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Survival Camp Antartica

Survival Camp Antartica

It’s Thomas here. I’m here at Happy Camper School on the McMurdo Ice Shelf. This is the class where we learn to put in a camp and learn how to survive in the Antarctic if there were some sort of emergency. So I guess I’ll take you around camp. I’ll show you the survival trenches we made. The first thing we did today was build this wall here out of snow blocks The ice/snow here is real easy to work with. It has about the consistency of styrofoam, though it’s a bit heavier. As you can see it cuts very, very nice cubes with this snow, and able to stack them up with this wall to block the wind. So we put up three types of structures. One is this Scott tent here. Which is a very old-style tent, sort of a tetrahedron there. Apparently fairly warm. Here we have the mountain tents. Kind of your basic all-season tent. A little bit sturdier anchoring to the snow than most tents. So here’s what I’ll be sleeping in tonight. It’s the most primitive of the three options. It’s called a survival trench. And I think when we go inside you’ll see why it’s just basically for survival, not much else. So I’ll take you on the grand tour now. We have the roof that I put over it with some shovels and some snow blocks. I’ll just go down. You see I have three foam pads and a Therm-a-Rest to keep me insulated from the snow. And then a sleeping bag on top. So I’ll try to go down even further. So there’s snow in here. And a little cramped, though I made mine fairly substantial. Cut out the inside, put a little place for my feet to rest here. And then when I stretch out and sleep my feet will be down there. But that is basically it. You can look up- There’s the roof, pretty nice. Hopefully it’ll protect me from any wind or drifting we get tonight. And then we’ll just go out to the exit, and take a view of the surroundings. There’s sun over Ross Island.

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  1. @FiveStonesAndOneRock Yeah Thomas is a lot tougher than I am! We really enjoyed getting footage from him, to share.

  2. As a matter of fact, it is better a snow refugee, than an eight hundred dollas The north face tent, because because snow givees 0º celcius isulation,

  3. Looks like fun. Snow caves & trenches are amazingly warm to sleep in. I'll be down trekking to the pole and back this year.

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