Survival in the forest , The boy 13Y EP 016 , Eat the giant bird and fix the broken squirrel trap

breakfast by the meat of a big bird Lots of meat and lots of fat and protein the meat is cooked, it just needs to be reheated to be edible It tastes so good Its muscles are quite large, as it works continuously for a day Muscles are hard to chew well-baked bones are also crispy winter ready, the house will be renovated or moved down to the lower area to be cozy When the trap hit the squirrel, the squirrel tried to bite the bamboo and the rope to escape so it was damaged and needed to be repaired. Look for new, sturdy wires to replace And will make more traps to achieve higher efficiency Exactly This area squirrels usually come here every morning and evening will be placed directly on the banana tree will be very effective The bananas around here have been greatly destroyed by squirrels A lot of poisonous trees are surrounded by caution The young banana trees are acrid and bitter

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