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SHTF Prepping Supplies What to Stockpile

SHTF Prepping Supplies What to Stockpile

SHTF prepping supplies what to stockpile most important prepping emergency survival supplies items for preppers to store prepping your house to bug in bug out location must have needs hi it’s AlaskaGranny prepper have you ever
wondered what you should really stockpile for an shtf situation or
stockpiling an off-grid bug-out location sensible prepper begin with a nice stockpile of food and
water then look at your own needs and make an analysis what would you miss
most if you could never get it again that’s the greatest place to start
stockpiling for SHTF emergency survival prepping must have needs items are you concerned with the power outage stockpile lighters candles
matches are you concerned with hygiene stockpile some soap toilet paper
toothpaste and toothbrushes feminine hygiene products cleaners bleach vinegar
trash bags think about medicine would you miss painkillers rash ointment
allergy pills cough syrups what about some basic tools and basic household
items like scissors sewing kits can openers gloves ones they keep you warm
and ones that help keep you safe and don’t forget clean socks and underwear
do you have a baby in the house then maybe you need to emergency stockpile some baby
supplies one important item in my list is a portable toilet think about vices in SHTF
ones that affect you or those that you plan to be with cigarettes alcohol
chocolate coffee stockpile the things that you would miss most because those
are the things that are most important to you if you could never get them those things items again
are you okay with that or would you be saying darn it I should have gotten some
more of that that’s how you know what you really want to have then whether we
have an end of the world apocalypse SHTF long term emergency survival situation as we know it an apocalyptic event something with shtf
or a snowstorm and you just don’t want to go to the store you’ll probably then
have the supplies that you would want in any kind of a emergency situation learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

16 thoughts on “SHTF Prepping Supplies What to Stockpile”

  1. SHTF stocking up for me is Weapons, foods and water, medical supplies, batteries, flashlight, oil lamp, toilet paper, fire starter, I can go on with the list but this is the first thing I stocking up!

  2. I know bleach dosn't keep a long time but I was thinking about the pool tablets uoi put in your pool. how long will they last if you know?

  3. You are a very wise lady……..this week I am trading a CZ 75Bd ( 9mm) as I have a few 9mm and getting another revolver either another 357 or maybe 41mag I can load for either one and think revolvers might be better in SHTF

  4. I am glad that my home have all of those items and more and they are replaced regularly since we are in an area where the electricity is lost on average of once a month, and sometimes it stays off for about half a day.

  5. In a shtf scenario one of the most serious threats will be snipers. No, I'm not talking about military trained snipers I'm talking about a hunter with a scoped deer rifle in camo gear like the guy who lives next door, down the street or a few blocks away. Many will think it easier to take a peppers stash than to create their own preps. Learn about sniping and how to counteract the threat. It will be one of the most important things you can learn to protect your family and preps.

