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Survival Games, Minecraft ep56

Survival Games, Minecraft ep56

“Survival Games, Minecraft ep56” hello bun welcome back to a new video
today we’re playing some minecraft yes minecraft everyone’s favorite game say
mighty carpets we broke and we broke four okay let’s go out I am joined by
smiley but well we’re gonna be doing something different he’s not gonna be
involved so yeah it’s been a lot of lag recently because all these stupid
builders what’s going on they’re just let’s just kill them they’ve been doing
this a lot recently I don’t care okay okay
battle battle time okay think I’m stronger than iron golem but this two of
them I might die well that’s three of them so I can run inside they can’t get
me from here alright let’s let’s get around them I’m just gonna bad sort of
video I don’t know how I didn’t get attacked by them the last time I punched
on but whatever not my fault villagers are stupid
alright anyone’s coming no okay let’s just okay let’s just hit this one just
to make them even more angry well I’m unable to run it anymore that’s weird
I’m not in build to run now let’s get out of here there’s a lot of lag
hopefully you guys still see the iron golems I don’t see any
that’s the any here I feel like this one in here unless he despawned you might
have despond okay into the portal and you’ll see what I’m gonna be doing see
you there okay guys we’re here and it’s quite laggy I have not played on
lifeboat servers probably years now I think I am signed in now because I did
use it this generation all this minecraft generation it’s very laggy I
like some playing on the original Xbox one but yeah instead over just be
playing some survival games mostly because this is what I used to play as
play on I don’t know what I’m pointing out it’s just one here so we can get rid
of all of this lag it’s play some solos I don’t know why there’s teams now used
to have a team looks like you scream at someone’s like oh I want to see him so
yeah let’s get into a game oh yeah and just I think it’s just Lobby
how about snot Vova no map Cooper Cooper I VIP
I have VIP cuz like paper has a kid so I don’t even thinking get a VIP it’s just
super free IP now so yeah I think I spent like ten dollars on it and needs
to get like I don’t like a bunch of stuff used to get like certain service
or dedicated to people with VIP and stuff like that so that was the whole
benefit but I don’t know if that’s a thing anymore I think I think it still
shows up on that I am a VIP let’s see if i chat with chad there we go alright
let’s see if it says anything VIP yes still says I’m a VIP awesome I
definitely was worth it so says it to this day
smiley fiber left the party I forgot to go on Do Not Disturb yeah it looks like this looks like we’re
gonna lose most because I’m not very good at these games so three two one go
oh god it’s lagging hard ok ok I forgot how to for some reason forgot how to
even use menus what is the taunt thing here can I just go away that’s just a
waste I’m just gonna run away far as I can from here I have some enchantment
stuff so that means I can chant my weapons I don’t know how big these are
because I feel like they’re based off of the hive Maps yeah I feel like they are
but why is that whatever let’s just take the sticks no one’s here I’m no longer
invisible or invincible not invisible looks like when you go into the forest I
feel like I just won’t ask to be behind me oh god okay gotta run away from this
I don’t know how they hit me like that I’m just gonna run away I guess maybe I
can let’s just fight them and I’m dead that was awful
however at least is not fortnight or if I call duty where you have to pay to
play see yeah let’s let’s get into the next
game okay guys I am back and this just brings back memories I remember playing
this like ten years ago something like that it’s like crazy but
this this is crazy this is like I think when this came out looks like when the
older map so hard I like even get anything like there’s only three chests
here I think there’s a way to get up there but everyone’s gonna have taken
that already I need sticks you got I gotta get out of
here I hate you taught why is there ton puck
now I hate for tonight why did they have to influence games like this I don’t
think for tonight was good for the industry at all this is a very cool map
I would say believe they built this on the ceiling just to make it dark so it
looks like a just total void but it’s crazy I don’t think the draw distance is
very very much so some clearly tell what’s going on I’m trying to go after
this guy this guy doesn’t look like he has anything nice wearing it so my arm
Ron okay it looks like I have tons of armor let’s try and go on with the gold
sword I think this guy has a pretty good weapon that doesn’t have armor on so
let’s see if I can take him out it doesn’t really look like he knows what
he’s doing okay he has armor on he is iron I’m pretty sure I I’m
everyone he used to used to not be any form of health I don’t know it’s not
good I don’t know why you have to regenerate I member on the east field it
just eat a bunch of cakes I was like the whole point of the game but we’re in a
different era now it’s just sound hard this is why am I not healing at all
there we go I don’t think I can go on the attack
