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Survival Kit

Survival Kit

It’s great to go outdoors and get away from it all. I do it every chance I get, both in
Missouri and on vacation outside the state. No one ever expects trouble on an outdoor outing and hopefully it won’t ever happen. But even on a day trip, a sudden storm or unexpected injury in your group can leave you a long way from help. A survival kit can mean the difference between trouble you can manage, and disaster. Here’s what you’ll need: A first aid kit… a pocketknife or quality hunting knife with a sharpening stone a compass and map of the area you’re traveling varnish-coated strike-anywhere stick matches in a screw top plastic waterproof container a collapsible soft plastic water bottle 20-feet of nylon cord…a small bottle of water purification tablets an air-force-type signal mirror…a plastic police-type whistle one millimeter thick clear plastic sheeting a space blanket…a penlight flashlight with spare batteries and finally, something for energy: like jerky, hard candy or granola bars. The entire pack only adds about two pounds to your pack or canoe, without lightening your wallet much. A survival kit is like car insurance. Hopefully you’ll never need to use it, but in
an emergency, you’ll be glad it’s there.

10 thoughts on “Survival Kit”

  1. it also makes a good wind shield when cooking,for storing food you may find along the way,you can cover a flat rock and use it as a griddlle,form it into a cup to catch rainwater,the list goes on and on

  2. 2 pounds? That sharpening stone is about 1 pound itself. Dont get that cheap nylon rope either. Get 550 para cord with 7 strands. I found a whistle/match holder/compass/ for $2.50. This is a good basic kit but watch packrat556 vids.

  3. @t5id72j 5 month old comment but w/e.
    what if rescue doesnt come in that amount of time? if you were out in the wilderness for more than 48 hours you would be doing alot of cutting for firewood, shelter making, and all that other good stuff. put the sharpening stone in your pack.

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