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Survival Horror Story: Catequesis Teaser Trailer

Survival Horror Story: Catequesis Teaser Trailer

Pakarico y Curved Cat prensentan …y Él le dijo a sus discípulos: “El alma de toda clase de carne es su sangre.” Mi padre se va a morir. ¿Tienes miedo a la sangre? ¿Qué tienes ahí? ¿Quieres ser el primero en probarlo? Suscribete ahora!

46 thoughts on “Survival Horror Story: Catequesis Teaser Trailer”

  1. If it ever happen, it'll be a specific port.
    However, there's little chance for that.

    More chances are that the Dalvik VM ( or simply put : Android ) is ported to PS3.

  2. Well, everything is homemade, coded in Java and OpenGL. We have a quite great editor that allows to easily create maps and script them. I'll make a long screencast about it quite soon.

  3. No iOS because my framework does not handle it 🙂 Too different from what is available on other platforms.

  4. We're working like crazy on it 🙂 At the moment we're beta-testing a sandbox story in order to validate every gameplay elements.

    I'll try to make soon a new screencast about the editor.

  5. Ahh… Good Survival Horror game is such a rarity… I hope this one will be good. Good luck, guys! Make a masterpiece out of this!

  6. Porting the game to android console is one of our goal. However, the first target is desktop computers (Linux, Mac, Windows)

    So basically, when the desktop version will be over, we'll adapt the game to the few ndroid console that will exist. For now, we have GameStick and Ouya.

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