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Survival Show Parody: Grilled Bear episode 1

Survival Show Parody: Grilled Bear episode 1

I am Grilled Bear and I’ll show you how to
survive in the most dangerous places on earth. places where you normally wouldn’t
survive in for a single day without the right survival skills. today we will be going to forest, walking under the green leaves and stumbling over
sticks Hello I am a Grilled Bear and I just jumped
out of a helicopter into this dangerous forest. I’m going to try and survive for a whole week.
the let’s do it! the most important thing you have to do
to stay alive is find water. I can sense that there’s water somewhere around
here, it’s because of the humidity in the air you know water is close. all I have to do is look. wha, here’s some fresh water. you find this all you find this in the wilderness a lot. It’s really good and you have to quickly drink it to stay
hydrated of course we have to find food as well finding food is much easier with the use of a compass using a compass food
hunting is much easier. using sticks like these climbing up mountains is much easier especially when you are on slippery slopes Great we’ve got some food! this food has tons of nutrients in it
which is key to survival in the wilderness there’s some very dangerous planned can
spot the spines because of the shape of the leaves and the corner of the leaves if the
caller screen its most likely dangerous especially in the force so I know a lot
of touch with my hands are also I might die the 9 if you wanna survived the night we have to build shelter a good one this
4-star love sticks so using sticks a bill shelters probably
a good idea so let’s start searching I’ll just me
what you’re speaking fish on my shelf with then it’s right there ok a yeah I’ve got stopped by the way down
here hopefully I don’t fall a da the of bring this hot I well holly’s I got the last eight I finish shot last it was vital a stable miss on this hot now I just
have to find a way it’s my to Helmand blog by dunno sleep now I’m not scared this portrait is going to
call the monsters and animals out goodnight I’ll see you tomorrow it the done

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