They’ve got these like nice thick branches, too But yeah, it’s cool You really don’t see these that often anymore [Robby narrating] After that, there were of course many more steep, exhausting uphills to climb [music plays] [Robby] The name “Smokies of Ohio” is definitely warranted [Robby] The name “Smokies of Ohio” is definitely warranted
[Andrew] Oh, yeah [Robby] for the hills alone, but just the way it looks too [Robby, breathless] Oh, God [music plays] [Andrew narrating] I took a moment to catch my breath and collect some fantastic tulip poplar bark for later before moving on [music plays] [Robby narrating] We arrived at another road crossing Then on the next trail, we saw an open, deforested hill in the distance [music plays] [Andrew narrating] The hillside had been cleared to provide a view of the distant gorge [music plays] [Robby narrating] With such great scenery and weather, we had to stop for a fancy snack Well, we were gonna have this later, but we can’t pass up this opportunity [Robby] No, we can’t So we’ve got here a block of sharp cheddar and some some Soppressata salami As alluded to earlier, we’ve also got something amazing – huckleberry hibiscus naturally-flavored cream soda then San Pellegrino arancin…Arranciata Rosa [both laugh] Sparkling blood orange And if you see here, it’s got the foil top Which means you know it’s got to be good. [both laugh] [both sigh, satisfied] [Andrew] Oh, that is sweet
[Robby] Oh man This is the first time I’ve had a sweet drink in recent times that actually tastes really good Oh, really? Oh man, that is really good! This is just like…this tastes just like a grapefruit It’s like, how often do you have a cold carbonated beverage when you’re camping? Oh my god, almost never dude. We got the cheese and the knife to cut the cheese [both laugh] [Andrew] Then, here’s some salami too
[Robby] Yeah I’ll get out two [Robby] two Soppressetas for us [both laugh] Yeah, make yourself a little Soppresseta sandwich [Robby] Oh man Two minutes in heaven’s better than one minute in heaven Amazing view, amazing meats and cheeses, and amazing drinks [Robby] This is livin’ right here [Andrew] This is living [both chuckle] This is also energy that we really needed [Robby] That is true, yeah [both laugh] One more toast, all right [both laugh] [Robby narrating] After that sumptuous meal we were feeling reinvigorated for our next bit of hiking [soft music plays] There’s been a few strenuous uphills, but thankfully most of this has been not too bad, right?
[Robby] Yeah, surprisingly flat today [Robby] Man, how could the weather be this perfect?
[Andrew] This is really perfect weather It’s a really nice change of pace, honestly [music plays, swells] [Andrew narrating] Even though it was still winter, the sunshine gave us a sense of the coming spring [music plays, swells] [Robby narrates] We saw yet another animal sign on the trail [Andrew] It’s been eating a rodent or something [Robby] That’s weird that they poop on the trail Well, it kind of makes sense if you’re an animal, to take the path of least resistance [Robby] Yeah, but they could poop anywhere! It’s like as soon as they get to the open… They probably do poop anywhere [laughs] [both laugh] [Robby] It’s not like we were looking for the poop off-trail! [Robby narrating] And then, we saw a strange tangle of branches on a tree This is, I would say, like definitely caused by a fungal infection of some sort The tree hackberry often has like some sort of a fungus in it that causes things called witch’s brooms which are kind of like this but much smaller but you’ll see them all over the branches. There’s a few others up there too, some smaller ones [Robby] So this is just like the tree though, right? [Andrew] Yeah
[Robby] So is this like a prime directive thing where you aren’t supposed to cut that off? Yeah, I think so [Robby] Let nature take its course [Andrew narrating] Witch’s brooms like these can also be caused by bacteria, insects, viruses, and more They can actually be economically beneficial for crops like cocoa and Chinese dates [music plays] [Robby narrating] We kept hiking, and we were nearing one of the campsites along the trail So we should be getting really close to the campsite soon and that’ll be 5.2 miles, I believe which means we’ll have like three-ish miles Yeah Every time you’re on the trail and you’re like hiking uphill and then you get to the top and you have that contrast It teaches you a lesson about how in life you need to put up with some of the bad to live like the ideal life And the lessons we learn in nature like that, they stick with