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Shoot the Person in the GIANT Building!!

Shoot the Person in the GIANT Building!!

J: Hi, welcome to Team Edge. Today we have a very special video for you, like I say every time, which really takes away the speciality of it. But i’m shouting out the merch right now, so i thought i’d tell you about our special merch that is only available to the end of this month which is the 30th of June that is this month this is called the, “Bobby” Get it because it’s like a rising sun. He’s Japanese. Go buy it. Br: What’s up you guys, we are Team Edge and today we’re joined by our friends Cam and Jeff make, sure you Stick around to the end to find out what video we did with them because it was much better than ours. Oh roasted it myself Br: And if you live in a box and have to read the news yet, there’s a zombie apocalypse What’s going on right here at the edge space and our goal is to go and infect Jeffrey Je: My goal is a survive five minutes and i only have limited ammo so? Br: Man that turned out well B: And the round starts in… Three… two… one… GO!
Br: I’m Coming for you Jeffrey B: I need coffee! Je: Maybe if I wisper… Maybe if I… OH! OH GOD! Je: Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! *EPIC NUTSHOT* Je: Oh no Hey(4x). Wo(4x) Je: No, no! C: Are you OK?
Je: This is actually really hard! C: What’s wrong? C: Bobby! B: Kill him without me! Je: You guys are… You guys are slow as snails! Je: Right in the knee! Right in the knee! Br: Oww, my knee!
Je: OK. Hey! Je: Get out of here! Get out of here! Je: This is my, house, my house, my rules i don’t want strangers in here! *NUTSHOT* Je: Right in the… Right in the nono’s! Ma: He’s on ground forever Je: Oh, that was close! Je: They sneak up on me all quiet! Je: I’m actually killing it right now just sayin. Oh look guy just hide right here in the booty Je: Booty shot B: I need a hand. Je: Get away from me! B:Oh! This one right…
C: It’s okay, Bobby. B: Right here got me. Je: Oh that even go through! Je: NO! Je: NO! I can’t get the thing on! *GAME OVER JEFFERY* *GAME OVER JEFFERY*
Je: Get of! Stop tickling me! Hey STOP! *GAME OVER JEFFERY* Br: He did not like that! Je: Dude, they just started tickling me Ma: The transition from zombies to like a tickle fight! Je: I am so ticklish! Ma: Tickle Bobby! Tickle Bobby! Br: Count how many times Bobby has actually been hit down there cuz, I think it’s a record Bobby you had the record you know congratulations buddy! Br: That’s why I clap now Je: Come here! Give me your hands.
B: I’m good B: I’m good
Je: OK Br: I’m gonna get me some zombies Br: Power check! Br: Hey Bobby, you’re legs are gonna be like this: Br: You guys, I don’t know if you’ve noticed maybe you haven’t but J-Fred isn’t here it’s because he’s got a weak immune system, make sure you leave him J-Fred isn’t here it’s because he’s got a weak immune system, make sure you leave him
B: Weak immune system some love in the comments section of the hashtag #Sticky Boy Jfred B: Alright, Bryan whatever you’re ready
Br: Ho, ho i’m ready, my challenge… Br: Is to take out all the zombies in 20 shots. So i was told By the producers that i really need to put a lot of power behind these, arrows to give it a good thump! B: Wait nope Br: Ready? Je: This is so scary! Which will my zombie hunter name be?
Comment down below *Mr Quickscope* B: Zombie noises Br: Dang, these zombies are resilient! Br: Anybody?
B: No! Br: All right all right all right! Je: If my butt’s facing the enemy at all times it won’t hurt that bad. Br: Bobby san! B: A lot of zombies like to eat brains, I go for the calf muscles
Je: I like to eat hair strictly Je: Becuse I don’t wanna go bold Br: GOODBYE!… Br: PEASEANTS! C: Thats like so scary! Br: I think I smell some fear! Je: I’m scared! Br: Did I get one? Did I bagged me a zombie. I want to claim my prize B: How did he die, he’s already dead! Je: Finally, I do not have to live with him anymore C: Owwww! That hurts! My head! B: Man i could use some real calf muscle right now *EPIC FAIL* Je: Gosh, where is he, where is he? Br: Dang, okay? Br: Alright, alright, ALRIGHT! Br: They just spit that back at me Br: Got him! Je: That was so close!
Br: I got me a big one Je: No you didn’t, it was close.. Br: I got me a big one!
Je: It didn’t hit me! Je: t didn’t hit me!
Br: NO! Je: No way it didn’t, it went right by my head
B: It didn’t hit him. Br: Oh they’re screvling, they’re screvling. I’m about to make me some zombie stew! Br: Did you guys see that! I hit the two-by-four and it just gave me a haircut B: ZOMBIES WINS! Br: I didn’t, want to wear glasses but Whitney’s like: “you should probably glasses on in case it bounces back at your face” Thats exactly what it did! *TEAM EDGE PRO TIP* Br: My aim is true Je: You hit me in the shoe! Je: No, I mean, I mean what… Grrr! B: Zombie noises! Br: Which did I get mean which flavor B: You got Jefferey Je: You got vanilla flavor
Br: Okay… Br: I got myself another zombie Br: It’s getting hot! Br: Bobby, you ready?! Br: This is called the quickscope, you’re ready to see greatness? Br: I… would do that again Br: Oh Br: Oh, Bobby. OK B: Bryan sucks!
Br: Bobby! Br: Just wanna let you know.
B: Bryan sucks! He can’t hit me! Bryan sucks! Br: I don’t know what to let him know. B: I’m already dead! Why do i have to be even more dead. All I want is your calf muscles Bryan *LMAO MOMENT COMMING* *EPIC NUTSHOT 2* Br: YEAH BUDDY! Ma: What, did you get bobby?
Br: Did I get you in the no, no?! Br: Did I get you in the no, no?! Br: Are you alright? B: How does it happen twice? It’s just so funny, what are the odds of happening twice? B: I think I’m done for the day. B: Just leave me up here I’m gonna die. Br: Alright, Bobby will stay up there. I have only one target left down here. Br: I’ve learned this! Br: I smell some fear! Or B.O. one of the two. With no looking, ready! B: Marvin, are you still OK? Br: I need some arrows, hold on. Excuse me! B: Marvin Br: Marvin! Mike check Br: We need a mike check Marvin! Ma: Nope! Br: Were is he? Br: Were is* (Bryan, it’s are) you, boy? B: Marvin! Ma: He is like… B: Stay alive! Br: Did I get him? Ma: What is freaking… Br: Did I get you? Br: Yes!
Ma: Did it ricochet? Br: I am the ultimate zombie master! Br: Oh my, I’m outta here! B: To tired! Br: You guys, go make sure check out this video right here that We did on Cam and Jeff’s channel. It is the Mario party challenge in real life… You definitely don’t want to Miss it because they make some pretty cool content. And you guys go watch Some behind the scenes footage of today’s video things that didn’t make it, some funny stuff that had nothing to Do with the video. But you’re only Be able to watch it if you click that link right there! And go check out our merch and go check out another video that youtube recommends for you Bye *BLOOPERS* *BLOOPERS*
Br: Dang it, I almost had it!

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  1. Hits Bobby in stomach Brian : did I hit you in the no no Bobby: what are the chances of it happening twice Me :lier

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