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Survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 23, furniture and traps

Survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 23, furniture and traps

There are many beautiful rocks beside the stream They are suitable for making tables There are many small paths here It is because of the rodents walking in the night A new mouse hole Next early morning One mouse was lucky to escape from the death and this one was not and this This kind of mice live in holes in the ground so they are stinky We need to skin them before cooking or eating 
Tập 24, nhưng chiếc cốc và các loại rau rừng
Cups and jungle vegetables Vitamins and starches are indispensable factors for human body In the forest, there are many kinds of sour leaves Like the leaves of this tree They have pleasant smell and very sour taste This time is the beginning of spring so it is hard to find seeds Palm tree is a special kind of tree Its trunk base and core contain a lot of starches Apart from starch, the core also contains a small amount of sugar This kind of tree has a good smell They usually grown up in a wet and less sunlight place A quite full meal It taste sour a a little bit sweet Good taste

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  1. I know live in the jungle is hard but eating a rat !!! Oh god i can't imagine i can do that ,i choose to be vegan 🤣🤣

  2. the guy does niot reply , other people end up replying instead of him, but he could get the guts of th animals he eat, and use to put as beit on fish trap and he could have other source of proteine to.
    I lived 24 months in the amazon jungle in area where no civilized had being before, and of those 24 months 18 of them were just me , myself , I andf G-d, i only left because of malaria.
    the jungle is a paradise , it can be hel, depend of the person and its knowledge, you can survive only, or you can live in the jungle………….

  3. When i was young. Me and my family. Was live in mountain. Which has no electricity, cp,ref, and so on technology. The most i want is to join my father to go hunt some food. The exciting part is. When your trap have catch.

  4. Looks like in Cúc Phương forest. I stayed there in Xóm Bống 3 days last year. Beautiful but I was terrified by those tiny leeches (con vắt). I loved tropical rain forest so much but i couldn't handle it.

  5. you make me understand the important thing when you are in the rainforest is the knife.And to keep the fire burnt all the are the real survivor,man.

  6. Just curious, what is your name? I like you better doing your video, not the other guy. I think I’m just used to seeing you doing the video…

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  8. ไปอยู่ในป่าหากินง่ายๆชั่งสุขใจเหลือเกินเนาะหนุ่ม Survivallnstinct

  9. ทำกระท่อมให้สักหลังสิจะไปอยู่ด้วยหนุ่ม Survival lnstinct

  10. Protein is protein…rats, squirrels, birds, snakes, snails, grubs, frogs, turtles, rabbits…you eat what you can catch to have the energy to build shelters and get by. I’m learning a lot from your videos, and thank you for your effort in filming them.

  11. Wow! I wish I could go the rainforest and learn survival techniques!!! And learn to live without eating fast-food!!

  12. No way am I walking all through that jungle barefooted, with the amount of snakes and other creatures living there.

  13. この人 1人で 撮影から何まで全部やってはるんやろか?

    なんか この人がここの森に住んだら生き物 すべて 絶滅しそうwww

  14. What a wonderful world….
    Protect our Nature
    Love Mother Earth…

    You inspired others tru this Show. God Bless !

    Pinay Here..

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