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Slingbow Fishing Attempt With The Hammer Slingshot /Day 4 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

Slingbow Fishing Attempt With The Hammer Slingshot  /Day 4 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

– Ooh. – That was a gar. Yes! I’m Zachary Fowler, and that’s Chris Thorn. And this is the 30 Day
Survival Challenge, Texas. There’s only one rule. If you wanna eat, you
gotta catch and cook it. (yawns) Good morning. Good morning. It’s about 8:00. I had the hardest time in
the world falling asleep. Man. Just could not fall asleep. Then I woke up at one point, and there was a skunk must
have been like so close. It was so strong, it was
like making my nose burn. But he didn’t come over
and get underneath me or anything. I was worried because I
had brought the dog food for the crawfish traps right underneath me on the pile of sticks because
it was supposed to rain. It rained for about 10
minutes it sounded like this morning. I was hoping for some rain (mumbles) (yawns) Having a hard time waking up. Nothing like a nice rain
when you’re sleeping in. You know. But now that it’s 8:00
and it’s not raining, I’m not gonna be doing much sleeping in. Gotta get up and meet the day. Seize the day. I’m gonna do a health
and wellness check later. And hopefully get some
bigger game and fish today, maybe our traps have something in ’em. Hee haw. Oh man, it’s so beautiful and cool out. Last night it was so warm it’s like I would give anything for a little teeny battery powered
fan to just blow on me. Darn clouds came in and
trapped the heat down. And I do not sleep well without my fan. It takes a lot of getting used to for me. I’m used to sleeping at
home with a fan blowing straight on me. I love that. Spoiled, spoiled. (laughs) Well… I imagine I fell asleep at some point. It must have been about 1:00. No critters in my boots once again because I tucked my socks over the top. They can’t get in. Very proud of myself for that idea. (laughs) (light mid tempo music) (sticks snapping) Try something new today. Fat Rope Stick. And I’ll light it with the
XOtech one-handed spark wheel. Find yourself one handed for some reason, you’re good to go. (zippy mid tempo music) A pair raspberry, pairs-berry. Berry pair. I don’t know. Mm. Breakfast of champions till
I get that crawdad soup heated up. They say you’re not supposed to eat too many of the seeds. I’m just praying I don’t eat too many. Get backed up. Mm. Oh, look at that. What a treat. What a treat. Mm. Dear Diary, it’s been a few days since I’ve gone number two. I hope it’s okay and I
haven’t eaten too many of those cactus fruit. (light piano music) Good sources of fiber and toilet paper are kind of at a minimum
this time of year in Texas. I’m glad I at least
brought the toilet paper. Oh yeah, doesn’t that look delicious? It’s the leftover crawdad bodies. Turned into soup. I been drinking about,
I don’t know how much this thing holds, about
four of these yesterday. And I’ll do about the same again today. Where we make a fresh pot of… Crawdads. That’s not bad. This is a four-quart pot. About two quarts of
crawdad bodies in here. That’s about what we been eating every day between the two of us. (pecans cracking) These are delicious, these wild pecans. What a treat. Chris has been foraging these. I think he’s out there again. (sighs) What a beautiful day. I spent 87 days without toilet paper. So I’m not afraid to use what’s at hand. But Texas is a special case. This place has thorns or
(mumbles) on everything. Even the leaves are like sandpaper. Bummer. Either something set this off or this one’s the one with
the hair trigger in it. Goes off too quickly. I’ll have to fix that. There, that might do it. Let’s see if there’s
anything on this line. Nothin’. Well, nothin’ on this line. But that’s all right. It’s a matter of consistent
persistent effort as I would say. Found that when I was out in Patagonia. My dad likes those acronyms, or whatever they’re called. So I came up with that one. Always feeding my lines twice a day with fresh worms and grubs or gills from the trout that I caught there. And same as here. So I’m baiting twice. Putting them into these pools of water. And then I’ll move down to the next pool. And just keep on keeping on until I catch something. Figure this place out. A little catfish power bait on here. And get her back out there. Hopefully that catches
us something this time. Now it’s time to head up front for a health and wellness check. This is a live stream that we did when we were out there. My apologies for how bad this is. We’ll keep it short. – Hey, guys. – Hello. – What’s going on? So, guys, we’re here live. This is our week 1 weigh-in. We’re with Zachary Fowler
and cat’s out of the bag. We’re with Bob. He’s gonna be doing our
health and wellness checkup. He’s gonna do our weigh-ins. So it says I am 255 with gear on. So that’s with a knife, my boots, clothes, all that good stuff. Probably a little bit of smoke and sweat. – 198. So, with pants and shirt on, which can’t weigh more than,
I don’t know, 3 pounds. (lively banjo music) All right, we’re down at the river. Got the sling bow. Got some fishing hooks. Got some minnows. Hopefully the gar are rising. Hoping to get something
