Sneak Kill (by DublyMike) – Game Grumps Animated

[Game Grumps Animated intro] [zombie groans and gunshots] [pew, rip zombie] [Big thud] [more zombies and gunshots] [Arin] Bang. Bang. [Dan] Oh, that’s not going to work… [Arin] Oh god, oh god, I’m out of ammo! [Dan] Oh– oh geez, Arin! [Arin] I need to get out of here!
[Dan] You suck. [zombie growls] [stealthy fall] [crash and cat yowl] [Dan] Are you okay, sir? Can you be helped? [buzzing fly] [zombie groan] [wolf howls] [Arin] I’m gonna sneak kill him. [sneaky piano music] Sneak kill! [door bell] Oh god! [door bell continues] [fly buzzes, zombie groans]
[door bell continues] [door bell continues] [groans in the distance]
[door bell continues] [zombie noises] [Arin] *yells*
[chain saw revs] [Dan] *laughs*
[chain saw revs] You’re so bad at this.
[chain saw revs] *rip Arin* [dog barks] [Arin] She’s coming. [Dan] Yeah, let her walk past you for the love of God.
[Arin] I’m gonna sneak her, dude. I’m gonna sneak her. [can roll] [zombie grunt] [zombie grumble] [Arin as Zombie] Who was that? [Dan as Zombie] Hmm. [Arin as Zombie] Certainly wasn’t the sound
of someone trying to sneak kill me. [Both] *laugh* [Dan] Use the skills you picked up in Burger King Sneak King. [thunder]
in Burger King Sneak King. Kill her with a flourish! [Zombie] Ow! [Arin] Got her! [Dan] Oh man. [Arin as Sneak King] Wait just a gosh-darn second. It looks like this guy’s gonna get sneak killed! [Dan] That– [Game Grumps Animated outro] [Dan] *big jumpscare* I’m going to sneak kill you–

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