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music for a nerds very good, creatures of gaaaah I need a little bit of water Hey there, lord´s creatures! How are you? Much better now… haha Well, today we’re in a surivival online game about zombies, okay? It’s a game that was created as a joke, like they made it on April fools as a joke It looks fresh, okay? It seems like we have to choose colour, so mmm hmm I think I’m going to choose red now that I have my red Deadpool hat Holy shit! Hahaha! Okay f*ck, that’s really cool Let’s press “quick match” Aaaand, let’s pray to God, just so we don’t die… today. I think they just let us in the middle of nowhere In the middle of the field and we have to help ourselves Alright… we have an inventory where we don’t have nothing OBVIOUSLY So we have to deal with it ehh… there are supposed to be other people in this server, okay? There are a few people besides the zombies that will try to fuck you in the ass So we have to get ready and arm ourselves So let’s see if we can find something over here Uhhh.. What is this? “E to pick up shotgun”, alright. EH! I have an axe, I have an axe. Dope, I can kill anyone with this, dude. What the fuck is wrong with my arms, dude? I’m like… shaking all the time, dude. Like… what the fuck? Dude, I only find fucking bullets, I need a decent weap– I just heard a shot It came from the East, I think… OH! Shotgun, shotgun! hohohoho Dope as fuck, alright alright. Now-now… Okay, okay, okay, let’s chill, let’s chill. OOOH, I have just seen a player. Okay, okay. Careful, careful… He hasn’t seen me, he hasn’t seen me… *shot*, okay this one- WTF! He’s an ally, I think. I don’t know if- … What the fuck is he doing- HAHAHE HELLO?! Are they trying to rape each other?! What the fuck is this, dude? I think it’s a zombie! I’m going to save him, he’s an ally! NO! Don’t let them eat you, don’t let them eat you… NOO! OKAY, I saved you, I saved you… HELLO?! Is there a chat or something like that? HELLO. OH! there’s a chat. What the fuck? (Idiot language) Hahahaha!!!!! He seems one of us, I mean he’s red so I guess he won’t- EH! NO! But don’t shoot me you son of a bitch! I saved you- *shook* Son of a bitch… Alright, alright, alright.., FUCK Bu-but-but… 31 HP, I’m about to die, I’m about to die SIR, help me PLEASE! OH! fuck, dude. I shot him right on the balls. Dude, I don’t fucking know what this guy’s doing, like he’s going to get killed… And he’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead, he’s deaaaad my partner… He’s dead, I’m going to write him “RIP” (Idiot language again) Okay so he got killed and I can get his things… dope Euuuhh…What the fuck, dude. Someone is attacking me. I don’t know who it was but someone attacked me Okay… I got hella weapons, dudeee. I’m armed as fuck… Let’s see. Okay we have a little gun of this, a shotgun, a knife, another shotgun, a gun… we have everything now. I mean… haha. Thanks to that guy’s death we are armed as fuck soooo… THANK YOU, anonymous guy, rest in peace. Okay, let’s get into the forest so we can find some- FUCK Have you seen that? I’m not crazy, am I? Dude, seriosly, zombies are dumb dumb dumb I just want an sniper… to be with an sniper up there and do some POW-POW BITCH to everyone I see that’s my dream… It’s a little odd, I know but It’s an stupid ass zombie, one of those, dude. He’s coming after me… haha. But listen up you retarded ass… Are you- that’s all? Can you chill out? Okay, I think I saw another- is that a zombie? Yes, it’s a zombie, I thought it was another player. But no bro, they are stupid stupid, like what’s wrong with you? Okay, we’re here, next to the lighthouse, I hope I find- bruh :v Wtf, dude I sometimes fall, I don’t know why Ooh I hear shots, I hear shots. There must be someone inside the fucking lighthouse, I told you s, I told you. The fucking lighthouse is the hot zone, dude and no one believed me, let’s go upstairs without making too much noise and we fuck up that son of a bitch Wait, I’m going to get the