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Snake Island (Part 1/2)

Snake Island (Part 1/2)

100 thoughts on “Snake Island (Part 1/2)”

  1. I'm not worried about the snakes or the storm. I am fricking worried about him wearing his shoes on his bed going to sleep. Like dude WTF!?

  2. I mean these people go to an island full of deathly snakes, they get to sleep in a very small tiny space ( just watching I get a feel of fainting) and a thunder storm is coming over them …. they don’t get pay enough for that shit

  3. So the only person that can administer the anti venom has to have been bitten by a snake lol that's how it sounded

  4. What if? you get crashed in the airplane and when you woke up you are in the snake island, will u survive?🤨

  5. Why would you go to an island full of snakes at night???? 😳😳😳😳 What is wrong with going in broad daylight?

  6. Let my girlfriend go there alone,she would exterminate every snake within days,because she has deadliest poison of them all.

  7. Brazil's navy admiral wouldn't even go.. 😨 that says everything you need to know about the island.. fuck that shit lol

  8. I would twist my ankle before getting to the deck. Once reaching the deck I would also be hit with food poisoning. I just couldn’t make it. U got me fukd up !!!

  9. Drunk pirates : let's put snakes on the island so noone can't get our gold
    Breaking news pirates die trying to get their own gold more to follow after sports

  10. totally off topic but why does portugese sound like a complete alien langauge? like it sounds nothing like spanish or italian, its like their speaking in reverse.

  11. the name of the island when translated to English is not snake island , its big forest fire island or big fire island i dont understand why in Brazilian the name of the island is completely different from the English one

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