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If you want to hear exactly step by step,
how I inseminated and conceived my six month old son on the first try with
only one vial, then stay tuned. When someone asks you how babies are made,
what’s the first thing to come to mind? Sex right? So how can we be expected
to conceive on mere insemination without sexual stimulation? During the LH surge,
the 24 to 36 hours before we ovulate, our bodies are waiting for any signal that
that essential ingredient is on its way. Do you know how they inseminate pigs?
They rub up against the pigs hips aggressively in the same way that a male
pig would do and then once she’s properly turned on, then they inseminate.
When our bodies are turned on, we undergo physical change, we produce lubrication
and signals are sent out that it’s go-time.
Even better, during an orgasm the cervix which is high and soft
during the LH phase, dips into that pool of sperm with every contraction that
that orgasm produces. This creates an upsuck reflex, along with telling those
sperm where to go. Scientific research suggests that an orgasm before, during, or
as much as 45 minutes after ejaculation, or insemination, significantly increases
a woman’s chances of conceiving. Think about it you guys, why did God give women
multiple orgasms where men get only one? He knew what he was doing, let’s just
leave it at that. Now I’m a visual person so I went ahead and I set up a little
mock-up of what my bed looked like on the night that I inseminated.
My son sleeps in my room and he naps while I film, so I improvised. You’re
gonna be propping yourself up with two pillows and you’re gonna have a towel to
catch any spillage. I didn’t have any spillage myself because I only used one
1g of Preseed instead of the 2gs recommended in a lot of TTC forums.
You’re going to go ahead and… you’ll have your legs elevated like this
and you’re gonna want your hips to be pointed upward rather than straight to
the wall and you want to get as close as possible to the wall, there’s gonna be a
little bit of gap between the wall and your pillows once you get on and then I
used my ottoman tray here to have all of my tools for insemination, as well as my
vial: a nice safe place to keep it, to where it would be upright at all times.
Having it on my left side was easier because I would be leaning on my left
arm and using my dominant, my right hand, to do everything that I needed to do. I’m
gonna go ahead and cover all of these things in the procedure, so don’t worry. I
highly recommend setting up your pillows and getting on them ahead of time just
to make sure that you’re comfortable with what you’ve set up for yourself.
Because I wanted to make this as visual as possible, it felt really incomplete
not having a cryotank for you guys, so I have my little DIY cryotank here. The
evening I inseminated, I had positive OPKs all day long.
Please go ahead and check out my how to track your cycle video, I will link that
below for you. And I also had clear egg white cervical mucus and a very high,
soft cervix. I had waited until the evening because I wanted to be able to
inseminate and go to sleep nice and relaxed and horizontal so that gravity
could aid those guys in their great adventure. After my daughter went to
sleep, I got ready for bed and I set up my area, procedure area, and then got on
my handy-dandy little gloves here. This is
all you need. You don’t need like snow gloves or anything too thick, just these
little like Dollar Tree kind of gloves because it’s going to be very cold,
there’s carbon dioxide in your tank: if you’re using frozen sperm. If you’re not
using frozen sperm you could totally just skip past this part, but what you’re
gonna do is, keep in mind the tank is gonna be like five, at least five times
this size, but you’re going to cut a zip tie. There’s going to be a zip tie right
here, attached to the lid and the tank. You’re gonna cut that and lift your lid.
