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Survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 12, how to make trapping on trees

Survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 12, how to make trapping on trees

There are a lot of foods in the forest A wild palm tree There are many new traces here Maybe the squirrels and mice was the culprits of this bites This is not an eatable fruit Because it contains toxic which is dangerous to human A simple trap can catch the prey The materials for making traps is taken from bamboo trees This is the key of the trap I will try it Maybe we need some more steps Next early morning A squirrel were trapped This is a popular gray squirrel in Vietnam I will reset the trap Grilled squirrel meat smell good And greasy and crisp It is really delicious Wish that I can trap somes more…

100 thoughts on “Survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 12, how to make trapping on trees”

  1. like his video its really complete package of hunting and gathering. this is a real primitive skill because he use the ancient trap game more power and more video to come god bless you…

  2. I like this channel a lot, the person doing the survival thing doesn't over react when he eats, the channel actually teaches how to trap, or make survival things and not repeatedly do unnecessary pools and luxury houses.

  3. Cái này không nhảm đâu nhé bạn nào không biết chứ mình cũng đã từng đặt bẫy như này cũng được nhiều sóc nhé bạn nào không biết thì nên im lặng đi

  4. xem muốn bỏ việc lên rừng sống quá… bạn lên kế hoạch cho việc sinh tồn ổn định sung túc lâu dài đi, ví dụ tìm hạt giống trồng cấy, mở rộng quy mô ngôi nhà…:v

  5. Làm cái bẫy này mất nhiều thơi gian mà hiệu quả lại không cao….
    Dù sao cũng tks ad làm vlog này…

  6. Có mấy thằng Việt nam ngu vào bình luận bảo ngta câm đúng là tay nhanh hơn não chắc chưa xem primitive technology bao giờ

  7. Simply fantastic video again. Thanks a lot for making, taping, editing, uploading and sharing.
    But please try to chew with lips closed. Otherwise it sounds very unattractive and extremely annoying.

  8. Toàn thấy vn ghen tị sao ấy =)) thằng thì bảo câm thằng thì nói bẫy k được, thớt sub tiếng anh ra đó. dễ hiểu dễ đọc. Hay do m ngu ko dịch đc tiếng anh rồi nhặng lên, còn con sóc có dính hay ko. thì thớt n ăn con gà à =)))) Ôi VN

  9. What is the hatchet/knife you are using? You use it a lot for different activities. What do you use to sharpen it? And Where can I get one? Thanks!

  10. Hi. Thanks so much for making and sharing this video. Amazing skills. Keep it up with more and more great video. (Love from Malaysia – Shah)

  11. He have a lot of experience in deep forest, because he is a hunter, only hunter hve this kind of skill.. Nice video, beautiful nature, thumbs up 👍🏻

  12. Does anybody know the old show Gilligan's Island, where they were always building, like, a functioning nuclear reactor out of bamboo and coconuts? Well, if anyone could do it, it would be this guy.

  13. Everytime i watch asian bushcrafting i get so jealous of thqt thick green bamboo. . . That stuff is an amazing resource

  14. Tbh I’ve watched all ur video bcoz u’re good looking..and only focus at u..i dont mind if the traps doesn’t work at

  15. Interesting design. A second toggle, held back by the treadle stick, which when stepped on releases that toggle, in turn releasing the other toggle, which allows the spring tension in the bow to push down the kill bar. Also good choice of location, finding sign on the ground of squirrels feeding there. And a humane trap — doesn't appear to be enough force to snap the neck immediately, but would definitely choke it out pretty fast.

  16. Episode 12, Please note; he is alone, has to find his food, build his shelter and everything else, ALONE. Someone had to teach him, Now there is the master, and he the student. Also all he has is his bush hatchet for tools. There are a lot of negative things said, but he is the real deal. Alone in a jungle, and he seems to be doing quite well. Muttly give you a big salute. Keep it up. 😉

  17. I hate it when you eat that poor squirrel, but I can't resist your handsome face,..stick to fish, and veggies ok…

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