us only insofar as like we know them. Like that feeling we had last night looking at the stars, it’s so fleeting [Robby] Yeah And if you’re not constantly seeking those things out, you forget about it in a real visceral sense That’s ultimately what really made me fall in love with backpacking, is when you’re out here, you’re experiencing conditions and an environment that forces you to live a very healthy and balanced life [Robby] Yeah, exactly But as soon as you go back to civilization, it’s so easy to fall back into bad habits unless you’re like very vigilant about seeking out that sort of balance [Robby narrating] There are plenty of good and bad things happening in society but out here what we typically think of as good and bad are balanced out in a way that compels you into a sublime lifestyle, even if just for a little bit. [Andrew narrating] As we neared the campsite, I noticed something vibrant and green sticking out from the duller winter grass. These are a nice green food source that grow through the winter Little wild chives We find those a lot in Ohio [Robby narrating] We hiked towards the campsite and stopped to rest for a bit [Andrew narrating] Now we were gonna have a snack, and start a small fire, again using a unique method Well, I will let you get the rest of the charcuterie out [Robby] I’ll char-cooter
[Andrew] And while you do that I will start processing all this bark I found So it’s funny sometimes you find bark that is in much better condition Like this stuff was really flexible, really fibrous, and it all came off in really long pieces I think it really has to do with like the freshness of the bark. If it’s been sitting around too long it probably rots and gets too brittle When did you discover how much you enjoyed working with wood? I would watch things on TV of people doing stuff like that and you could really tell it was satisfying and then like just the first time I actually went out into the woods and tried it myself like peeling this bark off was an incredibly satisfying experience But you can imagine right? I just I don’t know. I feel like that’s a big part of the appeal is just like that visceral satisfactory feeling of working with it Tactile Olfactory
[Andrew] Yeah Visual Auditory I remember the first time we ever tried to start a fire was Hocking Hills. My brother took us camping
[Andrew] And I I thought you could just hold a lighter up to a log Yeah, I had no idea. Literally no idea [Andrew] I think part of that is because you were like you would always hear about the dangers of fire as a kid
[Robby] Mm-hm. so like, “This stuff must be really flammable” [Robby] Yeah, yeah
[Andrew] But no Pulling this apart is like pulling apart a coconut husk or something [Andrew narrating] Once the fibers were all separated it was time to prepare our tinder bundle We’ve got all this beautiful, almost delicious looking tinder Looks like squid jerky or something But bundle it up and rough it up a little bit more to get the fibers more loosened up and and we’ve got plenty more bark And I’ve also got some that’s already sort of been works out So we can just mix that in as well I’ve got a pretty decent tinder bundle here You know, if you’re in a survival situation and you’re not sure you might want a bigger one, but this is good for us. And I took a little bit off of it and I’m just gonna like fluff it up even more and then start rolling it into a ball in between my hands And you kind of want it to just be like a little, I don’t know, like a chocolate-covered almonds sized piece. And you want to roll it up actually pretty tight So not including the defunct fire piston, this is our second method of starting a fire I tried doing this in Yellowstone and it didn’t work. So this is my redemption And I’ve got this magnifying glass, which is actually my dad’s. So, thank you dad I’ve had this in my backpack for several years now, but I don’t think he noticed it missing [both laugh] So you take this little egg put it in the nest and then we’re gonna take the magnifying glass and focus that light. That is really bright too. It’s like sometimes you don’t even want to look directly at it, but it’s smoking [Robby, whispering] Oh yeah So with this like once it starts smoking you you want to keep it on there for a little bit [Robby] Now, to be clear, this just generates an ember. It doesn’t actually catch like on a big flame or… [Andrew] Yeah, right [Andrew] You can smell it too now
