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STUPID Noob VS LEGENDARY Pro – Minecraft Machinima

STUPID Noob VS LEGENDARY Pro – Minecraft Machinima

GOLDEN ARMOR HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH MINECRAFT IS THE BEST [FART’S] THIS SMELLS FANTASTIC I NEVER LEFT THIS ISLAND IV”E BEEN PLAYING ONLY HERE THERE ARE MONSTERS IN THE WATER And I am scared of those I only have one friend And that’s MR.Stinky Piggy! Who is a good piggy? After 389654363 hours It’s getting boring here! I have to leave this place! I am so sorry Mr.Stinky Piggy! [SAD MUSIC] I heard there is a new epic server! I have to join that now!!! So this is Trovical Network O MY GAWWWWDDD That is soo cooool! I also wanna do that! It looks so easyyyy Here I come! AHHHHGGHHHG!!! That Guy!!! HEY YOUUUU ? YOU THINK YOU ARE COOL HUH? BUT YOU’RE NOT!! wut YOU THINK YOU ARE THE BEST?! YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ME YET!! I challange you to a MINE-DUEL!!! NOOB VS. PRO SKYBLOCK NOOB: So this is skyblock [CREAT AN ISLAND] I WILL MAKE THE BEST ISLAND!!

100 thoughts on “STUPID Noob VS LEGENDARY Pro – Minecraft Machinima”

  1. The noob is better because he's the strongest because if he held left click for a bit longer the bedrock would be no more because it did crack.

  2. 7:29 Microsoft killed Minecraft, so Notch is in disguise and he is trying to get Minecraft back! He walks among us, he watches over us.

  3. Goldenarmor if you want it i can help you with the german transalition they arent correct and im german aand can speak english so i can translate it easy

  4. I built my house next to spawn a I have an amazing house it's hidden underwater and the secret part has a nether portal




  6. World corner = 30,000,000 blocks X and Z (also) = 20 elytras, 5 stacks of leather, Unbreaking 3 and Mending on all 20 elytras, 2 stacks of phantom membrane, and time to spare (in irl days)

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