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Survival Island: BEHIND THE SCENES (Minecraft Animation)

Survival Island: BEHIND THE SCENES (Minecraft Animation)

hey everyone Sam here with the behind the scenes to my newest animation survival island so in this video I’m just going to be talking about the technical things I did more of these story elements that I had and just generally answering a few questions and confusion that some people had with certain elements of the animation so this animation has been in the works for quite a long time now there was a couple of months ago that we were discussing ideas our BMI I had some ideas throwing around something more sci-fi related or a bit more story driven which focused on characters which didn’t rely so heavily on action and fights and kind of funny moments so he put together a little brainstorming document which had a few ideas I actually wrote down some ideas in a notebook that I have they have just little moments that I could think of all the bloopers that we thought of really early on a lot of the inspiration came from this idea that reality was fake and things were running in some kind of simulation and thought that was a really interesting concept to go into finding a map for this animation was kind of difficult I spent a long time looking for maps on planning minecraft for example and the one we actually went with was called Takara Zuma which is a map created by maroc Makoto sorry if I butchered your name but they created this really nice huge island with tons of detail lots of space to work with before I started animating I went through the map and start to clean things up a bit to make them more appropriate like getting rid of boats and structures and actually cut the map up into little pieces and just imported sections that I needed for specific scenes this animation had quite a few scenes in this animation I wanted to try something different with my lighting and compositing and just general feel of the animation so I tried to keep it quite consistent while still trying different times of day different weather effects I used a lot of different skies from the providing sky pack I wanted to go for multiple different moods and tones while still creating a consistent feel not many BPS animations tend to focus on a few characters a small amount of characters so i wanted to do something that was more personal and emotional for me personally i wants of going to a more story driven way of doing animations so this was a good test to see if people enjoyed this kind of content for the two main characters also when pixel we designed a few different rugged versions of the skins to show that progressively they were getting more tired and worn out in terms of the technical side of the animation here we have the campfire that i used which has is pretty simple just took some kind of wooden blocks and just arranged them in some kind of simple design this here is the is for the embers we actually had embers particles coming off then if you can see in rendered view you can see that as time goes on the embers come up from the campfire and the embers change color over time based on how fast they’re moving as well so there’ll be whiter if they’re moving quickly because their oxidation more with the air around it the flame itself just had a fire source down here underneath which was also doubled as the particle emitter with a smoke domain which basically controls where the smoke goes this actually caused a lot of render problems and and made some of the render times in the 20-30 minutes when usually they’re around two to three minutes one of the other interesting effects with this animation was the box or the kind of grid or the edge that appears when awesome reaches it is essentially just a texture of a like a brick blender texture that comes in and just sort of animates itself in using a noise texture as it’s kind of edge and you can see that it changes color over time from a blue to red to show that whatever this is has failed and then just I had a little plug in that I found if I can move around in render view it’s really slow right now just to have a kind of typewriter text effect I wonder if this will show material mode yeah you see here lay it it’s like a little more time writer time writer typewriter effect which just made it a little bit more animated the trees were also fairly interesting in this animation usually we just stick a displacement on the leaves so all of the trees in the background still have that same bps kind of noise in the in the movement of it but it was kind of simple so I’ll be myself and Sophie Kant took a look at it and came up with something a bit more unique essentially it moves a bit more kind of sways in the wind a bit using a simple to form on the trunk of the tree and then having the leaves parented to a vertex at the top of the trunk and then this empty here controls the motion of the tree so if you speed that up it would move more or if you adjust the where are we we’re just the angle of the deform you get some kind of some crazy stuff and it just stops being really weird oh oh my god yeah oh we should have done a blooper where the trees kind of deform into this monstrosity the plane was also an interesting asset in this animation we went through a few different versions we found one online somewhere I can’t member where I got it from but I ended up making a few adjustments like changing the color adding a blue stripe down the side a little gray bottom gave it a little noise texture on it to make it look a little bit more burn when the fire was kind of singeing off of it added our famous bps Airlines which has got our business now because of events the animation unfortunately and but the tricky part was to break it up into all these little chunks so this is the debris that you find on the island the problem is when we export with jam see there’s an optimized mesh button so ended up being optimized and having all these weird jagged edges on the inside you can’t see it here but that’s because I’ve I went through and I added a bunch of just cubes and then colored them and then join them to this mesh I even took the interior this is the planetary that I built it just has you know there’s the seeds and the lights I took that and placed it just I just placed it roughly inside the plane and ended up looking pretty good if we just go through to the other end you can just see I there’s nothing inside it’s just completely empty but I think it turned out okay a few people spotted the coconuts were just cocoa beans that were retexture but it I thought was a nice addition just to have a kind of unique food item that wasn’t cocoa beans or a slab of meat one of the biggest problems with this animation was the render times at the fire simulation being one and the other being the giant ocean that we ended up putting all the way around the map because the problem was if you end up looking out you could see the horizon line of the ocean wasn’t far enough away so I ended up making these huge water planes with this massive scaled up water texture just to compensate for the horizon line and that was most of the technical blender things to go over really we take a look at the Vegas project this is the just scale this up a little bit this is the Vegas project for the animation and quite a lot of sound design for this one because I wanted it to be more sound driven music not so much an ambience helped fill where the music was lacking some of the sound design was done by after infinity for example when when we see the plane crash at the beginning or when Pixel died towards the end of the animation one thing I added to add to the mystery of what it were meant was a few little technical sounds when certain events happened so for example when he came across the snow here there’s a little sound underneath this scene which plays which helps signal that something is wrong the same again later on when one of the snowflakes touches his hand there was a slight ding now the sound design of the end actually had quite a few different layers a lot of it came from the motion pool sound pack from Video Copilot they have these cool glitchy techy sound effects there are a few subtle video edits that I tried to draw more attention to the kind of mystery of whether or not any of this was real or if it was a simulation by adding a few frames at the end of some of these flashbacks that