[Robby] Mm-hmm. So how do you know when to stop? I mean you can kind of check but [Andrew] I think you just want to see a good amount of smoke coming out and see some actual bright orange stuff Sometimes it’s hard when you’re staring at it to know if you’re focusing fully but clearly something’s working Whoa! Okay, I might need to go at it some more actually
[Robby] OK [Robby] Now does this fire-starting technique have any advantages over the other one? It’s just you know, if you have a magnifying glass and nothing else [Robby] So you wouldn’t recommend this over another technique like a ferro rod Well, actually what I will say is that as long as it’s sunny out, a magnifying glass is a renewable resource A ferro rod eventually gets worn down. So if it is a sunny day and you are like for example surviving you might want to do this so you can save your other resources for a day where it’s not as sunny and ideal for this [Robby] I can see a flame on there [Andrew] See I think what you think is a flame is actually the light [Robby] Yeah, maybe [Andrew] I’m gonna give it a go, I think [Andrew narrating] Once your little bird egg is smoldering enough it’s just a matter of getting enough fluffy tinder around it and blowing plenty of oxygen into the ember Once there are flames, it’s helpful to turn your bundle upside down so that the fire reaches up towards the yet unburnt tinder Then take your prepared bundles of kindling and place them on top, making sure not to suffocate your fire Shoot So here you’re just lifting it up a little bit yeah just to do some oxygen make sure it doesn’t suffocate completely until the sticks light on fire That is fire [Robby] Yeah, good job! There you go Feels good on the hands [Robby] So was that easier or harder than what you’ve done before, or about the same? It was about the same It helps because the first time I did it it was kind of like a fairly cloudy day so you had to wait for the little window of opportunity and even then it was like not the fullest sunshine, but [Robby narrating] With our fire made we use the rest of our charcuterie ingredients to make a fancy sandwich [Andrew] Well, you might as well use the fire to roast a little snack [Robby] Smells pretty good The fire, that is, not the food
[both laugh] [Robby, British accent] Nice woodsy smell [Robby, British accent] I like it [Robby narrating] Once the bread was perfectly toasted, we chowed down Nice melty cheese [Robby] Mmm, yeah [Andrew] Nice toasty bread
[Robby] It’s good! Funny how toasting bread could make it so much better.
[Andrew] Yeah. Hey who gets an untoasted sub sandwich? It’s a waste It’s a nice day Feel like I’ll be able to hike at least half a mile now [both laugh] [Andrew narrating] We then doused the fire and filled up on water from the nearby stream [sound of running water] [Robby narrating] And on the banks of the stream Andrew noticed a familiar tree So in this forest we’ve seen a lot of like oaks, tulip poplars obviously, maples. Something you don’t often see in Ohio forests are sweet gum trees and I was just walking around and I notice all these spiky balls and up close They really look like something that like HH Geiger would have drawn or something They look really weird and alien And actually this is one of the leaves from the tree Really beautiful kind of a five-pointed star shape and there’s one over there and it’s got kind of just like generic ridgey bark So it can be hard to tell it apart from other trees But you can cheat and just look up in the branches and see the little spiky balls hanging A lot of times when you do see these people grow them ornamentally in the yard but then they complain because they’re walking in the yard and they step on the spiky balls [both laughing] But yeah it’s interesting because when you see these that’s kind of a sign that you’re starting to approach the south and like we’re on the southern border of Ohio, these are a lot more prominent once you get to the warmer weather deep south [Robby narrating] Now it was time to resume hiking [Robby narrating] We followed the path leading out of the campsite which led directly to another road [Andrew narrating] A warm early evening light illuminated everything as we found our way back into the woods [warm music plays] [Robby narrating] Here, tangled vines swirled around each other and around the trunks of trees [warm music continues] [Robby narrating] As we hiked along a bank Andrew spotted another notable tree This is an elm tree and it’s got very ridgey bark. If you look up close to the bark it almost looks like thin layers stacked on each other And also the pieces of bark are actually like very soft almost like a styrofoam texture This is a good tree of interest for anyone interested in the