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Singaporeans Try: Horror PC Games 2.0 (PACIFY)

Singaporeans Try: Horror PC Games 2.0 (PACIFY)

Welcome to another episode of Singaporeans Try, Where we get the same people
to play horror games again! But this time round, ASUS has allowed us
to try the lastest ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo. Let the scaring begin! PD: Hi guys! Hi! I know this set up… I cannot! When I’m texting and someone talks to me,
I need to stop and listen. – Oh my god.
– If not I will end up typing whatever they tell me. That is me! The only multitasking I can do is when I’m on the toilet. – That one I can listen to music, I can read the news, check Instagram…
– I can poop. And yeah, poop! And pee at the same time. Depends eh! Like simple games that don’t have strategy,
like The Sims right, A hundred percent, 10. But if got strategy that kind, Or like must use your brains, Then I think like a 6? My phone doesn’t have games at all. – Huh?
– The only game I have is charades. I’m judging you! I’m not really a game person… If I do play games, it’s the cute games. Like Super Smash Bros. – What’s the cooking one ah? Overcooked.
– Overcooked? What was the last computer game you played? The last time we did the
SIngaporeans Try: Horror PC Games. Oh shit. Oh shit… Okay okay, I see where this is going. PD: On today’s episode of Singaporeans Try, PD: You will be playing horror games once again! Noooooooo! We know! PD: But this time round, PD: We will be playing it on the ASUS laptop. Ohhhhhh. (Which) means, it’ll be more HD! Ya! I feel like I already experienced it right. So I can call myself… A veteran. Excuse me, the last time I won okay? Let’s be honest here. I’m gonna be great at this. PD: So there’s a twist this time round. – Okay…
– PD: You will be singing while playing the game. – Huh?
– I knew it. – Huh…
– 2 lousy things at once sia. PD: You see the duo screen? PD: There’s an infographic for you. Oh! Wait, so you don’t have to – You know when you play games right, You have to press ‘escape’ for the menu to come out. Then see what is the move set for the character. – Always check the back, in case of anything.
– Ahhhhh! Wait. – Don’t do sudden movements!
– Okay, okay, no sudden movements! Let’s do a house tour! Hello guys, welcome to my crib. Oh, it’s locked. Okay, we found the entry way to the house. Okay, ready ah? I’m gonna jump inside. – Okay.
– ‘Control’ is jump right? That was a bad jump. Wah, the family quite rich sia, got like these, Ancient Greek vases. Oh okay, this is the wood. – Okay, I found the wood.
– Nice, pick it up. – Oh!
– Is this a note? Maybe. Nope, that’s a tray. Oh that’s a doll! Can we use the doll? Got clock sound… Oh jeez, help me. We gotta find keys and notes. This is a note. Don’t come ah! Go up! – Oh my god, confirm got something happen.
– You scared me! – Okay, this –
– Okay! Ahhhhhh! Oh my god I see the – The leg. (Singing) Ouch, my throat. (Singing) Point, point down! Ahhhhh oh my god, point down! (Singing) Down!
Then walk there! (Singing) What the heck is that sound? No… Okay, can. (Singing) Oh! Read that! – Let’s just go to one room and try to find the key.
– Okay. Oh? – It’s the lightning.
– Oh, okay. Just the lightning. And I realised right – I was about to say she never attack us. So we died? We lost to the darkness while reading a note… Oh god, oh god… It’s very near!
It’s behind us dude! You behind me? I – Is that a key? – Oh my god, it’s not.
– Why she growl? Where small girl can growl? Eh key! (Singing) Oh my god, did we enter here before?
Oh my god! Do we need to take the doll? Cannot. Oh, there, there I took it. Oh my god. I get it!
The doll is like our life. Oh my god! The heck! The freak! Run! Run Brenda, run! Key!
I see. – Cheers! Take.
– What key is this? Oh! Lord! Turn around! God! No! She took our doll away! I think (the) hall is downstairs, here. Okay, okay. Oh shit. (Switch) off the light! Adria, (switch) off the light! We lose already ah? Shit… Go! We follow her! We beat her up! Don’t want! – I don’t want!