he was having you’ll see on the last frame here I added a kind of blew almost wireframe of the plane crash as well as in this frame here just a signal a bit more of a digital transition like maybe these memories are all fake or maybe he is still on the plane and he’s just going between two different worlds you know it could be anything again when it transitions into the plane there’s another sound that plays to signal that something just isn’t quite right and then again a bit later on there was a few frames here that had more of the digital effect but it was a little bit more subtle so I added a little white fade here to kind of mask it a bit otherwise it would have been a little bit too obvious but hopefully they were just subtle enough to slip under people’s noses some people have mentioned that when the chest of useful materials floats away maybe that should have hit the barrier and triggered the failure but I kind of feel that having the goal was you know – for both of them to survive and the reason it failed was because one of them reached the edge but and it was one of the individuals it wasn’t a an entity because later on there’s also the birds here that he sees in the sky there’s another sound bite the plays which makes him look up again and the birds are disappeared so maybe the birds hit the edge of the world as well but it wouldn’t have triggered the whole failed test or whatever you want to call this one of this subtle edits I made – this animation was the two main characters don’t have any reflections in the water just to add another element of mystery – whether or not either of them are real now a bit of interesting trivia about this animation there was actually a time when I was building or editing the map just to make sure that the trees weren’t out of place I accidentally set off some TNT to try and blow up some terrain and actually caused a huge forest fire in the world but I didn’t know how to reset the world to a previous save I wasn’t using worldedit so I just have had this huge just deforestation in the middle of the map so I had to then use worldedit to just fire a bunch of jungle trees down and you can actually see them on the island in the background some of the trees look out of place because they were just the bog-standard jungle trees the minecraft builds the really tall ones a lot of this Island had little towns and villages on it so I had to go around and delete it all but it was getting kind of boring so I ended up throwing TMT everywhere and blew up some of the villages but it actually ended up blowing up the majority of the beach as well so round the corner of their little set you can just see this huge mess of just destroyed sand everywhere I did struggle with trying to come up with a thumbnail for this animation so it went through a lot of different version drew up some ideas and paint the best program ever I ended up running a lot of them by the team one of them I wanted to try a kind of full island shot but it ended up just looking like some cool wallpapers initially awesomes character was supposed to be a lot more of a mean individual I wanted to really contrast the kindness and sort of irritated persona of Awesome by having awesome just really not want anything to do with him pixel would show up and he would just oh no it’s that guy from the plane who fell asleep on me but I ended up pulling back on that a little bit because I didn’t want him to be dislikable and I think it kind of worked having pixel a bit more friendly and awesome trying to be more do-it-yourself kind of person there were a few different variations of the ending that were kind of not possible on the time frame that I gave myself initially I wanted the camera to kind of sit on awesome as he touched the edge of the world and it would pull back and transition into this monitor this little TV monitor and keep pulling out and show this facility with a bunch of screens that showed different areas of the map and then behind that would be a glass cube of the world or even have these my initial idea was to have the these like miniature cubes in this facility and then he would reach the edge of the glass and the camera would pull out from the glass and you would see people walking around with little checklists and to-do lists and they would have all there would be multiple different islands with all different numbers that’s where the number 1 2 2 came from the actual number 1 2 2 is a reference to BioShock Infinite which also has a kind of multiverse theory and that attempt was the 120 second attempt there was also an extended ending that was cut from the final edit I did show this to the team on the week of a release and everyone agreed that it was just a bit too much that took away from awesome and pixel story initially I was going to have a scene where it would cut back to the opening but have a different and wake up on the island which would then add to the theory of oh maybe this is maybe this is an event that happens over and over again or maybe this happens to more people on the plane you know it could be a few different ideas but essentially it kind of detracted from the main story it was nice just to end on awesome reaching the edge and and that was his moment there are a few things I wanted to clear up a lot of people got confused by certain elements of the story for example a lot of people didn’t understand why pixel died initially the details on the end of the grid weren’t gonna say what day it was and that was actually a last-minute addition and in hindsight probably would have been better to leave that out because it did have some confusion on how he died so quickly but maybe what if pixel isn’t real maybe he’s just a figment of his imagination maybe he’s part of the simulation but essentially it was more dehydration because from green coconuts you could naturally drink the water from the inside as far as I’m aware so it was more he ran out of water to drink so he died quicker than running out of food some people were wondering why there were no dead bodies at the crash the idea there was to show that the crash maybe didn’t even happen there was no fire there was no smoke maybe the crash was already there maybe they just woke up maybe they have always been there maybe the people in the plane ended up in their own simulations maybe the people in the plane never existed some people were also questioning the snow the snow was basically an element to show that something just wasn’t quite right with the world it could mean many different things but my personal idea was just there’s something wrong there’s something amiss why is it snowing when it’s sunny and there’s no clouds and then the big question I’ve been getting was what does the ending mean and essentially it could mean many different things to many different people for this animation I wanted people to take their own interpretations of what the ending meant whether or not this was a testing facility whether it was whether it was a Minecraft world and they reached the edge of the world whether the simulation runs multiple times whether the simulation is even a simulation and why did they fail maybe he did something wrong maybe both of them were supposed to survive maybe everyone in the plane was supposed to survive was any of it real who is conducting these tests or even what is conducting these tests or is anything conducting these tests maybe it’s all automated is this the first time that these people have been tested is this the first time that anyone has been tested was the snow real was it a glitch did it signal a leak from another world did the other passenger survive are they being tested did they die were they even real to begin with all of these questions of things that I’ve been thinking about throughout making this animation and to be honest it’s whatever you think really happened that’s the answer I’m really interested to hear what you thought of this and what you took from the ending so please leave comments in the video let me know what you thought are really curious to know I’m quite proud of this animation and I’m really happy that I’ve had such positive reception from people because this is the direction that I think a lot of us here at bps really want to go in the most story-driven character focused animations thank you all for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “Survival Island: BEHIND THE SCENES (Minecraft Animation)”