outdoors because One it’s good for making bows. You’d obviously need a straighter tree with less of these sort of branches And also in the springtime elm trees that are dying are one of the key places that morel mushrooms grow and obviously that’s a highly prized mushroom that a lot of hunters like There’s these really big leaves all over the ground. I’m actually not a hundred percent sure what tree this belongs to But this to me looks like it’s the northern catalpa tree. It’s got sort of this like heart shape, really big And these trees also tend to have really long seed pods growing off of the branches But it’s a really interesting tree and I feel like I don’t see it that often, but it’s got huge leaves That’s a big beech too [both laugh] [warm music continues] [Andrew narrating] As we continued our spirits were high Maybe it was the entrancing glow of the sun or maybe it was the meal we had just enjoyed [Robby narrating] Either way, we weren’t the only ones that had recently enjoyed a meal So I’m not the expert on like identifying birds Especially by the signs they leave behind, but Whenever you see a row of holes in a tree like this all horizontal it typically is some sort of a sapsucker I’m gonna throw out a guess and say it’s a yellow-bellied sapsucker If you look up the tree like along the trunk, you can just see how systematic it is. Like there’s just these two columns of perfectly straight lines of little sap-sucking holes [both laugh] [Robby] Somebody had a good meal
[both laughing] [music plays] [Andrew narrating] As we neared the top of the hill we were filled with a sense of joy [music continues] [Robby narrating] Not only were our surroundings beautiful, but we were also excited to get to tonight’s campsite and enjoy a relaxing evening There comes a point in every hike where all you do is just dream about the food you’re gonna eat later Yeah We got something special planned for tonight I am so hungry, I cannot wait It’s Andrew’s specialty [both laugh] I might even cook it the classic way too, if you know what I mean I don’t but I’m ready No, actually, I do, I do [Robby narrating] And then, we came to another trail intersection It’s a bona fide horse shoe [Robby] Dang, they have some thick nails if you can nail that far in without hurting them Yeah [Robby] Horses are weird [Andrew laughs] Yeah, they are [Robby] So we’re going…this way? I gotta say…I kinda wish I had a horse [both laugh] [Robby] Eight miles is a lot longer in reality than it is on paper Yeah! [Andrew narrating] As we continued hiking into the golden evening, Robby found a curious object on the ground So Robby found this thing and he said it looks kind of like garlic or something But this is actually I think a piece of a sprouted hickory nut. If you look all around the ground there’s all these hickory nut shells, too so this is about the time where they start sprouting and you can find them in the ground if you dig up some of the leaves [Robby narrating] There was another plant just off the trail too I think the Ghost of Christmas Present has visited us. It’s in the middle of nowhere. There’s this holly plant I have to wonder how this got here and why it’s the only one Well, so when I was a kid I thought this was mistletoe
[Robby] They are interchangeable as far as I’m concerned No, it’s a different plant [Andrew narrating] After that, we briefly stopped to rest before moving on Okay, so we just took a break had some thoroughly musty nuts [both laughing] but I don’t think we can be stopped the last portion of the trail here. Yeah, I don’t think we’ll need to eat any more musty nuts today [Robby laughs] No [Robby] I don’t think I CAN eat any more musty nuts [Robby narrating] Dusk set in as our trail again brought us to a road [Robby] Wait does our trail just follow this road? Yeah [Robby] Or do we actually hike on the road? I think we hike on the road [Robby] Oh, crazy Which is a nice way to end it out, honestly It’s really funny, the forest just ends Like, it’s a sudden cut-off [Robby] Wow That’s so cool, that electric pole has a blaze on it [Robby] Oh wow, interesting [Robby] Yeah so we’re going to campsite three… And it’s pointing us to the left, so… [Robby] OK That’s great I never thought a trail this hard would end up being this nice and smooth for the last bit of it [Robby] Yeah! I really enjoy the idea of like backpacking through complete pristine wilderness and stuff, like there’s something really cool and appealing about that But there’s also part of me that really loves stuff like this [Robby] Yeah, same where there’s just a sudden like change into civilization and Like we’re just on this road by the stream. It’s so weird. I don’t know. It makes it really cool [Andrew narrating] Hiking along this road felt incredibly nostalgic, like a walk around the neighborhood on a cool summer evening [Robby] What I’m about to say is extremely obvious: Hiking on pavement is so much easier than hiking on a hill with rocks After the hike today I want nothing more It’s funny this feels like the end of our trip It does, yeah! But we still got tomorrow It’s like, very surreal, the change in scenery
