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Survival House! – Minecraft Let’s Play Series – Episode 2

Survival House! – Minecraft Let’s Play Series – Episode 2

hey guys welcome back to my Minecraft let’s play series the video was a little bit later uploaded sorry for that today we are gonna build a new house inspired by Rizzial only the exterior I think I also improved my small shelter a little bit it ain’t much but it will help for the build we are gonna need birch Spurce and oak wood one stack of each type should be enough but to get birch I need a good view spot to locate a forest here should be good to tower up now let’s increase our render distance to 64 oh ah okay thats a lot of birch wood now let’s get our mats see ya later chop chop boom BAM bog chip chap chop chop chop chop chop boom wood spruce reee chaq big chaq bam hey brothers I made a small workstation next to my future house and I moved all my stuff to this double chest and I need three wool exactly to make a bed here so sorry sheeps I wish you a good life in heaven Oh a ravine with some iron probably I should find a more practical entrance and mine a stack of cobblestone which gonna be smelted to stone bricks for the project today hello there zombie let’s yeet it here I’m back from the ravine I got 31 iron ingots I could have got two stacks easily but my stone pickaxe broke and I had no planks and no crafting table so I returned now let’s craft a full set of armor [Music] [Music] let’s make all the wood Mats we need for the build here’s a perfect place for the house next to the lake for farmland and it’s a plain biome which means more animals to put in our future farm let’s make it an a 9 by 8 area filled with birch planks with stripped oak beams at the corners [Music] after we mark the base of the build let’s fill it in [Music] [Music] [Music] the front side of the build will be opposite to the mountains for both sides make a little pyramid with three layers like this [Music] and for the front just watch what I’m doing good night gamers see ya in the morning go two blocks away from the corners on the front side and place two stripped oak beams that goes eight blocks now let’s take a spurce staircase and at the same level of the beam place three of them that go up two rows on both sides and finally we should connect them with three sections of slabs that goes back four blocks now let’s place first stairs at the top of the corners and up the wall and extend them to the other side [Music] repeat the same for the back [Music] now for the entrance place four blocks high stripped oak beams two blocks away from the center oak logs and fill the gaps with birch planks for the roof we are gonna build place two rows of spurs stairs with five blocks of length [Music] and connect them with slabs now add a 2×1 window for the third floor so I can get vitamin D gamers should also get sunlight you know man let’s add a three blocks high staircase [Music] let’s cheap it and add dirt at the bottom [Music] and finally add a door [Music] now for the floor I will add a temporary one using oak planks with the same level as the door I will definitely change it in the next episode I don’t want to make a 30 minutes video I don’t want anyone to get bored even I sometimes skip some pewds vids since I don’t have enough time to watch a Swedish man kill his pets in front of their husbands shop now for the ceiling I’m thinking about an oak slab one since it looks cool and cheap the floor will be 2.5 blocks high just like Snoop Dogg Bing BAM you don’t have a fam [Applause] since you just got burned let’s add a balcony for ventilation on the left side go back away two blocks from the corners and place four blocks high stripped oak beams
after that add upside down staircases in attempt to connect the beams now let’s fill the rest of the floor with Spurce planks oh hey guys looks like somebody gotta move okay since we cleaned our world let’s add cobblestone under the balcony bing our friend cops a cobblestone trash rock shrimp fish fish when we finish we should add oak fences for safety reasons we don’t want the government to take us to court let’s craft a stone cutter it’s 150 percent more efficient than the crafting table I only need 32 staircases which means 32 stone bricks I will later in the series return with mossy variants now let’s outline the roof [Music] [Applause] after that you gamers should fill the gap on top with stone brick slabs [Music] now let’s add minor details like door windows flowers I won’t comment over that since I got bored of talking [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what are these guys doing here why are they wandering around my beauty I should probably leave them alone they are much stronger that’s it for today’s video next episode we will edit the exterior and explore the ravine it will be next week since I have to make karen part 3 by the way thanks a lot for 800 subs it means a lot to me help me wheat 1k for voice + face + setup reveal remember to smash the like button subscribe ring the bell and share this with your friends see ya brothers next time good night gamers [Music]

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  1. Bros, I Forgot About The Comment Of The Vid.
    The Comment Was From "Finex playzz "
    The Comment Was: "Cool, can u make a tutorial for Minecraft please?"
    The Answer: Yea Sure Of Course, But Later, Maybe Like Episode 10 Or 25, Or Even 50

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