shotgun- OHHHH, it’s blue, it’s blue!! Maybe he’s friendly, idk dude, he’s leaving, I think he didn’t seen me or something. Hello!!, ehhh… Hello!! He must have heard me Dude, he’s running away Well, anyways dude. If you don’t want to love me then I’m going to fuck you up PAOW BITCh, fuck Im not reaching him… I just want to be your friend, don’t run away from me, pleas come back, come baaaaack Oh fuck the fucking bullets OOOh he has seen me, he saw me. Okay he turned around Wait I’ll let him… lolol No, bud. No, bud. Oh I killed him bud I don’t care O wtf this guy This zombies are dumb Hey this one should be friendly son of a bitch I can’t type He was blue and he killed me Okay okay DON’T TRUST ANYBODY IN THIS FUCKING GAMES The’ll try to fuck you everywhere I don’t care anything moving I see… pow I don’t fucking care if it’s blue or or or… I JUST DON’T CARE They don’t know what they did. They woke up the beast in me. The revenge shall be MINE Okay it’s nighttime suddenly and the zombies have red eyes I just don’t like it soy off we leave *Despacito (Rubius version)* I hate that song everywhere take it off the radio plzzz I mean it’s in my head and I loathe it I BEG YOUUUUU Eyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyyey son of a bitch This is from my team (Idiot language AGAIN) Ma’ friend Don’t hurt me Hi He said hi too Yes this one looks nice let’s be friends with this one I love communicating in this dumb language xD Okay… I fall from the door already? Okay this buddy should follow us… he follows us weeeeee heeeeee Fuckin’ great. We have a friend that will actually help us if we get attacked Plz don’t fall Idk your real name but I’ma call you jimmy Don’t fall jimmy uhh I almost faall Slow bit by bit despacito REALLYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Timmy careful… TIMMY!!!!! Timmy or Jimmy okay he has two names Depends on the situation Handsome. You’re handsome. Okay I think we haven’t been here Let’s see what’s up around here TIMMY oh you’re still there There are weapons? Nope Jimmy? JIMMY where the fuck are you? He’s gone! Timmy! Jimmy!!! Where are you? (Idiot shouting)
Oh gah that was bad bad bad I told him to kill the blue ones He said OK I LOOOVEEE this man I heard shots>:v Shots Is immy-Timmy fine Jimmy? Brave=) I follow you Go Timmy go We must kill him! Come!!!!! Jimmy! come come come timmy :3 I hear shots bud zombie!! wtf u need to rest What’s he saying What Jimmy i don’t have bullets But I have you Good thing=) Okay more zombies coming we’re calling their attention What’s he saying? xD? Don’t laugh we might die… and I don’t wanna lose you… jimmy you’re human’s only save We gotta Jimmy!!!!!!!! JIMMY JIMMY JIMMY JIMMY
JIMMY JIMMY JIMMY JIMMY We’re the only decent humans There’s a guy up there He wants me to kill him Kill him jimmy No!!!!! No!!! No!!!! Where are his weapons he killed him Son of a bitch Where is him There! YOU KILLED JIMMY YOU SON OF A BITCH I don’t have many bullets left, I’ll kill him with the knife Even if that’s the last thing I get to do JIMMY! I told you I heard shots Where is him I’ll brutally kill hi No, Jimmy man They killed him (Idiot lang) He’s shouting He’s there! He jumped! GET HIM! He died And me too xD Jesus! 3 people died there in a dumb way


  1. :U io viendo una relikia y odiando al asesino v;<

    jajajaja justo ese dia staba jugando :v

    R.I.P. Timmy :'v mejores amikos

    Cada like es una esperanza a q el rubiuh lo vuelva a ver uwų

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. Fue culpita de rubius porque el que mato a timmy creyo que le estaba hablando a el y mato a jimmy…:(

  4. io :v: Khe haces con un arma rubius 😮
    pensaba khe era la única khe tenía un arma en su habitación :v

  5. Cuántas veces deseas que el verdadero timmy, Jimmy encuentre este vídeo y posteriormente al Rubius (*❛‿❛)→

    (este juego es una copiah del mainkrah)

    ah, con razón está ese inventario

    y like si te gusto esta canción. (5:12)

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