[Robby] It is, it’s weird [music plays] [Andrew narrating] Through the trees, we saw a red-tailed hawk perched on a branch [Robby narrating] We continued hiking along the road which ran adjacent to woodland Then it opened up into what almost felt like a small residential area [Andrew narrating] Nearby was a house for forest rangers. Our surroundings reminded us that civilization was not as far as we may have thought, but somehow this didn’t really impede the experience [Robby narrating] We also came across an elaborate gate of a boy scout camp, Camp Oyo, before following the road towards a strange entrance to our campsite [Robby] Seems…a might treacherous [Robby narrating] On the other side of the dam was an open grassy area Yeah, I think the thing that really fascinates us is the mixture between civilization and the backcountry Yeah, like when you can weave in and out of them It’s like the idea of a continuous journey and just all the different places that will take you. Yeah Yeah, and to see differences this stark, it’s really cool [Andrew narrating] We were curious what the campsite would look like given our surroundings but soon the pavement faded away into grass and dirt [Robby] Looks like this is it
[Andrew] I guess they took us back into the woods just for this [Robby narrating] We hiked a bit into the forest and found a campsite to our liking [Robby] Oh there’s a bunch of firewood here, too! [Andrew narrating] We settled down and took in our surroundings [Andrew] It’s kind of funny. It feels like we’re camping in someone’s backyard.
[Robby laughing] It does [Andrew] Cause you can hear the road I feel like we should order a pizza and just have them deliver it to the road right there [Andrew] That would be hilarious [Robby] Is there any feeling quite like that: Eight mile hike, and then you come to a campsite and you sit down. The relief is like in the air, if you cut it with a knife, you’re just like…
[Andrew] Yeah, yeah [Robby narrating] Now, after collecting wood, it was time to start a fire with a third method We had saved the easiest method for last: the classic ferro rod As with the other methods, you want a couple bundles of like pencil to pencil-lead thin sticks You can just put them right on top of your tinder bundle there You take your ferro rod and the back of your knife A lot of times people will hold the knife up to their ferro rod and draw back like that but sometimes it’s easier to just get it in there and really go at it Oh, there we go And then once the flame is there you kind of turn your bundle upside down so it just catches all up in there And we just take another bundle of small-to-medium sticks, make sure I don’t lose my knife and ferro rod Usually that’s really impressive, but after the last two methods…not really [both laugh] [soft music plays] [Robby narrating] Now that the fire was built up to a nice roar it was time to cook our special meal Okay. So for our meal tonight, we’ve got some flour here. I’m gonna put most of it but not all of it into this and then of course some water I tried under-estimating how much water I needed because I can always add more water That looks pretty good though There’s gonna be a bit of like blackness on the dough from all the charred bits. That’s okay Probably some dirt on my hands, too So it’s not a lot of dough But I think I’m gonna take this and then break it off into two pieces and we’ll flatten each one There’s the first one. Here’s number two. And now the tomato paste And of course the cheese: shredded mozzarella [Andrew singing softly] When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie… that’s amore And then pepperoni [Andrew] I kinda just want to eat one, too
[Robby] Yeah yeah Yep, mm-hm Put that one in there [Robby] I meant one for me, too
[Andrew] Oh, ok [both laugh] [Andrew narrating] We waited for the pizza to cook over the warm embers of the fire, and before long it was ready to eat. [Andrew] Oooh
