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STRANDED ON AN ISLAND? | Minecraft SkyBlock

STRANDED ON AN ISLAND? | Minecraft SkyBlock

ahhhhhhhhhhhh i am on fire ahhhhhhh help me!!!!!!! no your not your,your really not no what i was getting at was was i am not fire sooo cool off by playing some Skyblock ice am i right you know anything about
Skyblock let me tell you something I am a confirmed Skyblock warrior with
4,000 confirmed kills top of my class bathroom they see me and they run in poop fear cuz here comes girl baby girl well why don’t you prove why don’t we head on over to Skyblock
kill a man you know bare hands oh ok all right here we go so i believe
i can just dis boom ok puts me into my land I can invite you
guys now with is and fight oh here we go okay you’re all here
oh cool I’m shot all haha but don’t get in their
full cap little l here to get me no quarrel stop it you’re gonna push him
Huff I have a lot of stuff i like a lot of stuff my job down this tree you guys
go out the branches under ok got it going to be careful yeah let’s take it
one step at a time here again so what’s our what’s our plan here
what’s kind of our line of action here but we’re greatest thing in the sky a
via best thing to do a Skyblock is to build a cobblestone generator which
takes ice to make the water and then lover I think sub knows how to do that so
let’s let him do it and we can see how it works you know guess up can do all
like the boring work great here and then what we’ll do all the cool
stuff like that we can kill stuff right we gotta find going to make like a mob
spawner and stuff kill a bunch of things i don’t know i think i think that he
takes a while and progress hold on though wait coral you said that you were a
Skyblock master oh well we already have a stone
generator ok cool so someone can work on this then all you have to do stand here
oh well wait the white wice it producing iron
yes it does all this to me so – okay okay i love it hooded justice is what it
does to check because it’s ok we’re fine we’re fine okay okay coral careful with
bob i’m going to put away all the valuables because if we’re going to go actually if
we’re going to pvp that’s not in Skyblock the right that’s like a little
pvp world yeah but you do keep all your items and
stuff with you oh ok well I’m going to put those away then I can someone
explain to me what these uncommon key dropper dealios are so how does this
work well you can take these to spawn and
then go to the PDP place right and basically use your key and you have
to fight for the key that you spawn Lou go do that along with outranks and we can get some
cool loot ok so that’s what ok so that’s what we’re going to be fighting for them
right so that’s why you ever were preparing
for okay all right boy is I’m all ready to go I’m all prepared to go out my
inventory all organized so let’s go ahead and do this oh man ok
here we go so where are we . stuff jump down enter the PvP zone you will lose
all of your items if you die or fallen the void oh it’s so big thing here that several
people here that they’re maxed out they have diamonds and chanted on ya like
them to be gentle barn they’re going to attack we will be
killed ok let’s do in Alan’s wait what ok coral what okay Wendell array we
didn’t give me that we haven’t dropped anything yet how early what are we supposed to – who wait drop
thing yeah I want to write some people know but we’re here because we want to
claim our our kids our ranks run from that height to do that okays down they won’t know where we’re going on
okay okay cool cool hey let’s go hide back here ok so how do these how do these a key
drops work here so I useful in your hands giving click all right I’m sure you’re right i like
you might like a perfect like oh no oh it looks now oh we’re trying my stop opens bottle I’m talking about you know I fell down
to die and all right you know what group meeting gather round everybody
come on gather around in front of me here’s what we’re gonna do all right our sky block is going to be the best
effort ok so you know we got a salt hate coral Coral I’m i was an immediate
hearing the land ok good so here’s what we’re going ok we got a group mission
now we’re going to expand rapid expansion our sky block is going to be
the best it’s ever been I want one man Manning this side I want
him to make a garden a tree a tree farm there you go subs in charge of that Alex on this side you’re gonna make me
see what do we need oh boy I don’t know how you can make a
farm I suppose for food what did you just tell us something like
fun well no he’s making tree farm he’s going to go after guys sure you’ll
do food and then a coral be careful with the dirt because we this is all the dirt
we have you care well I actually wait can we we just buy
dirt in the shop right we can just have no idea of building blocks yeah you can
