100 thoughts on “Survival Riddles You Must Solve to Stay Alive”

  1. If it's a lightning storm and your running down a mountain you'll slip from the rain and possible hit your head

  2. Excuse me Mr. when you said top of the three packs how much the alligator kills in a year you accidentally showed a picture of a crocodile not an alligator

  3. 6:52 plenty of fruit is also poisonous, they're generally a safer bet than mushrooms but it's still inadvisable to eat unknown fruit in The wild

  4. On one I chose to go in the black widow invested foot because they are not aggressive and if u help them they I’ll leav u alone I’ve learned that from my experiences

  5. I chose mushrooms AS LONG THEY ARE BROWN like remember your life experiences unless you have amesha and how do you get there you have to cross oceans and you would no how to survive then

  6. I chose one you don’t know full well they will bite you I’ve mistakenly held a black widow when I was four and it might be the drawings snakes with round heads are non poisonous but they might even omg I just realized it’s three it’s abandoned ok I shouldn’t have wrote that but I must put it out there so there is no electricity

  7. If your small enough and not stupid you could even get out through the window I don’t know if you said that because I just paused if

  8. I don't think jumping out of an window is an good idea when your in an house when there is fire its an bad death

  9. I got is From the Rhino From eating an Berry and got the tomatoes from the lighting from the high building that is burning from the Sinking car and from Cattle

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