100 thoughts on “Survival Hacks That Might Save Your Life”

  1. Yeah, might save my life if there happens to be a store nearby where I can buy crayons, ramen, and charcoal and crap, or I could just learn how to make a fire by rubbing two sticks together.

  2. 1. pickles quickly fight back dehydration due to the high salt content in them.

    2. a 9 volt battery and metal brillo pad can be used to instantly start a fire even in very high winds. Just strike the brillo pad across the battery over something flammable.

    3. Any non hide material pants (like leather) can be made into a makeshift life vest. tie the legs together, and place over your head. You will have to occasionally blow air into the waste area to keep it full, but will allow for some rest time if exhausted and treading water for long periods.

  3. its called bein prepared before you go hiking, camping, whatever and the video is some stuff you can use not you need to carry and do this shit or your dead

  4. Wrong ! The watch compass trick points South , not north . And drinking urine will hasten your demise not prevent it . Grillis is a charlatan .

  5. Egg carton filled with dryer lint is lighter to carry and cheaper than coal. Works just as well.

    another way to keep thirst down and wet mouth is by sucking on a small stone.

  6. No. You don't drink urine. It's full of toxins your body is getting rid of. You might as well tell people to eat their own shit too.

  7. I went camping and my mom went through my bag. She was none too happy about the box of condoms and box of tampons i had.

  8. How did I know that somehow, someway, a survival guide would end up mentioning the Bear "better drink my own piss" method.

  9. You can easily hone a blade on a backpack strap or leather belt. Just hold it taut and run your blade over it at an angle.

  10. ONLY pearloid guitar picks (made of celluloid) are flammable like that. All the rest are NOT! Get your facts straight ffs!

  11. My question is why would I have Ramon noodles with me if I'm stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash. I mean seriously. Make some that are materials that we are more likely to find in the wild like natural things

  12. So I should use tampons for first aid, condoms as canteens, and pee on a shirt and tie it around my head to keep cool? Sure!

    Also, can't you just look at wether the sun's rising or setting? That oughta work for directions 😛

  13. for starters drinking your own urine can shut down your kidneys,where it may prolong you long enough to be rescued it can kill you…do not try this as it is not a survival hack.

  14. The truth is, if you are using these hacks, you would need help to survive ahahahahah scum bag city ahahaha

  15. you forgot the butter candle, all you do is keep a stick of butter. roll the rapper into a little wick, and stick it into the butter, and light it, it will burn for about an hour

  16. Rub Chapstick on everything!

    Got a due homework assignment due the next day and you haven't done it? Rub some Chapstick on it and turn it in to your teachers and you'll get a A

    XD jk this was a joke ( don't try this it was for comedy purposes only )

  17. Empty bottle (2) cloth, Guitar pic, empty egg crates ? Charcoal bricks, Now what the hell are the chances of carrying these if you forgot MATCHES?
    You are pushing this series a bit too thin.

  18. You dont have to drink urine when you dehydrated because it makes you more dehydrated urine is kinda salty and salt makes you dehydrated

  19. Don't drink urine! Forget the grossness. Urine is salty and sucks water out of your system. It's the equivalent of drinking salt water.On the other hand you could use it with the two jars and a t-shirt trick. Let me know if that works.

  20. the 1 with stick is stupid as at diff time of a day shadow is in diffrient place so each teat will get u diffrient results

  21. cuz if you see this actually try this one put a bottle over a plant and tilt to the side it will get a lot of fresh water

  22. #4 in the northen hemisphere the sun risee in the east so north is behind you not in front of you because the mouvement of the sun is from east to west so if i have east on my left north is behind me…

  23. Sheer genius I say! Using guitar picks as kindling when there's literally anything else for free to burn. Here's an idea, how about rolled up $100 bills? That's at least one level stupider than your guitar picks!

  24. Still, whether or not moss grows predominantly on the north side of trees depends on where you live. "There is a tendency for moss to grow on the northern side of a tree—in the northern hemisphere," he says. "In the southern hemisphere mosses would have a tendency to grow on the south, shady, side of trees."

  25. best survival hack is always keep a pistol and a bullet with yourself and in danger situation put it in your mouth to the top and pull the trigger and wait a little bit , always works.

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