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Simulation Games

Simulation Games

We are all simple beings. Some of us want to fly,
some want to join the army, some want to become a famous youtube star,
and some just want to ride a forklift. We know that not all of these dreams can become
true, especially not the crazy ones like owning a restaurant, or a city,
or a forklift. We are just simple beans and we have to realise that. *mumbling*
What’s that? You should try video games. Video games? Maybe in reality you’re a plumber. Or a garbage man. Or a comic artist. Basically the same low wage. You wouldn’t have money to own something
fancy like a forklift. Let alone a restaurant. Well gamer have I got some news for you. You don’t need that fictional thing called
money all you need is a video game. And sanity, because you might gonna lose it. Ever since video games became something more
than just two pads and a bouncing square, people have been attempting to make games
as realistic possible. First of such simulation games include BMX
Simulator, Grand Prix Simulator, and Pro Boxing Simulator. But their games weren’t that
advanced to begin with, and thus weren’t really simulation games at all. They were ridiculed. And this lead to a beautiful parody called
Advanced Lawnmower Simulator. That, that is sure is how lawnmowers work… I think? Simulation games were nothing, nothing until
the moment SimCity was a thing. People had never seen any game to such an
extent. Games would normally have an ending, somewhere. No, SimCity would just go on as long as you
had money. Currently there are at least 3000 sequels to SimCity which is quite a lot and is the reason the Sims is a thing. The most famous life simulation game, the
Sims, shows us how the homo sapiens continues to exists in modern day society. Your characters do the things a normal human
would do in a daily situation, apart from drowning in the pool because a finger from
the sky took away the ladder again. I’m not evil I’m chaotic good. And there’s not only simulators where you
get to be the god and watch the events unfold from the sky,
no, you can be the character too. It’s a simulation game nonetheless. You can live the life of another person, like
a simple farmer. And do the things a simple farmer can do. There are also the really serious simulators
like truck simulators, flight simulators, the kind that people use to actually use in
their professions. Isn’t that just incredible if you think about
it? Like, you want to fly a plane? Sure use this game first and don’t try to
crash otherwise you can say no no to your pilot’s license. It’s a very detailed way of showing someone
the commands of a vehicle without risking them to hurt themselves. They say true simulation games are very detailed and provide a good view of reality. And you know what’s the trick? Most don’t. Most simulations don’t, like you open a package of a dozen random games and you see one two good games and the rest is just garbage it’s straight downhill. There’s not even a hill it’s just straight
down. Again, the earliest three simulators that called
themselves simulators weren’t even simulators to begin with, and this trend has not ceased
to continue. Like, let’s call CSGO a police simulator,
The Witcher a medieval life simulator, and Dark Souls is a society simulator. Rise up gamers. I mean you have games like grass simulator. We are grass. Watch us grow. Goat simulator. If your goat does that there is something
wrong with the goat and you don’t need a vet anymore you need a goddamn exorcist. Tea party simulator. Surgeon simulator. That’s just perfectly described by Rock
Paper Shotgun; “It’s not a game. It’s a joke. In the form of a game.” So it’s not a game, it’s a joke. The spectrum of nonsense bullshit games to
very serious games that people actually use in their jobs is massive. And that makes the term “simulation” very difficult to describe. Logically we could draw a line somewhere at
the point that fiction exceeds reality, but that would mean at least three quarter
of the games are falsely labeled as simulation. Therefore we need to look at the definition
of simulation which is very clear… Now hold up second. In gamer language, a video game designed to
convey more or less a realistic experience. So is it- more or less? More or less than reality? A video game designed to convey…
an experience. I see. So, silly simulations are not really a simulation
as you’d expect a simulation to be… simulating. Waaaa They still simulate an experience. And it doesn’t have to be realistic. Take a look at Slime Rancher, a popular indie. The real chances of ever finding a cute planet
with cute bouncy little slimes are not very high. So this game is completely fictional? Fact. And it’s still a life simulation? Fact. You, the player, are put in the shoes of another
person, in this case a non-existent slime rancher on a non-existent planet with non-existent
creatures. However it’s still an open-ended life that
is being simulated with the overall goal of earning money. In other words, management. Simulation games are nothing more than management
games. The Long Dark is a well-known survival game,
in which you have to survive by exploring and gathering resources during a cold winter. *Gameplay* You control a character and manage their health
and for that reason you could also call it a simulation game. Which is true. And has been intended to be so by the developers. Now this is where the term “simulation”
gets really out of hand, ’cause if you had to call every game in which
you have to manage your health a simulation…. You see the problem. You could basically label every shooter, platformer,
adventurer,… a simulation in that logic. Which is not quite right. What makes a simulation just a tiny tiny tiny
tiny tiny bit different than most games is that it has no strict goals. None with a time limit at least. Sure there can be a story in your simulation…
but I can completely ignore it if I want to. And sure there can be objectives in your simulation….
and I can ignore them if I want to. So what you are saying is-
Yea Minecraft is also a simulator? Minecraft…
is indeed a simulation. As well as games similar to it. Sandbox games fall exactly in the criteria
I just said. They have no strict goals. You can do what you want. And as long as there’s anything to manage,
it’s really a simulation game. Now just a quick note to everyone who calls story-based
open-world games a sandbox game, don’t. That just makes the term simulation more confusion
than it already is. ‘Cause I am very certain, the Witcher, is
not a sandbox game, neither a simulation game. So, what’s the deal with simulators? Well, it’s just really a massive genre. You can ask for a serious simulator such as
Flightsim or Motorsport Manager, but it really doesn’t have to be realistic. There’s fun in fiction as well. There just has to be something you can manage,
with as few limitations as possible and it doesn’t matter what it is, or how you do
it… one thing is certain. There are many simulators and there
isn’t anything in life that hasn’t been simulated yet. When a simple man like me wants to drive a
forklift, I can actually drive a forklift. Välkommen in IKEA. Your meatballs are cooking in the oven. Awww man.

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  1. Oooh i like your accent hmm where are you from?
    (either answer the question or make a vine reference out of it thx)

  2. Goedendag, ik wil alleen zeggen dat dit prachtige meesterwerk genaamd "Simulation Games" me echt heeft bewogen en ik een werkelijk beter mens ben geworden door dit grandioze meesterwerk. Ik kan niet eens beginnen met het uitleggen van de uiterst hoge voorbeelden van cinematography in deze celluloid, ook het filofische gedachtegoed achter de forklift is prachtig ingewoven in dit prachtige stuk film. Dit zal in de historie ingaan als "het perfecte stuk film" en u kan binnenkort een grote som geld uw kant op verwachten voor uw inzet voor de verbetering van de mensheid.

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