[Robby] I’ve never seen anything more beautiful while camping [both laugh] [Robby] Oh my God [music plays] [Andrew] It comes out so cleanly [Robby] Wow, this is incredible [Andrew] Look at that [Robby] The bottom looks perfect, oh man, wow [Robby laughing] This is so good, I’m so happy About five years ago now, you and I filmed hikers pizza at Dolly Sods for the first time for Adventure Archives What a difference five years makes hahahaha, oh man that’s good! [Andrew] Wow [Andrew] Wow
[Robby] That is beautiful [Robby] It’s perfectly cooked too, like the crust actually tastes like a real pizza crust [Andrew] That is so good Well, time to make another [Robby] This is our Venn diagram and all portions of the diagram are delicious So we had originally brought it for the soup, I just realized that… [Robby] Oh my God, yes! [Robby] Ants on a log? Ants on a log [Andrew] Minus the ants, I guess. I guess we could get some of those musty raisins, but [both laughing] [Robby] We’ll just get the log I would describe it, but we all know how it tastes [Robby] Now, our second pizza was ready to eat, and just as perfectly cooked It’s still pretty hot [Robby narrating] We enjoyed the pizza by the fire, but when we finished it, we were still a bit hungry, so we made some haphazard pizza toast One side of the bread is kind of burnt to a crisp but the rest of it should be pretty good It doesn’t taste quite as good. I think actually a big part of that is just like the burning [both laugh] It’s still…I mean it’s, you can’t go that wrong with pizza bread Well the section I just got I don’t even think was cooked But yeah, you’re right. You can’t really go wrong with it. Got the ingredients I’m still hungry You my only friend [Andrew narrating] And on top of that, we had baked a potato in the fire The outside looked completely charred, but the inside was perfect [Robby narrating] We added some cheese to it and let it bake a little longer in the pan Then, it was time to eat [Robby] Oh, it’s soft right there, this is gonna be good Oh, man. It’s so warm The warmth more than anything else, is fantastic All right, get in on this, get in on this Mm-hmm. Yeah that cheese that just adds a nice little touch to it.
[Robby] Yeah One more, one more [Robby narrating] Next we set up our tent, but we ran into a bit of a problem My tent pole had snapped this morning and we had forgotten about it up until now But with some finagling and some adaptive thinking we worked out a solution [Robby] So this tent is actually over ten years old now. Bought it right after graduating from college and it has been rock-solid ever since. This is the first time anything on it’s broken [Robby narrating] We used medical tape to give the pole a bit more structure when we set it up [Andrew narrating] With shelter setup, we took a moment to enjoy the warmth of our fire for just a little while longer [Robby] Do you feel more comfortable with the balance of civilization and getting back to nature now that we’ve been doing this for so long? Because I know I think we both had that feeling when we first started that we were just like over civilized, but I feel like lately I felt a little more balanced in that. [Andrew] Part of me appreciating civilization more is actually being out here and like realizing that there are things that are like really enjoyable about civilization But even then all it is is just like a hot shower and a soft bed [Robby] Yeah
[Andrew] the most simplest of things that it offers [Robby] I remember when we first started I had this real need for myself to be able to rough it
[Andrew] Hmm I was like, “No man, I’m just gonna sleep on the ground. No pad no tent nothing, and just sleep outside.” [Andrew] Yeah [Robby] And I feel like it was kind of like just compensating for how many years of being coddled by a nice bed and climate control, you know? And now I’ve gone to the point where I kind of meet more in the middle: if I can have a comfort I’m gonna go ahead and take it. [Andrew] The original appeal of backpacking to me personally was that it was a way to experience the conditions of society that our ancestors experienced, conditions that tended to emphasize like equality and peace and happiness And so I think part of that was like trying to get as close to that as possible But when you think about it those societies weren’t roughing it. They’re close to nature but at the end of a day They had a community to come back to they had like huts or teepees or whatever with fires in them [Robby] One of the sad things is that we kind of have to choose between being around a bunch of people and socializing with people, or being in nature
