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Survival Camping in National Forest for 72 Hours – Day 1

Survival Camping in National Forest for 72 Hours – Day 1

This stuff is so good! Whoa! Now we’re about to head out to an awesome Three-day adventure later in this episode where we’re gonna be heading to the Eastern woodlands into a huge national Forest and kind of just explore new territory and learn a whole bunch with one of our awesome buddies Chris Deslo of Four Directions Bushcraft. So the easiest way to break down my pack. We’re just going to go through item by item. Now. This is my slingshot from Zachary Fowler We’re going to try to take this out And see what kind of critters we can get with it, you know rabbits squirrels all that good stuff Just a little bit of fun. I think my main focus is gonna be fishing on this particular trip This is my fire steel from Four Directions Bushcraft We’ve got the six inch by half inch fire steel with the wax wood stick by Pro Camp Tech I love the wax wood stick because it is just a little bit more impervious to the elements than fat wood But the benefit to this is how SAP over years will get harder and this never gets hard.This has an absolute Indefinite shelf life and you can see we’ve used it quite a bit Moving forward we have my TH 30 head lamp buy through night This is one of my favorite Head lamps given the fact that when the batteries in it the overall body and the way these straps are is one of the lightest ones out there and it’s pretty dang budget friendly Then we have my multi-tool. This is the Gerber Center Drive. I utilize this all the time I think what I like about is I can access the pliers for like my fishing hooks and everything spring-loaded pliers It’s really good, but I have the bit set for urban utility and EDC then I got my bear bowl We’re gonna bring in the mama bear from bare-minimum. We’ve had the bear bowl on our channel for years We love the bear bowls If you don’t know what they are definitely some research we have links down in the description to get more info These things are beast. This is You guys saw this on my 12 day challenge. This thing was a champ it built a full on shelter. And this thing is still Rock-solid and razor-sharp for like 30 bucks. The silkie saw is a champ. Next up we have my Wells Lamont gloves these are my same pair that I had from my 30-day survival challenge my Five day challenge my 12-day trip. These things have been through hell and they are rock solid for 12 bucks You’re not gonna get a better pair of leather gloves for the money in my opinion. Now, this is gonna be the water bottle We’re taking with us. This is the frontier aqua mera drinking straw. I don’t think I have the straw attached to it right now No, but it’s got the water filter and everything inside. This will actually filter out bacterias and viruses And it doesn’t filter out viruses. There’s a chemical Specialized coding or something in the fibers and the filter that killed viruses that’s kind of where that comes from. Then this is my hammock From war bonnet hammocks we’ve taken we actually have the same one We use in the 30 day survival challenge back here in Texas That’s gonna be fun to take this out of state. And uh, Let us see how it performs in a different area and we’ve got my Mora garberg I love this knife that 90 degree spine. This is the carbon. This is the newer one. I think for 2018-2019 But uh, I think it’s gonna be a good companion knife for me in the field We’ve use it a bunch and uh, I’m finally gonna have access to fat wood So I’m gonna be utilizing my axe out in the field so I can go get some of that delicious Woodsman gold that ruby red awesomeness that pine fire ladder stuff and then I’m taking my Hults brook almike to do the job.Now because I’m gonna be about a thousand miles away from home This is my sleeping bag. This is my Rovor Buhl We’re gonna be utilizing this this can help me up to 45 to 14 degrees This is my bushwhack tarp from war bonnet hammocks This has been in all of my adventures where you’ve seen me in a hammock This is my favorite little ultralight hammock. It weighs. Absolutely nothing at all it’s like playing with a marshmallow, man, it this, like, weighs nothing but it’s super super strong tarp and then obviously My cold steel shovel I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere without it and I’m kind of interested to see how the extra fertile soil will respond to this and I kind of get to Play with all these soft woods and loose soils that I never get to play with here in Texas. Then This is my backpack, this is anyone we used on the 12-day budget survival challenge. This one came from PNP Prep box I love this backpack so much. I decided to take it with me to the Eastern woodlands to check it out Yeah, it’s my little patch from Diaz knives. We love Julio Diaz over there in California Dude, make some beast blades. And then I’ve got my Hidden Woodsman haversack I think you guys are almost tired of seeing this but there’s a reason I keep bringing it with me It’s got miles and miles and miles and miles on it for your reason and I love it. Now for the most part This is my kit that I’m gonna be bringing with me. This is not a survival challenge This is just going to be camping in a National Forest in the woods But there might be one or two things that get brought with me Probably something like either like my woobie blanket You might end up seeing somewhere in the video and you might