actually just going to the shop and buy dirt on how much to the well I don’t
think I have enough actually i have three thousand dollars right now so but
still though just be careful with the resources he used so what were you
building here buddy huh another diving board and so we know
we can’t that’s such a waste of resources that we can have a diving
board here we need to have something you know something useful like all right
like a ballroom or something i left ballroom ok let’s see do we need like a mob
spawner I think we can do that too if we have like a lot of a lot of room i
can we just build out really far and then mobs will start spawning on the one
on the one thing you know we just build out like one line of block oh yeah I don’t think we need that right
now so what do we need so here’s the thing with soul here okay
I’ve actually got two very important things in my inventory right now so i
have the myth rank note and then i have the uncommon key drop so what we’re
gonna do is we want to build our way up so that we can go and actually get the
myth rank in the PvP zone so we need to make sure that we have
exactly what we need we’re going to need weapons armor and just overall mental
preparation so how does that sound to you think you
think we can all pull it together huh well I i hope so ok well we all right
good well let’s let’s get to work then so I we’re going to get my ball room
ready though if anyone wants to come for a quick little dance it doesn’t look like a ballroom just
looks like it well I should derived r is ok she mastered all I have I’ve tried my best every day what I
looking to do is I’m going to build a very important chest okay what do you mean what do you mean what’s
that I just said it’s the myth rank noted the uncommon key drop out if I
threw them both off what would you do I would kill myself
what yeah yeah I’m gonna throw on top don’t know corporal happens if I put a
lot of never look about don’t be like this please go home puttin on the news
doesn’t need to happen it doesn’t need to go down like this coral please we’re all friends here so with your
stuff back but you could just put it back in the
chest this stuff’s important coral so we got trees we got a garden we have a ballroom do
you think we’re ready to go fight I mean we are in last time well we
weren’t ready at all yeah but I maybe this time will be dere
anyting well no weapons or arbor that’s true but
ok you know maybe we can get some diamonds i’m gonna work on getting some
diamonds over here okay here we go so I get what I dividing the moral
support you go you get those diamonds coral you’re doing great oh and you think you’re great at this
yeah here we go Molly bolt here’s what i want a loan i
got some time and ok cool we just got to keep doing this a little bit more
wilderness everyone on this server can compete with
their islands right and they can write the levels to get the the highest level
island they can do what we need to if you have a look on the right of the
screen is you know our island level says 0 oh it’s not actually zero right now if
you do / is space level it will update we can see the true level of our i love
oh yeah oh well all’s well uh who ok cool like being level 12 12 years old I’m gonna make me a diamond sword i’m
gonna put on my booties ok and then we can do some killing ok
killing oh wait hold on where do I where’s the
wood you guys are putting the what we’re so the one and actually I want to go as well here
we go i’m taking that I don’t see anyone anywhere so can I have some more get up again oh
yeah I mean we probably will but you know actually all we have to do is hold
on to the thingy is it the rank know we need to hold on for 30 seconds without
dying or is that the Kiera what’s the rank No ok so if we hold on
to the rank No for 30 seconds without dying in the pvp area and that’s how we
get it right well if some of us distract the other guys right and you have enough
to the other side of the island I’m doing this weekend maybe have you
win the rank low that you actually you know yeah I like that idea so let’s
let’s execute this plan i’m going to go ahead and make this
sword here we go coral I don’t you have like some
diamonds and stuff oh yeah I threw it off the edge no you
did not coral I know when you’re lying am i bringing both the key drop and the
rank note i’ll see you boys in a war zone okay all right guys again we’re waiting
they were waiting for us to come they know that we’re here though that
that’s a problem bigger problem this is the guy who killed us before it
was it this guy yes osmo oh the whole ok just wait for a
dollar to think that guy ok you got goin out what what am i
holding on to that all the other way the right kind of distracting this guy
okay here we go I don’t think i ever got there ok so what am I decay so do i need
