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Solo Overnight Survival Challenge with Minimal Gear (Knife, Ferro Rod and Pot) and Shelter Build

Solo Overnight Survival Challenge with Minimal Gear (Knife, Ferro Rod and Pot) and Shelter Build

hey everyone thanks for tuning in so I’m in the woods here I’m gonna do a quick overnighter it is 6 o’clock right now I just found a good spot here to make a shelter I’m gonna build a lean-to shelter right here I found a good spot for water so my water resource is about 2 3 minutes down this way there’s a little swampy area so I’ll grab some water from there for my my overnighter know all I brought it this time on this one I brought two main items so I brought my morris bush pot and I brought my Canadian forest knife my and ol tool and I just pretty much it for my survival type equipment I brought some safety gear as well so I brought my pepper spray there’s a lot of coyotes in this area I’m not very far from town I’m only like 20 minutes walk in so it’s a safe spot to practice I brought my first-aid kit my thermometer it is 24.5 it’s really nice spring /summer day brought a seal line bag this I’ll only use to carry water to put out my fire with last thing I want to do is get a forest fire going out here and my flashlight if I need to get out or something like that or film in the middle of the night then I’ll have my flashlight for that and yeah that’s pretty much it so I only have 3-4 hours before the dawn or the nighttime so I’m gonna find some rotten logs and building light lean-to shelter I’m gonna build a audrey francois rotten log audrey faso a Bubo rotten log style lean-to shelter so yeah let’s get going also i forgot to mention but on my Canadian forest knife here I have my Ferro rod that is attached and my sharpening tool or stone so my three main items or the Ferro rod the knife and the bush pot gathering some logs that are already rotting on the ground for building materials [Applause] grab this tree here for the base of my shelter be put him down change my camera angle so by bending the tree down I can cut some of the fibers twist it the other way once you got a few logs you want to plant this tree here and stick it in pretty good little hole in the ground then you want to bend it up here put a nice follow it will hold it in place up here now you can see where I’m going with this shelter I’ve got these pieces that’ll be kind of the roof then I’ll create put some more logs here to sit on and yeah okay so I got to cut some pieces to put across here and then build a little roof for it so it’s seven o’clock been working on this thing for a little bit more than an hour and it’s what I got so far it’s pretty probably the worst shelter you’ve ever seen but without and he saw or acts or anything it’s not bad the idea is to get some thermal heat trapped in kind of that behind those logs and then I have the heat of the fire come from underneath so I’m not actually sitting on the ground got this log and that log under and all my pieces for my bed or cross and then I just need to throw some spruce boughs and that’s some screw spells on the roof and gather a ton of firewood boil some water for a drink and then I’m all set for gathering spruce boughs I don’t even need a knife all I need to do is grab the branch either bent it up or down I like personally to go go up like this [Music] show some of these vowels here on my bed won’t be the best bush bed that I’ve ever made do the job for for tonight so I’m making a pot hanger here use this piece for my hook cut it down here that off of there make an X on the back this pot hanger was Shonen when a Jill Robin that’s latest videos and it’s actually from Morris Cohan skis both bushcraft that I gave away a signed copy not so long ago my last giveaway she’s got to be careful not to cut yourself when you’re carving this piece out using my my thumb to help me carve out this is the worst swampy water but that’s a good boil it should be alright drop some time right I got my my water all right for my pot hanger I made three x-type notches and I got my hook and then the other piece is a flathead screw tip so I’ll plant that in the ground then this this piece will come right about here hopefully this’ll hold there you go hopefully that doesn’t fall got to make this angle wider and it won’t come and hit there and it will be better using my my thumb and cutting away from me go slowly do my wider angle or this one the mosquitoes are hard I didn’t think the mosquitoes were out yet but man they’re oh so I’m gonna build my fire right away and make it smoky and get my water boiling as well drink a bit water here getting pretty thirsty there a little bit better we’ll grab some dry grass and get this fire started now you can see how they’re a little bit better fit straight here good okay so I got my grass I won’t use all this this will be enough I got my stage one here my little twigs and my stage two a tree some thumb sized pieces well I’ll just break apart the grass throw a spark with my tur rod right in here that’ll should go up