  6. I've put up a case of banana jam, AKA "Monkey Butter" because I like bananas and they will not be had when the SHTF. I don't like the name "Monkey Butter" because I am not a monkey, (the name was contrived to make food fussy idiot children eat it) and I don't even know if monkeys like butter, .. probably do though. So it's Banana Jam for me. I will put up a case every six months or so, …. just in case the stuff doesn't keep well. Look it up. "They say" it is good for two years, … and if it keeps for two years I can't see why it wouldn't keep longer under the right conditions.
    Weapons are frowned upon in the backwards country of Canaduh, so I must rely upon the unconventional for self defense. Gasoline makes a wonderful flame thrower, … and "super high air pressure" sure can tear a hole in a person or propel a hunk of led or arrow when properly directed. lol. Boiling anything can be weaponized, …. steam burns awful! Boiling sugar sure sticks around!
    And you sure don't want to be around when the Javex gets spilled into the Draino. Shit happens. Your lungs turn into liquid and you drown with the silliest "gasping" look on your face, Like a fish out of water, …. There's no old War Veterans left alive to wheeze you stories of the "mustard gas" is there?
    Unfortunately, most of my prepping done now is for the idiots and morons I am currently surrounded by. They are all "great winners" I assure you.
    These poor "rich people" drive around in their forty thousand dollar trucks with their ten thousand dollar set of tits beside them while their spawn goes crazy on an eternal "sugar rush". They wouldn't have two weeks worth of food in their quarter million dollar home, A home they destroyed a small forest for in order that the rest of the community be able to see the great "investment" that was made. One moron bought five acres of woodland to build on only to cut down four acres of trees so that his neighbors would see how great winners build their "investments". I can't drive past it without hearing the "Dallas" theme song playing in my head.
    It's these poor "rich people" who have me so worried.
    All they know, worship, and understand is the self inflicted retardation of the win/lose paradigm they use to structure every aspect of their perverted lives with. And believe me when I say that the win/lose paradigm perverts everything it is applied to.
    Spiritual win/lose heaven/hell.
    Social win/lose, ugly/pretty, fast/slow.
    Academic win/lose, pass/fail.
    And when you have the innocent children trapped in the Auschwitz of Academia where the winners are culled from those very profitable burger flipping losers, … Begin to beat into the child silly, meaningless, and disrespectful "games" of sporting win/lose. Be sure to reward the winners of such foolishness greatly while ignoring the opinions, the desires, and the abilities of the losers because they are fucking losers.
    Now the morons, (morons being adults that think and act like children, GO PATRIOTS!) are ready for the Economic win/lose where the great winners swoop in like vultures to feed upon the bones of some losers lifetime of work, for pennies on the dollar.
    Top this self inflicted retardation off with the sacred Demockery". A proud statement we are too stupid to work together in respect, dignity, and diplomacy for the greater good, .. and that we demand to be weakened as a peoples with separation, divided into "parties" and set to fighting each other like the obvious idiots we are.

    Great winners such as these types in my community will have no problem confronting the communities "losers" (like me) and taking what they believe they deserve when they see their spawn starving and crying for their sugar fix.
    Thank god such vermin as these types will "take care" of themselves in a very short time and leave the good decent people alone to work together in respect, dignity, and diplomacy for the greater good. The holy and divine win/win.
    Don't speak of the holy and divine win/win to morons and cowards who so fear making a mistake, so fear being "wrong", so fear failure and being a "loser" themselves, that they cling to the self inflicted retardation of the win/lose paradigm as they drool the words "human nature" and only live and strive to see you lose. The quicker such human filth wipes itself off the face of the earth, the better it will be for good decent people to celebrate and practice the holy and divine win/win.
    Can you imagine? Going through life constantly creating losers in order to justify a perverted and personal winner status? Too Mantally compromised from the self inflicted retardation to understand that it's far better to be surrounded by "winners" than fucking losers such as myself.
    You really must question a society that mandatorily creates millions of losers such as myself as a sane method of structuring their affairs. The sick bastards. Hard to feel sorry for the filth.
    So this is what I prepare for, the self inflicted retardation of a peoples. The shit has already hit the fan as far as I'm concerned, … lol, … Unless you are one to argue that the eternal wars, the millions of starving children in the world, the uncountable homeless and destitute, not to mention the horrendous environmental disasters occurring hourly are the result of a sane species?
    Seems to me that the only way we as a species are able to recognize and avoid such situations of self inflicted retardation, is to manifest these situations of self inflicted retardation in our lives and the lives of our poor fucked children in order that we LEARN, … Then we can easily recognize and avoid such filth.
    Mark my words, .. In the future, people who refuse to work together in respect, dignity, and diplomacy for the greater good and for whatever reason what so ever, will be declared "mentally compromised" and unfit to represent good decent people.
    Good thing the natural and organic result of the win/lose paradigm is that everyone loses. You see, such retarded peoples will not "give up" without trying to take as many good decent people with them on their way to hell.
    Anyway, … sorry for the rant, .. lol
    Have a great day, … and good luck.

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