with the sling bow. (lively banjo music) Boom. You see one? So put out a pole with a minnow hanging just over the water. And no sooner did we put that out than one comes up and hits it and like, Chris is trying to get
his foot out of the mud because he was trying to
make it a good solid spot down there, because
everything is just sinking in. They keep hitting it. I gotta get this guppy puppy rigged up so I can get in on the action. (mumbles) biting that. – [Chris] Yep. – [Zachary] Gotta see it. That could just be a bass or something. We’re not allowed to spear game fish. (water splashing) – Ooh. – That was a gar. – Come on, man. – All right. Finally rigged up with the sling bow from Simple Shot. The hammer, with the fishing arrow. (whistles) Right there. I got a trigger system here. And ready to rock it. (mumbles) Now. Oh. Ready? – Oop. – Missed it. Oh, right over his back. – I know, I saw him. He was nibbling at it. – Yes! Oh! – What the heck? If I only got one. Those are the closest hits we’ve had. – It wasn’t a close hit, it was a hit. – I know but it didn’t go in. (Zachary mumbles) – We were all about the minnows, but I couldn’t seem to
set the hook into ’em. They just, it keeps coming
right out of their mouth. Which we’ve been told that
it’s very very difficult. We’re trying to hook them a little bit, bring ’em in, and then he can spear ’em. And the little poles I
set up with the minnows two feet out, and he
speared one and it hit it. You hear a good thunk, and it just didn’t sink in enough. Crawfish for dinner again. And ooh, that’s not good. Meager, meager fare. There is not a lot in there. Huh. Oh, there’s a hole in
the side of the trap. No. I wonder if that means
they been getting out. ‘Cause all the dog food that
we put in there is gone. But there isn’t any, there’s
one, two, three, four. Oh, we have to stitch that up. All right, well, that
trap’s all messed up. I have to take it up to camp to repair it. There, now I can collapse it. These things are cool. This trap’s a little better but not much. That is not looking too good. One big guy, a lot of minnows. I gotta get those into our
keeper trap for fishing. Whoo-hoo! Everybody in there? Looks like it. We beat it and put it back out. Starting to look like all four traps are only producing as much as the first the two traps that we had. The first two to three days. All right, I’m back. Chris said he’s got something
special in here for me. Oh. Oh my goodness. That looks like the most
delicious thing we’ve eaten since we’ve been here. The crawfish are good but (mumbles) Sauce all over the cactus tuna and onion. Whoo. Fogging up the camera with my excitement. (metal clangs) We are running a bad schedule right now. We got to try harder tomorrow to have this meal during
the daylight at 3:30 or something. We just wanted that fish so bad. So we fished until dark. I think I would have stayed
down there fishing too if we hadn’t eaten this at 3:30. And then gone down to
fish just before dark and then stayed down
there in the dark to fish, because that’s when we were
seeing more the other day too. So, maybe tomorrow we can manage that. I got a couple traps down, we’ll have to repair them
and get them in the water in the morning. And I think we need to move upstream. I think we harvested all the
stuff that was downstream by scenting it and they
came upstream for the traps. There we go, I got my
chopsticks, I’m ready to eat. Where’s my dinner? – No. – All right, dinner is
ready, look at that. Whoo. And… Teeny tiny lobsters. Yeah. That is awesome. I cannot wait. Groovy. Don’t worry about my food touching. Ow, ow. Oh. Mm. Oh. Thank you, Lord, for this bountiful feast. Crawdads, cactus, Chris’s efforts. Thank you, God. Jesus’s name, amen. – [Chris] Amen. – Thank you for harvesting
all this wonderful stuff for us, buddy. – [Chris] It took three hours
for just this little bit. – Oh. That cactus. That’s good. It’s like eating a, I don’t know what it is. It’s weird. – [Chris] The pad or the bolt? – The pad. It’s got like a slightly sour taste to it like it’s, you know. I don’t know, it doesn’t look like much. It just looks like a little cube of cactus without the poky things on it. It looks like a green bean. – [Chris] That’s where I get the vibe from like a pickle. – That’s what it is, it’s like eating a cooked dill pickle. – Yeah. That’s the texture feel. – And the taste. It has that slight
sour-iness of like vinegar. Cross between a pickle and a pickle, or actually no, pickle and green beans. – Yeah. – That’s exactly what
it tastes like to me. – Well, what would top this all off for me was being able to get
the briar (mumbles) tips. Because of the time of the year. All the deer are going nutty on it. – Mm. Hey, now I got my
chopstick I can definitely. Oh, dude, you gotta make chopsticks. Makes the crawfish processing even faster. Just give them a poke in the butt and the meat comes right out. – There’s a messed up
joke in there somewhere. – Yeah, I know. – [Chris] The boiled or the fried. Just to change it up. – All right, well, that was a feast. I now am in my hammock. Full of meal. Chris is saying he’s like full full. And I’m feeling pretty full. Pretty full, yeah. By our powers combined, we’ve been surviving pretty well so far. Hopefully we can make it even better and put more food on the table next, over the next couple days. Thanks for watching, guys. Fowler out.

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