Survival – Fight of the Living Dead (Ep 7)

Somewhere in LA
in a secret location 10 YouTube stars were selected
to take part in a ground breaking
social experiment. To see if they could survive
for seventy two hours in a simulated
zombie apocalypse. [Screams] These are the video
transmissions of that
experience. Fight of the Living Dead
Experiment 88 Previously on
Fight of the Living Dead. Of the ten YouTube stars chosen
to participate in Experiment 88, [Growls] [Screams] only a handful survived. – Hello. There is a way out, but we
have to build the order device. The resonance coils are
somewhere in this facility. I can help you but
we have to find those coils. – We’re about to restore order. We’re going to get the
hell out of here. After completing the field
portion of the experiment and collecting the resonance
coils needed to build the Order
device, – Go go go go survivors Tre, Rahat,
Brandon and Raya have been turned over
for psychological evaluation. – How do we get out of here? Despite Brandon’s
lack of cooperation. – Get off me! The team may yet survive. ConOp thanks you for
your continued viewing. [Bleep] [Growls] – What are you doing?
What are you doing? – ConOp please assist. – Can you tell me
where we’re going? – They’re bringing
another person in. Who is it? Raya. Raya where’s Rahat? – I just saw him. – Hello Rahat. – Rahat. – Yeah, you guys all right? – Yes – Hey how you doing? – Good, how are you? – Great. – What’s about to happen? – Rahat, Rahat. Who was the last
one with Cynthia? – Me. – You were? They took you first or Cynthia? – They, they left her there. – They left her there? – Here comes some guards. It’s Vitaly. JC. – What? – And Brittani, it’s Brittani. – Are they regular people? – Oh my God. Guys. When they brought our
three dead teammates out, Brittani, JC and
Vitaly, I was like oh crap. – The next part of your
experiment includes a moral
dilemma. Three fallen test subjects
stand before you. Yesterday you were
offered an antidote. You chose not to accept. – Not true. – We didn’t answer anything. – We didn’t get a chance. Fousey’s dumbass stole it.
– No, we were rushed. – There is now half an antidote
left in front of you. You may apply it to one
of your fallen teammates and return them to
the experiment. This wasn’t an easy
choice at all. You know, I think everyone didn’t want
to make the choice at all. – Two will be lost if they do
not receive this half of
antidote. Please make your decision. – We can think smart. – Vitaly. – No dude he’s so reckless bro. – Vitaly, he’s fast
and he’s strong. – I know you’re emotional right
now but we have to think smart. – Have you reached
your decision? – Yeah. – JC – JC – JC – Player JC please step forward. Bringing JC back into the
game was a pretty, I’d say pretty
simple decision. I would have loved to
bring Brittani back but that would’ve made
absolutely no sense, seeing as she died
the first day and Vitaly was
a no brainer. There’s no way that we
we’re bringing him back. – Thank you for your
participation in this part of
the evaluation. – Did we make the
right decision guys? – ConOp please
escort players out. – That decision was
going to suck either way. No matter what we chose
there was always going to be pros and cons. JC coming back is
different than Fousey because with Fousey
we were still kind of early
into the game. We had a lot of time
to talk about it. And at this point
we don’t. This is the end so
JC’s back, that’s it. We have to deal with it. – As much as I wanted
Brittani back too because she was barely
in this game, you know. [Gunshots] – I can’t believe we just
killed Brittani and Vitaly. – Right. – We have the same
situation as Fousey. – Where we don’t know if we
can even trust him. – Yeah. We, we have to treat JC
the same exact way, you know? [Jingle] Begin experiment final phase. Main objective,
complete emergency protocols and activate the ORDER device. In 30 minutes this experiment
will purge all subjects. We have 30 minutes to complete this game. To survive, and… I’m terrified. – We need to, we need
to get out of here. We have 30 minutes. – Shit. – Free us. – There we go. Thank you. – We have no idea what
to do, where to go. We don’t even know
where the book bag is. JC is here. – He has the book bag.
– Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah. Step back bro. Hold on a second.
– Okay. – They gave me this bag. They told me to come in here, and they told us to hurry
and that we have no time. – How much time do we have? – 30 minutes.
– They didn’t tell me. – 30 minutes. – Where’s the boiler room? – They said there’s new items
in the bag from old time. I’ve never seen the bag. There’s water,
there’s two coils. – Two? – There’s… – No there’s three. – Oh okay.
– Three coils? Okay. – Should I open this one?
– Note pads, sharpie. – Yeah. Yep I brought
all of this. – Where’s the boiler room? – Got to find it.
