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Skip Human Verification Surveys in 2019 with 100% Success – Bypass Survey Offers Hack!

Skip Human Verification Surveys in 2019 with 100% Success – Bypass Survey Offers Hack!

all right everybody I hope you’re awake because this is important today I’m going to show you how to get around these things right here that are pretty annoying they’re called human verification they’re called surveys and other names they usually come up when you try to get some kind of free stuff like free robux or free money for your favorite game or some kind of hack or some kind of cheat or whatever and then they want you to fill in a survey to verify that you’re human now in order for you to skip these and knowing things to bypass these survey human verification thing is you need to know how they work and in order to illustrate this to you guys I have made a little bit of a something something you might find interesting this is my girlfriend generator it is a very legit of course very legit it can generate real-life girlfriends for you of course I’m not scamming you at all it’s absolutely not fake it’s absolutely not clickbait it absolutely works I’ve tried it myself and as you can hear yes yes I am girlfriend I have been generated it’s absolutely real you just heard my girlfriend that I generated and with this tool obviously and it has all the buttons get girlfriend you can choose between Russian Latino African Swedish French and so on it absolutely works it’s 100% legit I promise I do the promise for you okay alright guys what I’m trying to say here is that it’s very easy to fake screenshots it’s very easy to make some kind of thing that looks like a tool or like a hack or whatever it’s very easy to also like fake screenshots of money or whatever so if someone offers you something on the internet such as unlimited money for an online game which is sadly sadly impossible I deal with game cheating on a daily basis baby please and it doesn’t really work that way in online games it’s impossible to get unlimited money sadly sadly unlimited robox unlimited gems money and so on they’re impossible what these people are doing is they’re showing you something that looks incredible and then they’re baiting you into completing survey offers for them which will make them money and guess what in the end you will get absolutely nothing because it’s impossible what they’re offering you all right now why are they doing this let me just illustrate this in another manner just real quick okay this is a guy who wants to make money on the internet right okay he’s just a normal guy he wants to make money on the internet now he has two choices he could actually actually really give out free stuff or make a hack right it would cost him either a lot of money like he could give legitimate stuff right he could do legitimate stuff and it would cost him either a lot of time like to make a real hack it would take him maybe two thousand hours of coding and it would not be really that awesome especially for online games or if he wanted to give out free stuff for real it would cost him like two million dollars because he would have to actually get free stuff but he would have to buy stuff and give out free stuff so it would cost him a lot of money okay that’s choice number one choice number two is just make fakes okay just claim and that you have unlimited stuff and it you can give it to people and then have them fill in a survey and just claim it you know everyone anyone can make a website where it says oh I am giving you free girlfriend free money free gems in your favorite game I am also giving you free access to two FBI documents and CIA and everything else I also give you unlimited pencils for life forever and a play card for all of your favorite games for a 1 billion dollar right that’s obviously that’s all a lie but then he can make a button where it says ok generate this stuff right and then he it leads to a survey like this the comes up comes the survey was a survey offers and every time someone actually believes this guy that he gives all this free stuff that he doesn’t have he gets you can guess it he gets the money the money changing changing money money money money money and that is how Surrey offers and human verification work it’s all just a elaborate scheme to bait you into giving this guy right here this guy let’s make him with an evil face this evil guy you to give him money essentially alright he’s just promising you impossible things you give him money you get nothing because what he’s offering you doesn’t exist he doesn’t have it okay he has not worked for 2,000 hours to make an actual hack or an actual cheat for a game and he has not spent – two million dollars to buy things to give away for free because why Butchie like I mean there’s not really that many people that just make sites where they give away free stuff nothing’s free in reality sadly so guys that is essentially how these things work I can guarantee you and I’ve been in this field for many many years that every generator every free whatever site that you’ve encounter on the Internet is a scam because sadly that’s not how the world works free stuff doesn’t just fall from the sky or it doesn’t get given to you just like that unless it’s it’s your mommy and your dad they gave you free stuff but in the real world but there are real people that need to make a living and that just doesn’t happen okay and these things once you complete these offers in these human verifications as they call it back in the day they called it surveys essentially every time someone buys something here or completes a task or whatever the person doing this scam and it is a scam because they’re not giving you anything they’re just pretending that they have something it’s fraud essentially so every time you complete that they get like a dollar or whatever or maybe two dollars and that then they will send you to a broken link or a generator that doesn’t work or it generated it just is in an interface and it doesn’t do anything or if you’re really unlucky they may have might have you download a a virus even or a keylogger to get your data and whatever so I highly discourage you from trying to do this if you don’t believe me that these things don’t work then you are obviously free to go for it now some of you guys will be here because you wanted to get free currency in a game or free paper money or whatever free stuff you want it guys free stuff doesn’t really exist free money especially doesn’t that’s what there are no tools there is nothing like that if any game like clash of clans ever had a hack that allowed people to get money the developers which is simply shut down the servers roll back all the changes and