This top part of the lid is going to be black and about an inch or so in height
and then this red part is going to be white and there’s going to be a cool
cloud of frost coming off of it. Okay, there’s gonna be a hook coming down
right here. You’re going to pull your hook and at the bottom of it there’s
like a flat bottom that’s gonna bring up this tube, or straw like thing. You drop
the hook back down and hold this in the tank. If you have two vials you
definitely have to keep it in the tank. If you have only one vial you could pull
the whole thing out, but for me, I wanted to be as accurate as possible with the
dethaw time, so I kept it in the tank right here and then you’re gonna grab
inside the little straw tube, is a metal stick with notches going all the way
down it. It’s gonna have a lot more resistance than this. It’s not going to be
able to just pull out. It’s going to be nice and tight like a glove in that. So
you’re gonna pull it, pull it, pull it, pull it, until you see your vial. Your
vial is gonna be about halfway, anywhere from halfway down. So you’re gonna pull
it up pretty high until you see your vial and if you’ve got several vials in
there just, you know, keep it in here and just pull the one vial, then put that
back down in there and set your vial, pull my vial out, set it right here. I put
it right here in the corner of my tray right here, which I don’t think you’re
gonna be able to see that. Right there in the corner of my tray to keep it upright. Not working great
with the gloves. And then if you have more vials, you want to gently put it
back in there rather than just dropping it down, so you lift the hook and then
there you go. Put your lid back on and right when you
set down the vial, you want to look over. I had my alarm clock facing the bed, so
when I was propped I would be able to look over at the alarm clock. Yes, your
phone has a clock on it, but having something lit up, like a digital clock
right there for you to look at is a lot, it was a lot easier for me. I just, I
didn’t want to miss the time, I wanted to stay on track. Once you pull that vial
out you have 15 minutes to kill. Just make sure you took note of the time when
you pulled it out and when it got to about 15 minutes, that’s when I went to
the bathroom because I knew that I was gonna be propped up for over an
hour. So, went to the bathroom, got on my pillows the way I showed you guys in
the beginning and you’re gonna stay elevated for the rest of this procedure.
Then I was propped up. I went over here and grabbed my Preseed syringe. As you
can see, let’s go ahead and open this up for you.
It’s got 4g 3g 2g 1g this is 1g right there. This is not Preseed, but I’m using
it for educational purposes as it’s just ultrasound gel. It’s just a placeholder.
Once you take this off, there’s gonna be threads around here and then this was
specifically designed with threads on the inside of the tube to squeeze onto
your Preseed. Now what Preseed is, is it’s a lubricant and it is one of the only
lubricants that aids the sperm in it’s travel to the uterus, whereas almost all
of the other ones damage the sperm. So if you are gonna get any kind of
lubricant, that one is highly recommended in the TTC world. Twist it on and then
pull. Not pull, DO NOT pull the syringe part. You’re gonna twist it on and you’re
going to squeeze this part and that is naturally going to make this
go and you’re gonna want to go to that first line right there of 1g. Keep it
squeezed and then untwist as you continue to kind of squeeze that to keep
it at the 1g. Once you’ve plunged the Preseed, you’re
going to stay elevated and this is when I began stimulating myself to send those
signals to my body. Do not bring yourself to orgasm and stay
away from the edge because that first orgasm is going to produce the most
contractions and be the most powerful. Turn on some mellow music. For me it was
my Iron and Wine station on Pandora and remain relaxed and just keep your mind
on that baby. Then at the 30 minute mark, you’re going to pick up your vial and
you’re still propped. I just, I think it’s important to keep reinforcing that
you’re staying propped for this whole hour, sorry, but you’re gonna pick up your
vial. This is covered because my donor number is gonna be on it. By the way,
check your donor number with the paperwork that you got with your
cryotank and you’re gonna put this in your armpit just like this. Just put it
in your armpit, but you’re gonna be laying like this, so you want to keep the
lid pointing upward at all times. Once that 5 mins minutes is up, you’re going to
take the vial out, set it back into the corner right here or whatever you’ve got
it set on and you’re going to just unscrew it. Completely unscrew it. It’s
a plastic vial, so it’s not glass. And take your 1cc syringe, you need a 1cc,
this is the cap that comes with it. You need a 1cc because this is the only
syringe that will fit inside of the vial. Any other syringe that you use, it’s just a
needleless syringe, any other syringe that you use is not going to fit inside
the vial and you’re gonna need to use a pipette which wastes sperm. You’re gonna
plunge very, very slowly. Do not hit the sides. Do not hit the bottom until you’re
on those final drops and then there’s gonna be a couple
drops left. Don’t worry about trying to get them. Don’t stress it, there’s gonna
be a couple drops left no matter what you do. Once you pull it out, tip it over.
