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Survival Riddles To Test Your Logic

Survival Riddles To Test Your Logic

Hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and
today we’re going to be looking at survival riddles to test your logic do
you think you have a logical mind well if you do then put it to the test and
see if you would survive these situations in this video we’re going to
see riddles on how to escape things and also have to solve mysteries
but first why not subscribe and press the notification bell – first off we
have which door a man named Bob is trapped in a room he’s been taken there
against his will and he can’t get out he manages to run to another room and in
that room there are three doors now every single door will eventually lead
to freedom but behind every door there’s something in Bob’s way in the first door
there’s a burning fire in this second door this liquid nitrogen which would
freeze him and in the third door there’s a psychopath who took 300 lives in 1819
so now it’s time for you to help Bob escape which door does he run out of
does he choose door one two or three I’ll give you guys some time on screen
now to work it out okay which door did you pick for bar
well the correct answer was door number three he couldn’t have gone through the
first door as it had fire which would have burnt him he also couldn’t have
gone through the second door as he’d be frozen by the liquid nitrogen
if you didn’t get this one right he may be asking but what about the psycho who
was behind the third door after all he did take 300 lives but do you have to
look at the detail here remember I said he took those lives back in 1890 this
was nearly a hundred and thirty years ago so obviously that psycho would have
passed on himself a long time ago so Bob should have taken the third door and
just walked past the psycho skeleton but if you didn’t get Bob to freedom then
don’t worry try out the other riddles on this list next up is the millionaire
imagine if you were trapped in a house with a killer it’s important to have
good logic and riddle solving skills in that situation one day a millionaire
named mr. sterling was found in his mansion’s bedroom there was a red pool
around him as his life had been taken all of the windows and doors to his room
were locked meaning it must have been somebody in his house seeing as mr.
sterling was a millionaire he did have four workers in his house at that time
the first person was the butler the butler said that when he heard mr.
sterling scream he ran to the room he then said he turned on the light and saw
mr. sterling was not alive the next person who was questioned was mr.
Sterling’s assistant she said she ran up to the room with the butler and when the
butler turned on the light she saw mr. Sterling’s body the next person who was
spoken to was the maid the maid said she came to wake up mr. sterling and when
she saw he wasn’t alive she screamed and finally mr. sterling chef was questioned
and he said he was prepping breakfast and didn’t see anything so based on what
these four workers said who did it I’ll give you guys some time on screen now to
work it out did you get it right well the answer was
mr. Sterling’s made remember his assistant and the butler said they had
to turn on the light to see what happened but the maid said she came to
wake mr. sterling up but when she realized he wasn’t alive she screamed
however if the room was dark then she couldn’t have realized that he wasn’t
alive that is unless she already knew mr. sterling wasn’t alive because she
was the killer if you got this right then you’re a great judge of character
and you can work out whether someone’s lying or telling you the truth
next up is missing spy for this riddle you need to put yourself in the shoes of
James Bond one day an mi6 spy went missing but seeing as he was a spy he
was able to leave a code for his fellow agents this secret code was to tell the
other agents who had taken him party had to do it in a special code to make sure
whoever was taking him didn’t destroy the code his fellow agents knew there
were only three people responsible for taking in those people were mark Alex
and Bill and the special code the spy left was one seven one five eight one 77
so based on that code and the suspects can you work out who took this spy
I’ll give you guys some time on screen right now to work it out did you guys work out this code and
figure out who took the spy if you did then you should join up to mi6 or the
CIA but in case you didn’t what you had to do was flip the numbers upside down
he then had to convert these numbers to their alphabetical meaning as you can
see an upside-down 1 & 7 that should be it an upside-down 1 & 5 should be is and
lap side down 8 1 1 7 should be bill did you guys work out this cryptic code to
get your fellow agent back if you did then well done but now it’s time for
Miss Moneypenny to give you your next assignment and that is which hole in
this situation a prison inmate has broken out of jail he’s now arrived at a
wall with three holes in it inside one of the holes is a cop inside the other
