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Sugar How Much Sugar to Store and Stockpile Long Term Food Storage- How To Store Sugar

Sugar How Much Sugar to Store and Stockpile Long Term Food Storage- How To Store Sugar

how much sugar to store and stockpile how to best store sugar so it lasts sugar categories of food to store prepper pantry food storage tips food storage prepping survival hi it’s AlaskaGranny have you wondered
how much sugar you should store be storing for your prepper pantry or your long-term
food storage stockpile the average American consumes 150 pounds of sugar every
single year does that mean you should store stockpile 150 pounds of sugar not
necessarily when you think about sugar think about sweeteners and all of the
ways that you eat things that are sweetened break sugar down into broad
categories that you use think about granulated sugar brown sugar honey
syrups jams and jellies mixes like jello or drink mixes and other syrups like
molasses and corn syrup basic granulated sugar and brown sugars store very well for
long periods of time how to store granulated sugar so it lasts store it so it stays completely dry you
want to keep moisture out of it I like to store it in canning jars you can
store it in airtight containers you can even buy sugar in number 10 cans brown
sugar is the opposite you need to keep it moist there’s moisture in brown sugar
that will dry out and make it hard as a rock so best way to store brown sugar you want to keep the moisture in
store it in airtight containers and you can also buy brown sugar in number 10
cans for long term food storage think about the syrups that are sugary maple syrup is natural and it can
last forever so is honey is a natural sweetener and it also can last forever
store your syrups and honey so they last in a cool dry place away from the light if you enjoy jams
and jellies stockpile those they have a long shelf life for many years find your
favorites and get a variety store your jams and jellies in a cool dry place
away from the light think about canned and processed foods
that come already with sugar in them canned fruits for example fruit has
natural sugars and lots of times canned fruit is packed in light syrup
and the syrup or the juice that it’s packed with contains sugar foods like
crackers cookies and cereal are made with sugar so it’s already part of the
food so think of sugar in categories vary your sugar stored food stockpile online I found the LDS food storage
calculator and it calculated approximately how many pounds of each
type of sugar that should be stored for one person their total recommendation is to store
60 pounds of sugar per person for a year’s worth of sugar they recommend granulated sugar 7 pounds brown sugar 8
pounds honey 6 pounds syrup 6 pounds jams and
jellies 8 pounds jello 2 pounds and fill in with the
amounts that you would use of drink mixes molasses and corn syrup I looked
at the categories that I enjoy and those are the foods that I made sure I had
enough of to suit what my needs are for long term food storage the LDS food storage calculator breaks it
all down into pounds rather than trying to figure out how many ounces of syrup
or jars of jelly they put it into pounds so that you can easily keep track and
compare so it’s an easy way to calculate how much you have of each item and how
much you have towards your recommended total I also like to use a meal
preparation plan keep track of the foods that you use and then figure out how
much you would need for the weeks months or the year whatever is the amount of
food storage that you plan on stockpiling for your family try these food storage tips food storage
doesn’t have to be overwhelming break it down into foods that you actually use
foods that store well and foods that you plan on using going forward if you’re
never going to use something like corn syrup don’t get it just because it’s on
someone’s list make your food stockpile meet the needs of you and your family and the
meals that you choose to eat and prepare the best advice is to stockpile the food
and supplies you would never want to go without that’s the things you want to
make sure that you have enough of learn more at please
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  1. Whenever i wonder about something outdoorsy or to do with prepping, i ask myself, wwgd? What would granny do? Great thinking, thanx again!

  2. I should have plenty of sugary products in my cabinets in both houses, but do need to get more brown sugar to store away.

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