– Like that also scared? Where (did) she go?
Hi! Eh, I poked her leh. Fight! Okay, this is the second time we’re trying it. The song for today, as requested by many, Is ‘Won’t go home without you’ by Maroon 5. – Enjoy.
– The ghost won’t go home without you. Aiya, ghost only! Not real also! This one is graphic what! Not real life what! Oh my god, hall key, yes! (Singing) (Singing) I can believe, I can run. There, I found it! Take! (Singing) We go to the bedroom. We go upstairs. Wait, oh my god, our doll is missing. (Singing) Where is she? I want to talk to her for awhile, come. Come, I want to lecture her. Where is she? – Oi! Come back!
– She’s there. Oi! Stop it ah! Eh she took another one leh! (Beep) la! Oh shit! (Singing) Oh! Oh my god, was this open just now? Doll! Eeee, cockroach! – This is marked right?
– Yeah, this is marked. Can you, can you burn? – How to burn ah?
– We got match. How to burn? How to b – – Off!
– I hear the sound! Move! Move! (Singing) Oh my god, attic! Okay, nice! Turn left! Run, attic! Find a door. There! Solid. Is it (at) the right? Here! Ahhhhhh! Oi! Bodoh (stupid)! Wah eh, so cute! – That means what ah?
– Come run, chase them! Is there a key here? Oh my god. Yes, take the key. – Take ah?
– Yeah, take the key. That’s the basement key. Okay, now we have to figure out
how to get to the basement. So we must give her the doll? There. There, the boiler is here. How to put things inside? PD: You can only burn the white dolls. We have to find a white doll. You try to jump down the stairs. Cannot. Freak lah. Bodoh (stupid). Turn left! She’s coming back up. Bodoh (stupid), she knows! She knows! (Turn) left. Eh, no! I think she’s going to come from there. – Oh! Shit.
– (Singing) She’s running! (Singing) I’m trapped! -She’s there! She’s moving!
– Shhh. She’s floating! Move! Turn! No, wait. She’s whispering here. (Singing) – Oh, there!
– There, take! Go to the basement now! (Singing) I can’t remember where the – (Singing) – Oh, this is (to go) upstairs.
– Oh, we have to go down! Yeah, that’s why I said – – Is it here?
– We’ll drop one (doll) here then. We didn’t get to burn one doll! This is our third try. The song we’re going to sing – I mean the song we’re going to butcher
is, ‘Grenade’ by Bruno Mars. Okay. Here we go! At least burn one doll. (Singing) – Eh, we collect lah.
– Cursed doll! Key! Aim. – Solid!
– Hall key. (Singing) I don’t like this… – Go up? Ahhhhh!
– Oh god! Why is she following us so much? We’ll go to her bedroom, then we’ll
go get the attic key, okay? The (beep) better not be here anymore. – Go up ah?
– Ya. Oh my god. Stop coming! Where is the key ah? You remember or not? Oh there, doll. – Oh, there.
– Matches. – Cannot take.
– Oh, cannot. (Singing) – Wah! Run! That side!
– Close the door! Eh there, key! – Take! Okay, got the attic key.
– Okay, go back up! This one. Bada bing, bada boom. Kick them! (Singing) There. – That’s the attic.
– Enter? Yeah. The doll come out already. Take the key. Oh god, Jesus. Run! Oh, she took our doll. Leave her alone. Oh my god, she’s still there. – Can we walk past her?
– Can. Okay, we walk past her. – How she walk until so fast?
– Okay tumpang (excuse). Tumpang (excuse), we’re walking away. Excuse me. Excuse me, we’re going down. (Singing) – Oh my god! The back view! Later she suddenly turn lah!
– There! Okay! – The baby (doll)!
– Oh my god, okay. – Go back up?
– Oh wait, there’s a girl there. – Go!
– Ahhh! What thing? Oh my god, sorry. She suddenly screamed. – We burn first lah, we try to burn one!
– Faster! – We try to burn one! Take!
– No! But she’s around! Go down. Almost there, come on. Burn one doll only!
One doll! That’s our objective. (Singing) – I think she’s behind us, by the way.
– Ya, very near. Calm down, Brenda.
Run, Brenda. Oh, fudge. Oh my god, ahhh! I knew it! Shit… I sing. Wah, stop laughing. (Singing) Okay, go up! Go! Okay come, go down. See can go down or not. She’s here. Eh she’s not lah, that one is the (doll). Boiler room, where are you? Did we get the basement key though? Shit, we never eh. – Huh!
