67 thoughts on “Survival Camping in National Forest for 72 Hours – Day 1”

  1. I love your Chanel i am a boy scout and i love your challenge videos and unboxing videos i love your channel so thank you for the good work.

  2. ??? If you have fishing gear/line and hook, then that is the easiest was to catch frogs. Just attach a small piece of bright color material on the hook and dangle it in front of the frog. The frog will think it's an insect and jump for it.

  3. You can really see the difference in the hammocks.. The warbonnet hammock, 2 straps and your golden, the other dudes, has the other 3 ropes to stretch out the bug net…. Smart design, I like 👍🏼👍🏼

  4. Well I. Missed the live premier bit that was still awesome. Hope day two will be more fun for you guys . Power to the forest.

  5. My son sent me to your YouTube page as he’s interested in survival. After watching this can’t wait for the next one. Time to save money and start buying some gear. Looks like so much fun. Time to start living in the woods would do my soul some good for a few days.

  6. Nice adventure Chris. Seen your wilderness living challenge Texas and been following since. I'd done some camping at my place before (tropical jungle) and it can be as wet and awful as the place you're at now. Hungry on day 1. Keep on rocking man.

  7. Another challange video series. cant wait to watch them all. i would love to have time to do these types. How do you keep all your batterys charged in the field for your recording equipment?

  8. Awesome adventure despite the flooding and almost dying!! Stay tuned folks is all I can say!!

  9. Maybe you can set some traps for the wild rabid haggis🇬🇧 read somewhere that a few came over on the " MAYFLOWER "

  10. If you ever come to Tennessee, you gotta go out with me dude. It'd be so fun. Going out tomorrow through Sunday in all this crazy heat. Congratulations on the weight loss as well.

  11. Finally you're in an area that looks familiar to me, haha. All that dry desert u usually have in Texas is not normal for us on the East Coast. Cool adventure Chris, looking forward to continuing the adventure.

  12. Thank you for finally going somewhere besides Bob's! So much more interesting! I am excited to see your adventure!

  13. You will forever be excited for briar vines haha 😆 love it man keep up the work! Excited for this series!

  14. Excellent video! Keep it up! I had to see the full video, as always,

  15. I do love your videos. BUT have you ever tried to survive kiked out for 30 days plus in Nebraska and try to keep job no money

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