[Andrew] Yeah, yeah It’s not built into our daily fabric of life to be able to sit by a campfire with like a whole tribe of people. [Andrew] I really think that like being out here is not about surviving with the barest minimum. It’s about learning to adapt to a kind of society where you are forced to do things once in a while or you are forced to like exert some physical labor But at the end of the day, that’s also what makes the other side so good [Robby] Mmm, mm-hm [Andrew narrating] The next morning we broke camp as soon as we woke up It was a peaceful quiet morning, but the cold had compelled us to moved about and pack up our gear [Robby narrating] After our gear was packed up and we freshened up at the outhouse we talked a bit before heading out [Robby] It was without a doubt way colder last night Yeah, I feel like I have mild pains just in various parts of my body, and the cold doesn’t help with that I was in the fetal position for the majority of the night Desperately bundling for warmth I was again slowly encroaching onto your airmat Every now and then I’d like extend my legs and I could feel your feet on my airmat Your body was like “I must find insulation where I can” [Andrew narrating] We gathered our packs and headed out for our final hike We passed by lush green club mosses as we walked into the morning sun Everything about this day felt familiar It might just be the smell of all this grass, but it just smells like such a nostalgic childhood morning, you know [Robby] Oh, yeah Just like being outside in the neighborhood [Andrew narrating] We strolled back across the dam and onto the street on the other side of the stream [Robby narrating] We passed by a softly flowing cascade, across the bridge that led us out to the open road So what do we do now, just like, hitchhike? [Robby] I think maybe we do follow the road for a while, though [Robby] I’m not actually sure They seem so good about putting blazes in some areas. And then when you really need it, I’m not seeing anything [Andrew narrating] We hiked along the road for a little while before realizing that we had gone the wrong direction So yeah, the orange blazes that we are following. Those are supposed to take you to the south backpacking loop, which must be… [Robby narrating] We were supposed to have hiked further into our campsite onto a connecting trail that would lead us back towards the trailhead [Andrew narrating] And so we’d retraced our steps across the dam through the campsite along the stream and onto the actual trail [Robby narrating] The seclusion of the trail and the large moss covered rocks gave the area an enigmatic feeling [Andrew narrating] Now we had reached the day hike trail which will lead us back to where our journey had begun [Robby narrating] Beginnings: when we think back to our own beginnings, we think about what it was that led us on this path, documenting our adventures backpacking through nature [music plays] [Andrew narrating] Ironically, it was in our own home state, in an arguably unremarkable forest where our original inspiration became the most clear [Robby narrating] Backpacking through the wilderness has always been more than a hobby to us It is, on a surface level, incredibly enjoyable to explore nature, see the sights it has to offer, to investigate all the plants and mushrooms that grow out here [Andrew narrating] But what makes backpacking so unique is that it lets you experience a microcosmic version of a different way of living It helps us experience this world in a way more akin to our hunter-gathering ancestors [music plays] [Robby narrating] The euphoria you feel after physical activity, the heightened sense of joy at even the smallest and subtlest of moments, the contrast of hunger and satiation, the natural sleep cycle [Andrew narrating] All aspects of being out here, even for a few days, paint a picture of what a more balanced life might be like [Robby narrating] And all of these things come through even clearer in a place like this where the focus isn’t on some famous landmark or grand scenic overlook, but on the entire experience as a whole [Andrew narrating] In everyday life we deal with unfulfilling work, addiction, anxiety, shame and stress Backpacking through nature is a way to escape this But more importantly it points towards an alternative to all of this An alternative to the drudgery and dreadfulness that so many people face day to day And when we realize that there is an alternative, the possibilities for creating a better world become limitless These must have fallen off this decaying log here but mushroom with this like big cap and then dark stem is called black footed polypore You can