– Here you go guys. – Do you have the map? – Uh, it fell out. ConOp reminds you that
you have 28 minutes remaining to evacuate the facility. – Boiler room? – Sh. – Okay, usually the boiler room
is down in the basement. That’s usually where
it’s located. That way leads to the chapel. We need a shield. Let’s grab some shields. [Zombie noises] Cynthia, what are
you doing here? – I thought you were gone. – What did they do to you? – We have to go
to the boiler room. The basement? The basement? Is he okay? Is he… – The boiler
room, boiler room. – In the
basement, oh no no. – It’s in the basement? It’s in the
basement usually. – The stairs. – To the left at the wall? You lead the way. – But I don’t
know the basement. Straight ahead? Downstairs. Watch your step,
watch your step. – Are you okay? – Yes, are you okay? I crawled
out of the tunnel. – I think this is it. We’re here. We finally find
the order device and as relieved as we were and as cool as it looked, it also looked
very complicated. [Bleep] Greetings Dr. Karlsson. Please press enter to continue. Insert coils and switch lever
to arm the device. I think it’s supposed
to go up too. Security question. What is ConOp’s slogan? – Tomorrow’s… You have 5 seconds to
answer security question. Correct. Security question. What does the acronym
ORDER stand for? Organic Resonance You have two seconds to
complete security question. Correct. Security question. What is the name of the
ConOp research project worked on in 1978? You have two seconds
to complete security question. Correct. Emergency protocols complete. ORDER device activated. You have 20 minutes to evacuate. ConOp security
will assist your evacuation. – All right, let’s get
out of here guys. Setting off the
ORDER device felt like exactly what we
were meant to do. And now it’s just a
matter of, you know, who’s going
to make it out. – Cynthia, go ahead
and lead the way out. – Yeah we’re good I think. – We don’t have to
do anything else. ConOp security will
assist your evacuation. – You guys
ready? We’re going. – Yeah. – We have an
extraction plan, put on your helmets,
put on your gear, we’re going to get
you guys out of here. – I would like a helmet. I’m very special,
I need a helmet. – It’s over here, put it on. We got an extraction route plan, we can get you guys out of here. – Where did you guys come from? How do you adjust this? – Do we need these on? – Should we be doing this? – Stay alive. – Can I come? Can I come? – Let’s go, yes come Cynthia. – I’m not here for her,
so if she comes, she comes. – She’s a part of us. – Thank you friend. – Let’s go. – Stay quiet guys. Stay quiet. Type I. Here we go. – Stay tight, stay
tight, stay tight. – When I say go
we’re going to jog, not run, past all these guys, okay? Got it? We’re going
to the stairs. Stay tight. Faster, faster. Go, go, go, go!
Keep it moving. Go, go, go. Move it! – Raya. [Heavy breathing] [Growl] [Growls] [Screams] [Screams] [Screams] – Slow, slow, slow, slow. Against the wall, against the
wall, against the wall, against
the wall. Slow, slow, slow,
slow, slow, slow. – Is this everybody?
– Yes. – We lost Raya. ConOp reminds you that you
have 17 minutes remaining. [Zombie sounds] [Zombie sounds] – Ella. Ella. Ella. Ella. Ella. – No, she’s gone. – Against the wall, everybody
back, everybody back. – Cynthia she is
not your friend. [Growls] – Ella is my friend! [Whimpering] – This is the last one. Here, you, get
into this wall. – What wall? – Break that. – Do we need… – Don’t worry about it. [Zombie sounds] – Higher. – Like that? We finally bust
through this door and it’s just chaos. There are so many zombies. [Growls] We have to go through the hoard. That’s basically what there is. There’s no way
around it or anything. We just have to
get through this hoard. – I’m going to shield you, you
guys shimmy in, step in, watch
our ass. You be front, you’re on his
right, you’re on his left. Got it?
Let’s go. Go. [Jingle] Now releasing Type III
necrotic bio forms. [Bleep] – Go to the ladder. – Where’s the ladder? Where’s the ladder? – Keep going, keep going! Go. – Go to the ladder,
go to the ladder. – Where’s the ladder. – No, don’t eat me! [Screams] No, no, no. – Where’s the ladder? – Go, go, go! – Get the ladder,
get the ladder. – Go. Left, left, left. Go. Go, go. Go. – Go, go. – Where’s everyone else? – You have to jump. – Where’s everyone else? ConOp reminds you that you
have two minutes remaining. – We have to jump. We have to jump. – Shiv, Dremmer, you
guys good to jump? – Yeah. – You jump to your back. – Back? – Jump to your back. Go for it! In the van, in the van. Go, go. In the van. In the van. Go, go. Get in the van! Warning!!! ORDER device initiated and will purge all subjects. In 3… 2… 1… [High pitch tone] [Jingle] The experiment has concluded. Attention necrotic bio forms. Please proceed to containment to
prepare for the next experiment. [Zombie noises] [Creaking Sounds] Music [Crowd cheering] [Crowd cheering] – It screws
with your mind. – It does, it does.
It totally does. I have no concept of time. It’s weird seeing the sky. [Crowd cheering] This was an
awesome experience. You know, we couldn’t
have done it with everyone and this is such a
cool thing to see, you know. In real life, but… Yeah. Music [Reel sounds] [Wind chimes] [Jingle]

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