– No ah? Okay, go back! Producer shake head already! Oh shit. No, that’s the wall. Sorry! Okay, go up! Please, I forgive! Forgive me! Oh ya, the basement key lah. Wasted! I thought we had all the keys already. This time round I feel like the ghost kept chasing us. Like we already had a plan. Then, every time we turn somewhere, she’s there.
I don’t know why she chased us! The doll is here! Freaking shit game! That made me shit in my pants! It’s not only the visuals that I feel is good. Even the sound. When she growl right, I really feel like
she’s just right here behind me eh! After we keep playing again and again, The intention became more to like, We need to try to solve this puzzle,
solve this game and get it through! I think this game is a little bit scarier
because it’s just a little bit more detailed. That one, technically it’s not scary. It’s just jump scare. But this one, I can imagine Gretchen, or whoever she is, Being in real life. There’s this similar one where you have to
walk around and find things on the floor. I think (it’s) quite similar. NO! Evidently, no. I think at one point we didn’t even
realise we’re not singing anymore. We just wanted to burn the goddamn dolls. (This is) the first time I’ve seen this panel over here. I feel like it’s great for multitasking I think this is a multitasking beast. If i were to do this again, I would have
one window just for walk-through. I like that it’s touchscreen also. – Oh yes!
– So you don’t need to use the mouse to find where to minimise (windows). – You can just click and minimise.
– Sis! That is true. Like you want to play Spotify, you just press. You want the next song, click next. Easy! I heard ah, this one ah, is the content creator laptop leh! This one ah, like for us ah, the video editor all ah, Wah, everyday edit video, damn good leh! And then the two screens ah, make me
feel like a multitasker you know? And I heard this display ah, very expensive you know? You know how much or not? 4k you know this display! Huh? That one not the price ah? Oh! 4k is the… The resolution! And I heard ah, it’s Pantone
Certified Colour Accuracy one! Wah, and the specifications of this laptop ah, Wah, the processor ah, is the i9 processor. Then the graphics card is the
RTX 2060 graphics card you know? And the RAM of this laptop ah, you think is what? 8GB ah? No hor. 16GB? No hor. This one is 32GB RAM hor. And the storage ah, is 1TB PCIe SSD! For those of you who think that this laptop
too big too troublesome ah, No worries! Because, this laptop also comes with a 14 inch version. Small and light. So you want to bring
around easy ah, you choose this one! Thank you ASUS for kindly letting us try
the latest ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo. For more information about this laptop,
there will be a link in the description box below.

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  1. I don’t ever get scared of what other people are most scared of but somehow I get freaked out by someone just tapping my shoulder.

  2. I LOVE SMARTLOCAL.COM wow they are so kind,so funny and a lot of things and they are almost I mean ALMOST perfect

  3. Hello TSL, I really love watching your videos, but I notice that quite a few are uploaded without captions (and youtube auto english captions can be quite off sometimes). So I always have to wait a while before the captions are uploaded and sometimes by then I'll forget about the video already. The inclusion of captions is rather inconsistent…and it's really helpful for the deaf and hard of hearing community (which I belong to). Do you think it's possible to look into improving the consistency of including captions? Thank you.

  4. Hafeez 2019:
    “Wah very realistic ah, I can feel the rain”
    “Aiya ghost only, not real lah. This one is graphic what”
    “Eh it’s a fake door lah”
    “She can’t kill us if we are dead”
    “Eh you stop running around like your house ah. Your grandmother house is it ah”😂

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