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Survival Kit Cache in Bear Vault Container by Survival Bros

Survival Kit Cache in Bear Vault Container by Survival Bros

Hey What’s going on Survival Bros? Founder Cameron McKirdy here. Thank you so much for tuning into my YouTube
Channel once again. Please SUBSCRIBE! We have almost 11,000 subscribers. And today I’m sharing quite the concept with
you. I thought this was a cool idea. It’s a Survival Kit inside of a Bear Vault. I got this at a Thrift Store for only $2.99. Model BV450. So one of the larger Cache Containers that
I’ve put stuff in. I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. Of course I’m always working on my Kits. As you can see here in the garage. But real quick I wanted to share this concept
with you, and show you a couple of the items inside. Starting with a #bitcoin wallet so I can send
and receive cash without permission. Pretty important these days. F The Banks. Right? I have a cooling rag, for The Summer. Other Freebies in here. Samples of laundry detergent, and medicine
that I got. Some MREs and heaters for your Meals Ready
to Eat. And just tons of stuff guys. It’s real loaded, so I’m not going to bring
it all out. Just wanted to give ya an idea of something
you can build on your own. There’s Probiotics, and matches that are water
resistant. I have sanitary wipes, a Bandanna; you know
that’s good for 100 uses. There’s more trash bags, and here’s some self
defense. It’s a keychain (tool) that’s a Kubaton. Next to another Dry Bag. So this cache container will keep large animals
out. It’s something a backpacker might use on the
trail if they have this much room in their backpack. But, I just thought I would show it to you
today. There’s a signal mirror, and another reflective
and light up safety item for traveling on the road, and being seen. So there’s some antibacterial wipes. And this is probably my favorite item honestly,
the Ninja Caltrops. Got that online. You can just throw them out your window if
someone is following you too closely in your vehicle. Take out the tires. So we got a little bit of everything. And I hope you build your own Survival Kit,
and are still working on them. You never know when financial collapse might
happen. Lots of unrest going around in The World. Venezuela, France, Chile…we see you. I’d be mad too. People in Hong Kong. You know they just want their Freedom. Not that big of a deal. Right? We should be able to be free and uncensored. So there it is guys. My Bear Vault Survival Cache. Thanks for tuning into Survival Bros. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE, and LIKE this Video. Feel free to SHARE it with your friends, and
add it to a Playlist. Take care.

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