see why it’s called that, it just turns black all of a sudden and yeah, usually see it just right on dead logs like that This tree here is a black walnut. They typically have like this sort of darker chocolatey brown color and really thick ridges and if you scrape away the outer layer of the bark You’ll really see a like dark chocolate color. Typically like in a springtime, you’ll see little green growths on them and those are walnuts with the husk on and you can actually pickle them when they’re really young and just eat the whole thing straight Later in the season, you can also take the husks and use them as a dye It’ll stain anything sort of like this dark brown to black color But you also have to wear gloves because it’ll permanently stain your hands until your skin cells slough off Yeah, and also obviously the nuts are edible but the shells are hard to crack and it’s hard to keep the nuts intact so people don’t typically do that This is really strange: this almost looks like a plaster cast of like a chicken of the woods mushrooms but I think it’s just a chicken of the woods mushroom that’s really old and has lost all its color and kind of become dry and brittle. There’s another cluster down there, but looks like we were a little bit too late but uh Whatever. It’s still kind of a cool find [Robby] You can’t eat it now? I mean, you could but uh, I wouldn’t want to experience what you experienced afterwards [Robby] Like an old kale chip or something All right hotshot, let’s see what the great home-loan can do Paladin’s 8,000 and McBride. What is the scouter say about his power level its over? 9000 Well in this case it probably doesn’t matter I’ve got a chance there is always a chance Slim the Sarah Churchwell is most sophisticated weapon system even in a computer mock-up can’t hope to defeat the expedition research LLC Well still you don’t have Clinton Koren Johnson. You don’t have tuck and Cooper. You don’t have Jessica ROK’s you don’t have Jim Potts What else they’ve got? Jason bourgeois John and Lisa Truitt have been looking for you. We ride for King’s Landing today before you go you will call upon Liam Eleanor Henry Oliver and Charlotte and tell them their mother and father wishes them Tyco their own hike What good will my sympathies do them none, but it is expected of you. Your absence has already been noted Lauren, ten Duyck means nothing to me. I can’t stand the wailing of woe one word and I’ll hit you again I’m telling her mother Cathy Go tell her and wish her a speedy recovery from her surgery so she can get back out on the trails Prince Aaron Jones wolf remember that little Lord, I hope so and If he forgets tell him to go to Dayton hikers that orb and take a hike Hi there, I’m Charlie Joe and this is my consulting partner Jasper cap errata. I think we just got done interviewing your coworker Saying healing the krieger. So let’s see. You are T Brice Right, yeah is that you’re reeling yeah Any relation to the patreon supporter No, it’s it’s just a coincidence. It’s all be honest with you. I love his shoutouts Oh, yeah, I do I Mattie Bryce Ryan fan me too for my money It doesn’t get any better when he says plan a tree to save the world But you must really love his music Yeah, he’s he’s pretty pretty good. I guess gosh darn, right he is Right. So tell me what’s your favorite song of his? Hmm? I I don’t know. I I guess I just like them all That same way but it must be twice as hard as you better having the same name as in and everything I celebrate the guys entire catalog anyways, let’s get down to business see Bryce Ryan, you know, you can just call me s11 N And finally era through mol would like to give a shout out to his old friend John Paul who always encouraged him to explore the outdoors Thanks a lot So this is the big red sandwich what’s inside of it that’s some meat but it’s called that because they’re special red sauce It’s like a salad dressing. It looks like there’s some mushrooms of cheese These are funnel cake fries, this is the type of bad decision that you’ll make when you’re really hungry, but it’s also I Know I shouldn’t do this, but for your sake the viewers sake I must do this probably is actually gonna taste pretty good Gotta eat all your greens Uh So about a month ago Gonna dose your hand if you’re using that magic Shut up

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  1. Robbie, You do not hammer the nails straight in! If you look at a horses hoof, you will notice the nail bent on the outside of the hoof. That is how the shoe stays on, secured.

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