  1. This is all so interesting. I wish I could animate like that… I just do Stop-Motionon KaiFireborn KaiMotion channel. Keep on the greatest job ever, BPS!

  2. I have a theory. The flashbacks are obviously digital, because of the blue wireframe at the end. Also, the birds just disappear, like they were deleted. That couldn't happen in an island that was built in the real world, no matter how high tech it was. This leads me to believe that none of it was real, the whole plane crash and island was fake. Since the wireframe also goes on the characters, I assume that they are not real either. Everything was computer generated, including Awesqme and Pixel. It was just a simulation to see what would happen if two people got stranded on an island together. The thing is though, the survivors weren't supposed to try to escape. They were just programmed to try to survive. However, the programmers put a little too much into the AI, and the programs became alive. Sort of. When the programmers saw the survivors were trying to build a boat to escape, they realized something had gone wrong. So they sent the storm to eliminate them. However, Awesqme, driven by the death of his friend, built a boat despite being dehydrated and starving. When he escaped, the programmers saw their attempt had failed, so they commenced a full reboot. That's what I think happened.

  3. At the end he actually finds out that he's in another unity games map that eas just big until the barrier. The rest is just imagination. The barrier isn't strong programmed in the map so it bugged the Unity 3d map.

  4. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  5. When I saw the island rebooting I was like was this a joke???? Anyways I feel that the testing island thing is basically just like the maze runner or even the tv show lost. Great animation though!! 😃

  6. I think that what happened was that the plane crash never happened and what really happened was that they all were forcibly taken from the plane at some point and the crash was placed in there minds then they became subjects in a V.R. world where they must survive over and over again until they reach some certain goal. (which my or may not be surviving till rescue comes or just survive for a unknown period of time)
    P.S: After watching how it restarts right after he touches it I find it also gives a hit that ether it restarted because they were never meant to leave the island and/or the 122 might mean that instead of 121 other islands with different people It means he has been through this 122 time in 122 different ways.

  7. 15:40 well they were literally loving off of cocanuts for 4 days, we dont see them eat or drink anything else so it makes a little sense why pixel died

  8. I loved this animation, i loved how story driven it was, the music, it was meant to ne emotional, not just cool and i really respect that. Thats why i like BPS animations better than most other animations is because you guys add story elements like this to your stories(even the action ones, more specifically im talking about the first animation i watched from you: Blocking dead. The characters were more than guys with swords and guns, they had s connection between each other and when they died leaving derp alone it was sad.) I hope to see more of this in all your work! Great job dude 😀

  9. Awesome! Can you make a tutorial how do yuo did this Cube at the ende were the caracter is touching on the world border?

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