pretty quick in flames got a freaking Rose thorns in here I should have brought gloves are you grab some more evergreen [Applause] I’m gonna try to move my fire a little bit more underneath my pot hanger fires a little bit too big right now let it die down and I’ll throw all the coals underneath around my camp there is a lot of this plant Labrador tea is in the Erica SIA family I believe and make some good tea it’s medicinal though so I know if you’re pregnant you can’t eat any of it it’s got kind of a little fur underneath a velvet and that’s how you identify it Kalmia it looks like it’s I really got to know what you’re looking for so I’ll be careful with this plant and you can’t drink tons of it once my water is boiling I’ll throw some of it in there just to give it a bit of a bush tea kind of taste gather a few here usually go for a handful for a pot and that doesn’t taste too too strong leave it all my shirt here for later throw a bit more wood on there lid wants to pop off I think we have a boil going so I’ll calculate 10 let’s make it 15 minutes just give it a water looks bad and then I’ll have some water to drink 807 so let’s say 8:20 and I can drink all right it’s 824 so my waters ready it’s nice about this hot hangers I can grab it from the top so I’m not burning myself or anything throw a bit of spruce needles as well give it a little bit of vitamin C and let it cool down move it away from the fire here this waters taking forever to cool down I wish I had a little cup some sort I know how to build one with birch bark but there is no birch bark here at all it’s all Aspen more school henskee has a way and one of the old books to make one with an aspen bark it’s been a different way to fold the bark I’d like to learn it maybe I’ll do a video on it soon didn’t bring any cup or anything and would be faster if I could put my water in a smaller Cup then that would cool down faster than having it all in one big pot I wanna burn myself drinking this brought no other water would I like to have a bottle of water when I was so thirsty right now I don’t have any sleeping bag or anything for tonight just hang out under the shelter and watch my fire I guess be relaxing it’s good to take these rubber boots off maybe I’ll build a little wood platform gonna stay here with my socks on 8:30 we got 17.5 on the thermometers starting to cool down a little bit should go down to around six tonight but so firewood will be the key to staying warm so a quick tip on gathering some good firewood when you’re looking you can grab some wood on the ground if your fires going good and you don’t need it to be a hundred percent dry there’s moisture on the ground and plus it’s horizontal so the rain will enter the wood but what do you want to be looking for if you’re looking for maximum dryness is the vertical ones like this one right here small so it’s not too dangerous to push push down that’s broken at the top so I can very easily push it down and you’ll see when you you grab it it’s very lightweight and you know that it’s dead when some of the bark is it’s shaving off this is an aspen tree and you can see it’s really dead the bark is kind of falling off so that’s a nice piece right here and then I can just bring it back to my wood pile I just saw that cool growls doing my shot bringing back my firewood see if I could film it for you it’s right here so camouflage probably happy that all the snows melted can eat all the little leaves alright I’ll just let this guy be yeah yes goodbye gross have a good night nine o’clock my water finally cooled down I wish there was snow still so I could put it in the snow and it will cool down faster sorry for the darkness I’m letting my fire just smoke around and it’s not that cold so I’m keeping my keeping my firewood for later when it’s actually cold out nine-thirty finally dark out start entertaining this fire relax not a word in English entertain a fire I guess maintain would be better word French you would say Oscar Tony letter Neela food so it’s a little bit past 9:30 I just want to do a quick tour of my camp it’s my hook for my pot hanger I just carved out with the bark it’s easy to spot it’s my shelter there’s my firewood pile for future reference pretty decent shouldn’t it’s not too cold yet so you’ll see my thermometer you got 13 right now just a laying in my camp check this you out pretty cool I hope folks enjoy my videos it takes a lot of work to make these try to make him kind of like a little film make him longer but not too long chairs some info do a little bit of teaching and sharing skills and stuff like that mostly sharing my experience my errors stuff I know I hope you can hear all those frogs and toads sunset it is 9:45 right now now that’s a fire these loose balls are here a little bit pointy really kinda they’re kind of itchy I wish I had fur furry balls balls them for soft softer there’s only Foose and Aspen around I could have used cattails or grass but when you’re doing a fire this big it’s kind of sketchy we’ll be sleeping in a tinder bundle I have to keep the fire