see some fishing line added to it because we’re gonna I think we’re gonna experiment with some hobo fishing reels and things like that having some fun, but all in all Let’s not waste any time and just get straight to the video. I’m with my buddy Chris. We’re actually here in the Eastern woodlands We are like a thousand miles away from Texas right now to give you guys a more fun experience we’re gonna be out here exploring some awesome awesome forests and Just amazing vast just landscapes of nothingness out here Hopefully the fishing the plant life all the foraging the hunting all that stuff is going be so much better So, uh, I think this is going be one heck of a fun trip. It’s going be a rainy Multi-day overnight adventures. Well, we have plans to do some primitive camping But the road is getting washed away and it’s actually get pretty deep It’s like three or four feet So we don’t want to take our SUV out before we hit a trailhead so we can go hike in So it looks like we’re gonna have to keep looking this uh, rainy season in the Eastern woodlands. Oh Man we’re gonna keep searching though. I found “BRIAR VINES” aka Green Briar… Edible baby always keep looking We got some more right here too. Right there There’s stuff everywhere man This stuff is so good! So poison ivy is very prevalent out here for anybody who’s local in the more of the East Coast region not in, Texas But poison ivy was everywhere and this right here. This is jewel weed and a good thing This is a nature’s antidote to poison ivy a lot of people think that foraging and medicinals wild edibles is very boring and in a sense it is it’s basically Nature’s grocery store. It’s not exciting but Having those antidotes if you’re out in the woods and you’re stuck in a situation you get skin Irritations and it starts cutting up your skin open wounds infections Knowing what those medicinal plants are to help you in those ailments to make your situation not as crappy It’s pretty important, alright guys so we are actually in luck now We actually talked to the National Forest Service and the conservation agents over there. We found an education center We have no signal here like I said we just kind of got lucky and drove by them and They led us to an area where we can do like hike in primitive camping, which is going to be awesome So we’re I think the area we’re going to is 16,000 acres of untouched landscape that we could basically just get lost and there’s gonna be creeks and streams that leads into a major rivers is going to be Trout fishing. I mean if this works out the way we want it to it’s going to be freaking awesome and I’m super super super excited! Wow Dude is this just not amazing?! “beautiful” What’s up, everybody? So I am here with my buddy. Chris Deslo from Four Direction’s Bushcraft We were actually here and in his stomping ground on his home turf We are in the Eastern woodlands we have access to this amazing 16,000 acres so for the next couple days, this is going to be basically my playground We’re going to explore I have no knowledge of this area And we’re just going to see what we can find what type of things we can hunt fish trap and just have an awesome time. So for the next couple days, man, it’s going be awesome. But first our priorities are gonna be shelter fire and water man So, uh, let’s get started bud. So while I’m finishing up my shelter We’re going to have Chris he’s going make the actual fire pit for us So we actually have a fire everything out here is literally soaked drenched. There’s been flooding in the surrounding areas It’s going to be fun, but we’re going to show you obviously that the fire starting stuff We’re going to be using Dry wood. It won’t matter we’ll make it happen It should go once I get my balance here That’s the beauty of it now I can turn it up on itself or I can just leave it like that And once that gets going which it already is doesn’t take long. I can just feed these little pencil sized sticks in there. Yep I’ve already got them processed up if they were dry. I wouldn’t have to process these I just put them right on top of the wax would stick But because everything is just soaking wet. It’s got to dry first I’m trying to find some rocks there things like for grills and platforms for fire rings for the fire pit these rocks are absolutely Everywhere out here All right While Chris is tending to the fire for us? He’s a pretty much the fire master So for a night one I figured to make sure since we didn’t have a lot of time make sure I got done right the first time Let him handle that but I’m trying to build a rock platform So if it rains tonight with the canopy with my shelter, I can put my pack right here underneath the tarp And it’s still protected even if it rains it’s just a little quick idea because this area is so crazy full of rocks Figured it would be quick in a pinch I can create a hanging platform for it or build a chair and a lot of stuff later But just for a quick fix I wanted to go ahead and get it done quick faster and in a hurry Oh Dude this is like a little creak dude. It sounded so much louder It did I wonder where the actual noise is coming from Tastes good though you taste your water yet? Not yet “I have the filter at camp.” Oh right on bud. But this being so close Yeah, we’re definitely have to bring our big bags in the morning when we can see everything maybe We’ll actually find the actual River Oh, it feels great If it gets too hot tomorrow we can go wade in this. Man