anymore it looks like some other guy maybe yeah
are they teamed no okay that guy’s dead it’s like I have diamond armor so you’re
gonna go off there to people I’m gonna get a closer look at this this is just
okay looks like you just got a Minecraft noob here I think I got a better sword
than him okay I’m dead probably should have waited for the for my health go up
but yeah I’m just used to playing in the old ways and you can see this chest up
here still was she’ll be able to open them up while you’re stuck today but
whatever I don’t expecting even existed back when I used to play this so yeah so
yeah see you in the next round okay gameis apparently started
I’m not playing survival games I’m playing capture the flag I’m not really
sure how this works because I feel like this is a brand new game mode
I think this what what what happened there why this is just a chunk missing
what is this I thought that was just a chunk not loaded in what is happening
here what happened here okay that’s that’s amazing okay I’m just
gonna go over here and see what I can do I think we just build things what do we
do did we break down the walls like do we try and break down the walls and see
what happens to make sure and break down a wall appears to be bedrock there I
guess I can take some of this I don’t know what any that’s useful for but I’ll
put that on do have any leggings now this I can probably replace with this okay now come on there we go it’s like
what’s going on here this I need okay now I need leggings how do you get
across am I just like build up or something I guess I can see what happens
here okay looks like I have to wait a while or is it just trying to stop me
from doing that no I don’t know what it’s trying to do it across why not what
is happening is this how this is how it works we’re supposed to just get across
everything I’m gonna take that that I might as well
take so I could just craft more stuff I’m gonna throw this into here so I can
get more wood maybe let’s throw this into here to get more wood there we go
I’m gonna replace this for my gold one because gold wears down very quickly I’m
just gonna take a stack of this put this down here okay I’m just gonna follow
what this guy did get across I don’t know if anyone else knows what they’re
doing it’s not the same capture-the-flag I used to play but whatever this used to
be not like 4v fours it used to be a lot different I think I have glass that’s
what’s going on there I don’t know what happened there so it’s like a central
point what is this Weis what is going on it’s probably
being my last game because I’m already past eight minutes so probably will
let’s see what’s going on did we break down any walls how does this work okay
those seems to be a gap but there’s a big chunk missing can I like build up
okay no I can’t cannot building the void what do we do looks like everyone’s
going towards this way so I’ll try and join them maybe let’s see
smiley fibers join my party I don’t know how that happened I thought I’d closed
out the party can we hate each other No appears to be a bridge here it looks
like they went over the void what’s going on here it looks like we both can
I try and like capture the flag I guess what is this all about
I’ve got this braille god okay that was just that was just depressing at least I
know where I’m going now let’s try and get a flag read it’s got 32 loose got 31
7 kills 78 what’s going on there’s like multiple teams
I’ve never played like this this is kind of crazy used to be like just one map I
think I like that map better I don’t really like this that much this is just
too complicated let’s see if I can knock this guy off ok those are really weird
I’m not really used to bows anymore not even how to use a bow ok I missed all my
shots do I have a certain amount of bows arrows
yes ok this guy’s going towards the flag my can we get him we can get him and we
just not gonna be able to use a level to get him there he goes he’s going towards
it he’s gonna go he’s gonna go he’s gonna make it
is he gonna make it let’s see ok it seems to me I don’t know it was so much
like a lot everyone go for him come on there we go that’s how it’s done
ok we got another blue kid here come on go after him come on ok this is so much
lag oh god what’s going on very good Internet I’ve never had this problem
before to this extent come on die ok he’s going after some right hand he
killed someone ok everyone’s got their loot ok another
blue guys coming through I like blue guys coming through can I
get him get him ok let’s see if I can push him into the void we got him they
got him I think pleasure man yeah ok gonna go back here going up the ice ok
I’m on the ice on land captured what’s happening discord what what’s
happening boo something just said I think we lost I
don’t know what happened there that was not very very fun it’s not how I used to
remember and then we’re having a lot of fun and playing for hours trying to
defend our own side like building massive walls but it looks like they
changed up the game and kind of ruined it for people like me but there’s a
different generation playing Minecraft than my generation so yeah my voice just
cracked there for some reason so yeah hopefully you guys enjoyed please like
comment and subscribe don’t fret and I’ll see you later bye

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