Be very gentle with it, you don’t want to harm the sperm and just wait patiently
for those couple bubbles to go to the top and then you’re just going to do a
tiny little air bubble plunge. Just a teeny one and it’s gonna make a little
bubble right here. Just pop that bubble, you’re good to go. Go ahead and put it
inside of you. DO NOT plunge it. I repeat, DON’T plunge. Right now is the time to
bring yourself to climax and because you were previously stimulated, you should be
able to do it fairly quickly. Don’t make yourself freak out about the timeline
and everything. Ten minutes of body temperature is recommended after the
thirty minutes dethaw time. Just bring yourself to climax and right
before you have that orgasm, you’re going, I took my left hand and continued doing
what I was doing and slowly, slowly started plunging before, during and after
that orgasm and like I said, your cervix is going to dip, dip, dip with every
contraction that you have. After it’s plunged all the way,
keep it inside and bring yourself to climax once more. So that’s two. Keep this
inside and it will prevent any drippage. After that’s done, you can take
your syringe out of you. Make sure your hips are pointed up, not straight. You
know, it’s a little extra work to thrust them upward with your legs up on the
wall and then you’re gonna wait. I was planning on having a third orgasm at 45
minutes, but instead I decided to wait a full hour from that very first orgasm and
plunge. So like I said, having that alarm clock, my digital clock there, I kept
taking note of all the times. Right before that hour was up,
I grabbed my Preseed syringe once more, screwed it on. Squeeze this and then that
makes this go to 1g one more time. Unscrew it while keeping the squeezed
and then instead of putting it inside of me, I set it down and grabbed my Softcup
or Soft Disc. I don’t know if this is the new version. I think it’s called a Soft
Disc now, yeah. I still call it a Softcup, but you’re gonna open it up. Do not be
intimidated by this. I had never used one before either and it was
definitely intimidating, but you’re gonna push it down like this.
You’ve got the whole soft part right here and then that’s how it’s supposed to be.
The bag is just on the under part and you’re going to take the 1g of Preseed
and squeeze it in here and just kind of rub the rest on the sides. Take your
finger and like you’re literally propped and just lying on your side doing this
like I showed you in the beginning. You’re gonna just rub all of that
Preseed all around the edge of this and here. Make sure it covers every single
crevice of the Softcup. Then and I highly recommend practicing
this elevated a couple days prior to using it, if you’ve never used a Softcup
before. You’re gonna pinch it like this and your legs are up right? You’re going
to scoop it in, kind of back and then up. Pretty much like this, that way and
then once it’s in you’re gonna take your middle finger and you’re gonna push it
just a little bit more to try to get it around that cervix. Remember that during
your LH surge your cervix is super soft so it’s gonna get around it really
easily. Once that’s in, you’re gonna have your third and final orgasm. After that
third and final orgasm, go to the bathroom. TMI some clear stuff
will come out, that’s normal, but after you go to the bathroom, get into bed and
get yourself horizontal. Turn off the lights. Do not look at your phone. Get to
sleep as soon as possible, so you don’t have to go to the bathroom again. Once
you wake up you’re going to sit down, make sure you do this on the toilet, and
you’re gonna take the Softcup out. So it’s gonna be in you like this. You’re
going to take it, either your middle finger and your thumb or your index
finger and your thumb, and you’re going to push down, like eh, down and out like
that. It’s gonna have a whole bunch of clear
liquid with white swirls in it. This is a combination of you, the seminal fluid and
the Preseed. It’s normal. If you guys have any questions at all, please do not
hesitate to ask me. I tried to be as detailed as possible with this video, but
I’m here for you if there’s anything else I can do to help. Good luck and
please subscribe and stay tuned for my upcoming videos on the two-week wait
after ovulation, getting that positive pregnancy test, and
a whole bunch of advice on pregnancy and delivery. Please also like this video and
I will see you next time!

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