dude, look at this. I just found this what a giant wood ear mushroom dude really just Right on the side of this branch. I was about to throw it in the fire. Let me see. I mean, it’s gigantic Okay, guys. Just stay there I’m gonna show them. Oh my gosh this thing is huge guys thing is so huge and If I’m not mistaken These are edible, yeah. Yeah. Yep I think I don’t really think they taste like anything. They’re kind of gelatinous But hey guys, check this out. This is a monster I mean, it looks like an ear, you know, and that’s where it gets its name That is crazy. That is gonna help for dinner while we’re out here man Big time is a big flappy ear mushroom. Right and obviously your great-grandfather has when he’s playing chess with you in the nursing home So these are all good and obviously if we can’t Positively identify these then we’re not going eat them But yeah And if you’re not a hundred percent sure on mushrooms because a lot of them can be toxic if you’re not careful Make sure you know 100 percent. We’re 100% on these so we’re okay. But like I said I’ve seen the smaller one. I want to save this for meal. So And I mean, it doesn’t taste like any just crunchy Tastes like an ear. Hahaha (laughing) Have you ever? Have you have you ever had like bubble tea Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you know the little bubbles the balls that are in that is what it tastes like Kind of. It’s crunchy. This is fresh too. This is just so We can add this to anything or eat it just like we’re doing. Heck yeah, man dinner. Well, this is part of dinner Oh, that’s starting to look good. “You can’t beat those.” Gendry start the forge So we found another little creek bed and there are some massive frogs in here since I’m holding my big rig I’m gonna let Chris try to sneak up on it like an ninja. You know, I hit him I had him right there stung too Well, at least we know we can do some frog gigging tomorrow dude frog legs I’ll take it if we can get if we can get a few dozen giant frog it was we can get one now Well, what wood did I cut up was that birch poplar, what is it? I think this might be poplar This is really soft really soft You hear that hear the crickets out and all the bugs so peaceful beautiful get the birds chirping a little bit So we’ll have no problem getting some frogs with this tonight. Be good for dinner. So we weren’t to prepared for this we won’t have bank line or anything All right that will do Let’s go find a small stick for this. Okay? Wedge that in between there. Is that too big or do you want something smaller? One might be it’s real tight It is really tight yeah it is it’s tighter than jenna jameson spandex All right While he’s finishing that frog gig I’m gonna go and do a little bit more scout and see how many frogs we got See if I cannot set him up real nice Oh Me frog legs for dinner. It would be so good Oh super excited So this is the big bushcraft frog gig spear that I cut down for Chris. I mean we wanted to make sure we could get as far because we weren’t sure where on the bank that might be. So Now this would definitely quick and dirty but that’ll definitely do a trick man for sure You get him? We’re gonna grab my slingshot we’re gonna take the spear and I think we’re gonna keep night hunting a little bit because I mean We may not catch anything for the first day. But if we can get it even a small meal it’ll be totally worth it I think foraging is not gonna make a whole lot of sense But but uh, I think at the end of it is going to be worthwhile for us to chase some frogs. I Don’t know squirrels raccoons, whatever we can get our hands on man. So, uh get rodents for dinner Dude I think we just did it we did it we got a land bridge Now I just gotta pray don’t fall on my face or slip or crush my nuts. Hey the wood finally dried out. Well, we found the flooded Creek As you guys get to see a crispy an awesome teammate build a land bridge for me so I could get across but um, I think we’re just gonna enjoy the fire for a little bit kind of dry out our socks and our boots just a smidge and Just hit the hay and we’re gonna I think start early in the morning as early in the morning tomorrow Yeah We’ll be able to get a lot of exploring done and during the daylight and we’ll be able to you know Find any rivers or Springs or creeks or whatever we have and see what fishing opportunities you might have because I would love some fish Be a good meal tomorrow. All right you guys chillin in the hammock There is legitimately 100% no service out here Like I say we’re surrounded by Sixteen thousand acres of absolutely nothing which is awesome. It’s a very rare treat to have access to this much land that We can just explore. Right now there’s a lot of flooding going on, but I still think it’s gonna make it fun But like I said, I got a place to sleep. We got some water Got a fire. I ain’t mad And the sounds coming out of this freaking forest Dude, it’s so peaceful You got the bugs chirping you got frogs, you know humming around it’s so awesome anyway, guys Stay tuned for day two Now that we have just pretty much the coolest Narnian spot in the world where I think we’re gonna just just crush it tomorrow I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun exploring Hopefully we’ll be able to show you all the awesome plant life and Wildlife the medicinals the edibles the fungi I mean just all the things tomorrow. It’s gonna be sick. So later

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