smaller than this this is too big it’s good for filming but feel like I’m in an oven the idea with this shelter is you have your reflector wall which you would some people put it behind the fire but with this shelter the reflector wall is your actual shelter fires decent but it’s not huge and it was 13 or 12 South six outside I got 21.5 here at the top of the shelter hey folks 11:40 right now still haven’t slept like these frogs are so loud and I fear they’re gonna keep going all night and that’s not very comfortable I won’t lie this is one of the most painful overnighters that I’ve done all night Charles so far if I would only hide like a blanket or a sleeping bag it would have made a whole lot of difference I don’t have any sleeping gear at all I don’t have I don’t even have a coat like all I have is this little shirt and then under that I have a t-shirt don’t have a pillow or anything I don’t usually call my videos like survival or anything but I might for this one it’s a good intermediate style exercise just a knife or a rod pot a couple more little safety items but all I’ll tough it out at least until 6 o’clock just to call it a 12-hour and to call it an overnight or – I want to see that the Sun Rise these I have a nice fireplace to look at good old cat method see what temperature we have outside right now midnight 10 degrees let’s try to go to bed well good morning everyone it’s 5:25 in the morning still a little bit dark it’s super windy and the issues that I had all night is the the wind kept blowing all the smoke inside my shelter so I didn’t smoke I didn’t I didn’t really sleep much maybe half an hour so I guess it’s doable stay out in the woods with hot on a fair water and a knife but you don’t sleep much that’s what I learned just waiting for the fire to die down and I’ll soak it with water and then I’m out of here it’s only 9 degrees Celsius this morning and with that wind it’s pretty chilly big difference compared to 24 we had yesterday afternoon oh how to put the fire out a note after this all right it is 5:45 I am out of here the fire has been put out very well it went three pouches of water and yeah okay so I’m just headed out right now question of the day if I do another minimal gear kind of overnight or video kind of like this one in your opinion what gear should I bring or should I use so I’ll just let me know what you guys think if you like this video if you want me to do another similar video let me know what kind of gear I should use alright guys if you liked the video please like it and I’d really appreciate it if you’d share and just head it out I here gonna go get some breakfast and then head to bed because like I said I didn’t really sleep I slept like half an hour one hour and just sat by the fire alright guys thanks for watching and have a good day my good friend John is Brennan and practice of Morris going ski he told me a good quote that I would like to share here he says Moore says there are three ways of maintaining your body heat one external heat source such as a fire to be staying active walking exercising cetera and three is insulation the issue with the two first ones is that they require a lot of energy after this 12 hours I spent yep I would definitely have to agree with that if you look at five seasons of survival the category of covers were these three items didn’t cut it good cover items to have in it survival kit would definitely be a tarp sleeping that sleeping bag black it for sure

35 thoughts on “Solo Overnight Survival Challenge with Minimal Gear (Knife, Ferro Rod and Pot) and Shelter Build”

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  10. If you really wanted to stick with the minimalist survival theme, I'd just add one of those mylar survival sheets. I don't think it would have done a whole lot for comfort, but it could have been a good roof/backdrop for the shelter so that you could have been a little more protected should if have rained or drizzled, and your might have been able to keep the fire smaller and less smokey. Of course, then you'd be dealing with more mosquitoes, so there's that.

    Secondly, the overturned lid of your pot would have made a good cup. As shallow as it is, the increased surface area of the liquid would have cooled it very quickly.

    Thanks for taking us along!! Love your videos!

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  20. I never got this whole 3-5 item challenge thing hell you can go in with nothing if one had to. But a person who has been there done that knows that you can go with very little gear and actually be comfortable to enjoy your time out. I carry a polish poncho and wool blanket poncho, folding saw,belt knife,pocket knife,ferro rod,lighter,pants pocket first aid kit,25 ft para cord, canteen/cup, and bit of easy food like oatmeal,top Raman. Very light and easy to carry and gives me the comfort to enjoy myself . Oh and can't forget that morning warming up cup of coffee lol. You did really well just not my kinda fun challenge.

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