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Survival Games – Minecraft Quick Games #1

Survival Games – Minecraft Quick Games #1

[Wii Music] Here I am playing some CubeCraft Survival
Games and, if you know me really well, you will know I absolutely am terrible
at this game. Cannot play it, literally, for my life, but hopefully I have
improved since I last played. I’ve got a sharpness
sword to begin with. I’ve got two swords, actually: I’ve got one
sharpness II sword, but that’s wooden, and I’ve got one a sharpness I sword,
which is stone, so which one do I use? That’s a good question. I think I’m going to use the stone one because
it will, actually, do a little bit more damage, I’d hope, but I can also switch back to the
wooden one if I feel like it’s not doing anything. And, I should probably improve my
armour, here, by putting on some boots and see what else I’ve got. So I’ve
actually got a better helmet, here, I think and I’ve got a better
chestplate already on. Protection II, protection I…
Ooh, decisions, decisions. I’ve got some TNT, as well,
which is very interesting, since I rarely use TNT in Survival
Games and I’ve got a potion, as well, that’s all good… and, so, let’s find a player,
let’s see how many people we can take out. Okay, a player has been spotted. Let’s see how we do,
let’s see how we do. Okay, that’s one hit down, that is one hit down,
just need to get a little bit closer to them… And (OOH) the lag is- oh, hello! Wow, I immediately saw
diamonds, okay, that’s good. Right, let’s see what we’ve got here,
but I need to eat very, very quickly. Eat some cooked Cod, that might help.
Okay, let’s sort out this inventory. So, we’ve got a diamond sword, here, that
is, by far, an improvement, okay. Wow. What else have we got here? We’ve got some enchanted boots.
I want to see if we can get those. I don’t need that, don’t
need that, don’t need string… I probably need all of this stuff and you’re
probably shouting at me right now, but, you know what, I’m playing
Survival Games, not you, let me play! Okay, no one’s around me, so I can still
try and get as much stuff as I can… sharpness II sword,
that’s the same. Don’t need that, don’t need that,
don’t need that… Arrows? Maybe, but I
don’t have a bow… Oh, I do have a bow. There’s a bow
down here, right in front of me. There we go, I’ve got a power I bow
now, that’s- that’s- that’s amazing. Oh, and there’s another bow in this
chest, as well, which is power II. Okay, I’ll take the power II
one, that’s even better. Okay, I need this map to load in, otherwise
I’m not gonna be able to live, am I? Oh, is this a border? Oh, wow, it’s
Fortnite in Minecraft, lovely. Also if you know me, you’ll know
I hate Fortnite, so please don’t hate. [Tension Music]
Okay, I see a player, I see a player, I see a player. Let’s switch to my diamond sword
and let’s try take them out. Hopefully, they’re not hacking.
Hopefully, they’re not hacking. Can we do it? Can we (OOH) do it?
Can we do it? There we go! I won the game! Would you look
at that? I won the game!

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  1. Have you ever tried playing Fortnite like Minecraft? Because when I did that. I got 4TH Place 🙂 And all I did was build a beautiful house, No joke…

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