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Survival Kits : Car Survival Kit Preparation

Survival Kits : Car Survival Kit Preparation

More often than not, people spend all of their
time putting together a survival pack for the outdoors, which is great, and you should
do that. But they most often look over the bare essentials of car maintenance, OK. The
number one cause of hikers getting lost up in the mountains is not being prepared with
their own vehicle. Now this is a cause from not checking tire pressure, it’s from not
checking gasoline, not checking oil. It’s always good to check all these before you
go up into the mountains because you’ll feel like an idiot if you get up there and you
run out of gas or you get a flat for something that you absolutely didn’t have to do. So,
right here, tire. Make sure that you read on the side of the tire right here, what the
air specification is, OK. Then, the next thing, gasoline. Make sure you’re filled, OK. Make
sure you’re full, otherwise you’re going to get stranded and you’re going to feel dumb.
Alright. Now, in the back of my car this is what I carry around all the time with me.
I have tire chains because I’m from Reno, Nevada, and there’s a lot of snow up there.
So I make sure that I have tire chains so I’m always prepared. OK. And next thing I
have is a Chilton guide. OK. This is for my car. This is a manual showing if there’s anything
wrong I can troubleshoot it. OK, and find out anything wrong with my car. OK. Next thing
right here. This s a full survival pack. this is got everything I need. A tool kit, personal
accessories, first aid, it’s got jumper cables, everything I need for outdoors. I’m going
to show you a little about that in just a second. I also have a jumper pack, OK. Now
this jumper pack is if I don’t have another car to use, I can use this to clamp on. I’ll
show you that in a minute also. Another thing, this thing is great. This thing is more for
just fun. It’s a giant flashlight. It’s called a Q beam. It’s like a million candle watt
power flashlight. So you can be checking around up in the mountains. If you hear animals or
something like that. It’s a good safety product right there. Next I have a chair. This is
a fold out chair. This is more for comfort. If you are actually stranded somewhere, I
have a little fold out chair here that is great for survival. Next thing I have is clothing.
I always carry extra clothing. This includes gloves, it includes hats, and it includes
an extra pair of waterproof pants, and a water proof jacket. These are great in survival
situations. Next thing I have is a first aid kit. Right in the console right here. Now
this first aid kit has everything I need just in case I am injured I want to be safe. So
I got a first aid kit right here. Now let’s go a little more in depth of everything that
I have in my survival packs for my car.

5 thoughts on “Survival Kits : Car Survival Kit Preparation”

  1. My Go Kit. Is 5 dollar store shower curtains, 1 Spool 50lb test, Topical antaseptic with antibiotic, Fever reducer, Vibramyacin, 4% Lido, 2cc syringe, Incase i need to pull my own teeth or stich big time. Weights under 2 lbs. Super Vitamins a must. Worms Wood and berrys will dehydrate you quicker then exlax, Protien Tabs, Flint Knife and your all set to go caveman with a broken leg.

  2. @cycimian okay I see first aid, shelter, nutrition and fire…curiously what about water? use the curtain as a still? using hot rocks or car a bowl out of wood? just curious!

  3. Nothing for water. No way to filter, purify, or store water. Good job on the chair, you can sit down and die of thirst comfortably…

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