hole is a lion who hasn’t eaten in three years and inside the last hole is a
massive fire behind each of those things is freedom but if the prison inmate has
to pick which of these he has to encounter before getting free so work
out which hole the prisoner needs to escape through I’ll give you guys some
time on-screen to work it out all right which hole is the prison
inmate going to escape out of well the correct answer was at the middle door
that is because the line hasn’t eaten in three years you may think this would
make the line hungry and angry but if a lion hasn’t eaten in three years it
means it would no longer be alive so really the prison inmates we just had
to walk past a bunch of bones and then get to freedom obviously if he took the
police tool he’d be arrested again and if he took the fire door then he’d be
burnt so if you guys picked the middle door with the line then you guys have
great logical thinking next up is breakfast one day Jack’s wife was
missing so he called the cop and the cop came right over to investigate fits Jack
said the last time he saw his wife she was having breakfast he said goodbye to
her and then left home for work but when he got back home the breakfast
was still on the table and his wife was gone but right after Jack said this the
cop arrested him but why did he do this I’ll give you guys some time to work it
out on screen right now so why did the policeman arrest Jack
after Jack gave his story well the cop saw what you should have seen that is
that the breakfast was still hot this means Jack must have said the whole
scene up before calling the police and really he was behind the disappearance
of his own wife and finally on the list we have which path in this list a man is
on the run someone scary is chasing him but then he encounters a big problem
there are three different paths he could take one is boiling hot lava the second
is a bed of nails and the third is shards of glass
so which getaway should this guy take I’ll give you guys some time on screen
right now to work it out okay guys did you work out which path to
take it probably seems like you’re doomed either way but actually that’s
not the case now you cannot take the lava path as you’d burn you also can’t
take the shards of glass as that would hurt you incredibly instead the safe
path is actually the benefi Alice that’s right the bed of nails actually would
not injure you if there is enough nails then the weight will be distributed
among them so the pressure exerted by each nail is not enough to puncture your
skin online you can find many amazing videos of people walking on beds of
nails so hopefully these riddles and brain teasers have tested your survival
logic if you got all of these riddles correct then check out some of my other
riddle videos also if you got many of these right this likely means you’re a
very intelligent person after all only 20% of people get all of these riddles
correct who knows maybe you’ve really could
become a spy just like James Bond if you actually got all of these but if you
didn’t don’t worry and stand to try some of my other riddle videos and see if you
get them right but now it’s time to vote in the poll in the top right corner how
many out of these six riddles did you get correct if you got all six well done
comment down below and I’ll give you a comment a heart if you guys want to see
more amazing videos then check out my second channel there’s a link to that on
screen in a moment but as always thanks for watching check out some more videos
on screen right now leave a like if you enjoyed and if you haven’t already what
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  2. I only failed on the breakfast one. I thought that the husband killed the wife and the blood would end up on the food. He had to dispose of the body and the food. He put the new food in the exact same spots on the table but didn't think to eat the food the same way his wife did. If he did that than the cop wouldn't arrest him because of him saying that his wife was "HAVING" breakfast. When in reality the new food he cooked was just to hot.

    I really over thought that one

  3. The last riddle was so bad he didn’t specify anything he just said nails how am I suppose to know how’s my nails there are or how they are placed. The image he showed didn’t show the nails stacked all together in an upright position 🤦🏼‍♂️

  4. I thought the eating one/ cop one was because he said he saw her eating breakfast before he left then said the breakfast was still on the table so there should have been evidence that she had a bit to eat

  5. Anyone else notice he said that 1819 was 130 years ago?

    Here’s some math: 1819+130 equals 1949

    Who the hell does the math over there?

  6. Boiling hot referencing water means it only 100° F witch means is safe to walk on and wouldn’t even be lava at that point

  7. The only channel with 100 million subscribers as of the making of this video is T-Series. You committed crimes against humanity within the first 30 seconds of this video. Dislike.

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