to slide over here with me ok so here i’m going to right click it
and now okay here we go I have the rank of our tribe 26 I don’t
know they can still see you ok ok ok here i don’t know yet we got a
crouch ok guys that he’s coming guys robbing Oh about God bad / is quick so yes I’m not so sure you’re gonna make
it ok I don’t you only did 30 do Hollins at least of your birth make sure you
don’t get hit physical work you stayed five seconds they’re coming for three I did it I did it yeah I got it oh that
was solos oh man we thought if we get the pool so
we got the rank so now it says so it says in the shot and i won the myth
ticket you guys can actually also get your own
myth rank you can go almost door I guess you get girls yeah just go to
the Prime FC online storage so i think its prime MC dogs you guys who do you
think will get my very own with rank ah well there goes coral ok you guys
want to go to spawn this don’t you bunch of stuff that spawned we haven’t checked
out yet it’s pretty cool yeah okay already so just right like
that looks in there and some items here I kind of want to auction them because
this this place has an auction so say like these boots can I put them up for auction and then
auction them for say like I don’t know like 10 million dollars cannot let’s
give it a try okay so actually auction you can just do the auction house aah for auction house ok selections
search option call option all of an item in your hand what if I say 50 there we go auctioned 1
x Iron Boots for fifty dollars each like that who wants to buy my boots for
fifty dollars and garden be me and I well yeah you gonna do it oh man trying to go we’re gonna buy him Alexia and then do what I just got this
is an auction Oh sub just purchased them for 50 bucks
Oh sometimes just yeah Oh worked ok cool so there’s other stuff
you can get there as well so this is like all the way aah 30 so this is all the stuff that
people have auction of see this person has a fish up four hundred dollars of
fish is that for rip off i don’t know i have i’m not too sure i have three
thousand bucks right now so i could actually buy one if I wanted to well anyways let’s go ahead and hear
what you want let’s just check out the pets so we have a pet trainer right here to
get pets though you need gems and do this anyone hear of gems I got an emerald I don’t think that’s a
gem though knowing our champion looks like a gym what kind of looks like a gym but Maya
by a cal from her with that emerald bowl but that’s you can because he fashioned
barter ma’am how high i got an emerald you have a cow let my vm world now so you can make a
deal with the no I’m not because I want to keep the Emerald now what about bob
is because something’s going to come from the boots what it’s like are you
kidding how about some would you be give me some cows now ok so one thing I
just realized is that now that I’m a myth rank now with / kit look at all this stuff my god i got the
full method decked-out armor ok here we go we gotta go do this fight
now we actually have a you actually have a standing chance of a real your TV ad
their little bombs corley just going in completely empty-handed huh I’m not a myth whoo yeah you’re not a
myth haha that’s where I’m just coral mm-hmm I’m mythical Dennis okay well go
mythical Dennis I’m going to distract them and you go get your thinking so I’m
a bonsai away in order to change me ok not getting none of them are chasing
you wat all oh they just they really couldn’t care
less about you hon and good thing I don’t have that kind of code coming I’m
gonna die I’m gonna get a Jew come out though I mean they’re that run on left
and right let’s see where they go I’m gonna run this way oh no I’m gonna
run this way all whoa where where am I going okay here we go and
then I put this down ok so now click your silicon coming kids
have been dropped what do I get it oh there it is wait where is it where is
it always gonna be right here okay I got it no no he’s coming after me ok that’s ok
we can mess them up mess him up sub don’t know I’m getting
attacked ok here we go we’re good we’re good oh no he killed you subbed no it’s okay
we’re gonna be fine get it come on we got this I want you to
have yeah punching them with my foot it’s ok it’s
ok i’m still okay I’m fine everything’s gonna be okay – okay hold on we’re okay I know myself have a heart ok ready to
teleport running away I line up strike out I’m sorry coral I wasn’t able to get the
uncommon key drop it’s okay we’ll try again tomorrow yeah and then the next day and the next
we die yeah yeah well I had a lot of fun here at prime MC know you guys can
actually play yourself at prime MC . or you can maybe try the pvp yourself see
if you can actually get the uncommon key drop because I I couldn’t

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