ban all the people that use the hack and patch the issue so and the hack like that doesn’t really exist for more than a few minutes if it ever exists so and for all practical purposes it’s absolutely impossible these people are offering you impossible things to try to scam you into giving them money alright it’s very important just like the girlfriend generator it’s impossible or the bread generator it’s impossible to generate bread from a computer it’s impossible to get unlimited paper money it absolutely is I mean if it was possible to get on them in a paper money with this some kind of generator then everyone would be a billionaire and money would be worthless okay and by by looking at the world and seeing that people aren’t building years you know that this kind of stuff doesn’t really work and the same obviously with all the game acts the waifu generators the girlfriend generators are all fake ok these fakes I’ve made myself just to illustrate it just to be a little bit more extreme to show you how this works but anyways guys the question is how can you actually find legitimate cheats is there actual ways to skip surveys now if you’re looking for actual ways to physically skip these things right if you’re still like oh yeah ok maybe they’re all fake maybe I believe you maybe I don’t you can get over go over to hacker botnet to the main side you can just Google hacker bot like this you can go hacker bots in Google go to the first result and they you will have a link that will be how to skip and bypass survey and human verification so here you have five tools that will allow you to physically actually through software and apps skip surveys on PC on Android on iOS and so on essentially you can use no script to disable some of them there’s no way to skip all of them some of them are server sided those cannot be skipped using any means but I can promise you even if you go out and try to skip them physically and I encourage you to do so because you will see that they’re all scams by by skipping them or completing them I would discourage you from completing them because that will just give the scammers more money to do more stuff all right and also what I’ve been noticing lately is that these people that are trying to sabotage my videos with both armies and so on because I have been doing videos on these scammers for a long time and all I have to say to that is the more you guys try to hit my videos the more videos I’m gonna make and the more people will know this is a blatant scam I aim to educate every single person on the internet on this subject and I’m not gonna stop so this is how you do it in 2018 and if you’re looking for actual real legitimate cheats like if you’re one of those people that are looking for unlimited gems for your favorite game or unlimited gold or whatever then I would highly encourage you to go to hacker bot where we have a search engine that only searches through legitimate websites okay so that hacker botnet you go to find cheats and there you have a custom search engine that only searches through forums and websites that I know personally that they offer legitimate working cheats okay curated websites where scammers and survey scammers and human verification scammers cannot post okay if someone goes to one of these websites and it’s like oh I give you unlimited money in your favorite game only have to complete survey people are going to delete their post and those kind of websites is what you actually want now in this case we were at for clash out for clash of clans cheats ok so you would go for clash of clans hack or if you’re on Android for example you would go for mod apk because that is the most popular cheat on on Android for example or on iOS you would go for iOS mod or PC which is go for hack or aimbot or whatever and there you can actually find legitimate websites that offer legitimate cheats now legitimate cheats will not be as awesome especially for online games where a lot of the things are processed on the servers and unlike it is impossible to get for example unlimited money and limited gems God modes and so on in single player games that is absolutely possible but in online games such as most mobile games for example or these days that is absolutely impossible however things like speed hacks walking through walls seeing through walls emboss and so on those are absolutely possible also barring automatic automating gameplay and so on for farming stuff is possible in these kinds of games anyways guys this is how you find actual legitimate cheats now those legitimate cheats will not sound quite as awesome as the fake ones because you’re always gonna sound better when you can lie ok and your cheat will always sound a lot better when you can be a lying scumbag so that’s all I have to say to that just head over to hacker botnet go to find cheats and there you will be able to find whatever kind of cheats that you are looking for for whatever game you’re looking for and again guys it would be nice if you know there was free PayPal money and free money for your favorite games and free everything in the world but sadly sadly that’s not how it works and sadly those scammers they basically make money off of lying to people ok and that is just sad and I really really wish a lot better for you guys because you good people you don’t deserve to be scammed and you guys are better than this you guys are more intelligent than to fall for these kinds of people anyways guys please tell your friends about this please tell them if they’re looking for something like this as well tell them that they shouldn’t get scammed and that all these people are basically pretending and to to have things that are impossible they’re photoshopping pictures they’re editing video and so on to make you believe that it is possible but really really it’s not and all they’re gonna do is gonna have you fill in a survey and then have you download a broken thing that doesn’t work or a virus or they’re gonna log your data and hack your account or or whatever or they’re gonna give you a broken link and be like oh oh the download link is broken we’re so sorry we’re so sorry right anyways guys there is there is no girlfriend generator it’s what I’m trying to say and thanks you guys for watching I hope this helps I hope it helps you to avoid some frustration in 2018 hopefully the year where survey scams and human verification died forever and don’t need to be skipped or bypassed anymore see ya guys later

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    That’s why it’s a scam, and he specifically explains it in the video.
    Btw, good video bro :)! Glad to see I’m not the only one who sees through these things.

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