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Super Bomb Survival “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!”

Super Bomb Survival “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!”

Hello People I am alex And im doing the funny scared THONK EMOJI says how are you recording this video then? thats a coin Sir dude are you frmo the dead things explode!!! earrape No italian gibrissh oh my had stars comaplingin incredibiesl move Blue Bomb:Hahhaha Die! Lava:aww you missed me! voice starts dying! Lava:what are you doing? Lava:Your dead but still won Vomits Alex:pretends someone put him on 1.50 speed on youtube Parkour Montuage 🙂 Hectors character:gusherlover Broken Window:No you are not escaping! Broken window:oopsy i let him out SCREAM Offensive Item complainer! Slow Motion Rip tree 🙁 comp Explosion Sound Effects:Alex LOUD GIBBERISH Big Boom Missile Be careful Spams button after death anger To be continued Obby Failers in a nutshell: Dog scream Blue Bomb:Are you sure about that? Mcdonalds dont server pizza oRANGe Bomb:Are You sure about th- Spook Egg Bomb:No Soccer Bomb:Push Explosion:Pushes both Boom Guy:Dies Alex:Laughter I thought i was gonna fall in lovea spok Shut.Up Bones:OUCH Reset Button: FORTNITE Bomb:Why hello there NUUUUUUUUUUUU Invisible Mine:Die Scared BOOM! Lava:why hello there My Mic Died 🙁

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