100 thoughts on “Sundar Pichai’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@sundarpichai)”

  1. Well i loved when the point pops up saying " Do what you love, use what you have".. It just energizes us to do work and strive for our goal…I would like to add it up saying…" Make youself a priority today, and at the end of the day you will be your longest commitment.. "

  2. my fav is 1,4,7…my dream is to become like sundar pichai,A cricketer like dhoni its my dream i will become you giys will see me in indian team as S.Nihal

  3. #1 Think About What's Next – to constantly developing what's important to us whether in our relationships, career, hobbies…

  4. Any Technology attached with Human being development and problem solving ……will be long lasting and there will always be scope for that kind of technology…………IT ……..AI ……….

  5. Always be humble in interviews say yes sir OK sir etc. For people who attend interviews personal concentration is extremely important. A job is a job that's all don't be scared be prepared for overwork.

  6. Google I mean Global. Its work is excellent towards the expansion of knowledge and integrating people. I think sunder has contributed a lot for its growth.

  7. Why should I take advice from a career CEO that was not self made?
    I got zero respect from this types. They usually bring companies to the ground and then bail out with a golden parachute.

  8. As a Tamilian I proud of me as we both born in a same land… Sure I will follow up this 10 rules as a golden rules in my life..

  9. Sundar I see from your lecture that it's so very important that if we as a person have any intentions to excel to success we have to surround ourselves with like minded people otherwise we will head down the path to nought. My brother with you starting from nothing and saw how your parents and other love one's struggled and was limit to a great degree with a comfortable living you had a made up mind from a youth to do better and you did. Thank for your contribution to Google it's because of you that our lives are better. My friend keep God as number one in your life and GREATNESS will always be in your favor. God bless you from your sister in Christ in Hammond, LA.

  10. Thank you 🙇so much, Mr, 🔆Sundar Pichai, 🇳🇪 I am very 😊 for your support and 🆘help me with my project. as well as 🚧progress according to my mind and 💡 💡 ideas you have really good 👍 makes it easy to get it done. In the 🌞morning I am not able to make timely action because of I was 🚌 💺 busy in various activities, therefore, not activate the software. I would also like ❤️to says something about it.
    Now I want to say that 🆎above software and services that if the 🔝 heavy words pressed software can be installed in the mobile device, So my suggestion is that this YouTube 📼video can be directly installed in the YouTube, So my request is to develop an application ❤️like that and add some ✌️two-three of features with this 📼video it can be very useful for others also So 1️⃣, 1 📼video that can be already we can do, 2️⃣2 some 🚫limited text also with it, text can be changeable if possible. 3️⃣ some 🚫limited 🎵sound systems also can be within 📼the video. So just li❤️ like 😍 application which is we can 🔍find in Google ▶️play, So anyone can ⛏️pick it from google play 🇳🇪 and used it in YouTube. That's my best suggestion for everyone. I 🤔think it is possible to make an application.
    So thanks for your support and 😆glad to see this in my life.

  11. Looking for more of my Top 10 and Top 50 Rules for Success? They are now on their own channel. You can subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCacX6JAo1EpmxT91r6VH53g?sub_confirmation=1

  12. "Ideas matter" & "Empower people" ; If people from any background r empowered to materialize their innovative Ideas ..it could change things…Mr. Sundar Picchai definitely inspires for the same. BTW, Evan you have beautifully clubbed them(interview clippings) together in a Neat sequential way!! Thanx & all of you Have a great day & a V v Happy New Year! in adv.

  13. I always think that I shouldn't follow anyone. I shouldn't consider anyone as my role model. I follow my unique way to achieve my goals and be a successful woman. But recent days, I am watching all sundar pichai's videos and pushing myself to listen to this guy. Lets see, if you are becoming my role model.

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